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Day of the Dino (1)

While on a detention-related field trip with their new science teacher, three students from Reefside High School, Conner, Kira, and Ethan, stumble upon mystical Dino Gems and are given special powers. This makes them a target for a group of evil creatures known as Tyrannodrones, who manage to kidnap Kira and bring them to their master, the dinosaur humanoid known as Mesogog. Meanwhile, Ethan and Conner discover their science teacher, Tommy Oliver, has more than just a coincidental connection to both the Gems and the Tyrannodrones.

Day of the Dino (2)

Kira escapes from the Tyrannodrones and Mesogog's henchmen Elsa and Zeltrax, and rejoins her two teammates and teacher. Tommy gives them three Dino Morphers, which can harness the Dino Gems, that are now bonded to their DNA, allowing them to become DinoThunder Power Rangers. When Mesogog releases the three brainwashed-dinosaur Bio Zords to wreak havoc on the city, they must take on the forces of evil and find a way to give the Zords a change of heart.

Wave Goodbye

Conner's given a shot at playing professional soccer, but his Ranger duties impede upon it. Ethan introduces Conner and Kira to "Hayley's Cyberspace", a cyber-cafe run by a very knowledgeable woman. Mesogog unleashes his first monster. And if that weren't bad enough, Tommy gets captured by Zeltrax and the Tyrannodrones on the way to hearing Kira perform at the cafe!

Legacy of Power (1)

Tommy, captive of Mesogog, is forced to aid him in unlocking the newest Dino Gem, or be destroyed. Meanwhile, the three Rangers stumble onto a video diary at their underground lair, created by their mentor in case of such an emergency as this, which has a recorded history of not only his life and adventures as a Power Ranger, but a summary of every team since.

Back in Black (2)

Utilizing Hayley's help, and their new Raptor Cycles, the DinoThunder Rangers rescue Tommy from Mesogog's clutches. He gains the next Dino Gem, and with the help of a pre-prepared Brachio Morpher, comes back to action as a Power Ranger!

Diva in Distress

An old friend of Kira's has returned to town, with a reputation as a successful pop singer under her belt, but interference from the Donkeyvac Monster brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Age before Beauty" when he transforms her into an old woman

Game On

Ethan is sucked into a video game when Mesogog targets the world of Cyber-space, and creates the De-magnetron monster. Kira, Devin, and Cassidy are also sucked into the game, but the episode's focus is on Ethan, who, with the help of wizard character in the game, learns a thing or two about not looking for shortcuts in life.

Golden Boy

Dr. Anton Mercer buys Hayley's Cyberspace Café for his son, Trent, but he's perfectly happy just working there and rejects the gift. Meanwhile, Zeltrax uses his own DNA to create a fierce warrior, Golden Rod.

Beneath The Surface

The Rangers uncover the Dimetrozord Egg, but Elsa, thanks to her disguise as Principal Randall, manages to sabotage it and use the Zord against them.

Ocean Alert

Nikki Valentina, star of the most popular TV show in the country, "Ocean Alert", visits Reefside during filming of an episode of her show. Her prima donna attitude, and "believable" portrayal of a heroic lifeguard, lead to her capture by Mesogog for usage in a monster.

White Thunder (1)

Having allowed it to gestate for a year, Elsa retrieves the White Dino Gem, with the intent of having it bond with Mesogog. But Trent, following the Invisiportal from his father's office, winds up accidentally, and painfully, bonded with the Gem instead. He becomes the White DinoThunder Ranger, and pure evil, thanks to the genetic tampering done to the gem.

White Thunder (2)

The evil White Ranger finds his own Dinozord Egg, and begins feeding it energy from his Morpher, so as to develop a bond with it when it hatches. The DinoThunder Rangers attempt to stop him, but Mesogog's Angor monster keeps the main three busy in a fight with the Megazord, and Zeltrax once again scuffles with Tommy. When all is said and done, Trent unleashes his Drago Zord, and prepares to take on our heroes with it. Meanwhile, Cassidy runs afoul of a gang of young kids in her search for the White Ranger's secret ID.

White Thunder (3)

The Evil White Ranger steals the DinoThunder gang's Stegazord, and combines it with his Dragozord, into his own Megazord, the Dino Stegazord. While Mesogog sends out a souped-up version of Angor to complicate matters, White Ranger faces Red Ranger one-on-one, leading to the unlocking of a new Dino Power source in Conner. White Ranger rejects both the other Rangers, and Mesogog's side, destroying Angor to prove this point. Eventually, Tommy discovers Trent turning into the White Ranger. Having modified the DT team's Fossil Finder, he encases Black Ranger in amber before he can alert the others to the discovery of the evil Ranger's identity. Meanwhile, Cassidy and Devin are still recovering from their last scheme to discover White Ranger's ID, and literally stumble into getting Trent demorphing on videotape.

Truth and Consequences

With Tommy currently incapacitated, and Hayley unable to free him just yet, the DinoThunder Rangers desire know just who the evil White Ranger is. Mesogog and his gang are of the same idea, scanning for the White Dino Gem's energies. White Ranger faces Elsa and Zeltrax, taking them down with ease, and when facing the other Rangers, the demorphing of Yellow Ranger to Kira shakes his spellbound mind enough to spare her harm. Later, Trent confides in Kira his own secret identity, though concerned about his bipolar tendencies leads to his shunning her help. Mesogog captures Trent, now aware of his status as White Ranger, though he refuses to assist him in reverting the world back to the age of dinosaurs. Dino Stegazord is bested in battle by the Thundersaurus Megazord's newest auxiliary Zord. And Cassidy's boasts of having proof of White Ranger's ID are proven false again, when Devin's footage of the Ranger demorphing is recorded over by his sister giving birth.

Leader of the Whack

A meteorite lands in the forest, gaining the attention of Cassidy and Devin (who were searching for the White Ranger again), Trent (who was on his way out of town), the three DinoThunder Rangers, and Mesogog's newest monster, a weak-willed creature called Rojobot. Exposure to the "space rock" effects each of them: Trent's Gem-induced schizophrenia is brought under control, Cassidy becomes an acne-faced geek, Devin becomes a Travolta-Fonzie type Disco ladies’ man, Conner becomes a brainy nerd, Ethan becomes a competitive jock, Kira becomes a fashion and vanity obsessed carbon copy Cassidy, and Rojobot becomes considerably evil. This causes much friction among the Rangers, until Hayley explains the meteorite merely brought out the repressed sides of their personalities.

They manage to work together, destroy Rojobot (with the currently-good White Ranger's help), and shatter the meteorite. All personalities are restored to normal (with Devin and Cassidy nearly kissing each other before it's done). A fragment of the "space rock" is used by Hayley to attempt to free Tommy from his fossilization in amber. It's a success, but the machine and fragment are toasted, and Tommy's now permanently morphed as the Black DT Ranger!

Burning At Both Ends

Continuing from where we left off last episode, the gang finds Tommy stuck morphed as the Black Ranger. He figures when he was amber-ized, the Dino Gem in his Morpher remoleculerized. No time can spared trying to fix it yet, White Ranger's back to being evil and is on the prowl with the Dino Stegazord. When the Thundersaurus Megazord with Parasaur arm confronts him, the White Drago Sword's spell-weaving capabilities ensnare the Megazord while placing Containment Fields around the Dimetro and Cephala Zords, taking them hostage in giant barrels inside a force field.

Later, the DinoThunder teens resume their normal lives, as per Tommy's advice. Conner runs into Trent, who is now entirely evil. A sudden surprise attack by Zeltrax and the new monster, Insectolite, lead to Trent getting zapped with a ray that switches him back to the side of good. He informs our heroes he wants to give them back their stolen Zords, and a gift to show his gratitude. The four DT Rangers meet with him at the scheduled time, where Tommy is given a Dino All- Terrain -Vehicle by Trent. Turns out, the ray was a ruse, and Trent's still bad after all! The ATV takes off on a wild ride with Black Ranger stuck on it, while White Ranger, with his own Dino ATV, follows. An explosive duel occurs, with Tommy the victor. Trent made a deal with Mesogog, that he provide the ATVs in exchange for his destroying the Rangers. White Ranger departs without fulfilling his end of the bargain.

Later, the Rangers capture Insectolite, and try to use his ray to free the two Auxiliary Zords, but they're too late, and the pair become fully under the control of the White Ranger. Dino Stegazord with Cephala and Dimetro arms, fights the Thundersaurus Megazord, but now-giant Insectolite interrupts their match in a play for payback for Trent's double-crossing. White Ranger helps destroy the monster, and departs, but Hayley is able to reprogram the Black ATV for the use of good. Mesogog scolds Zeltrax and Elsa, and as they leave his lab, his body begins to glow uncontrollably. He reverts to the Dr. Jeckyl to his Mr. Hyde, Anton Mercer! Unbeknownst to him, Trent has witnessed the entire metamorphosis...

The Missing Bone

Trent is called to see Principal Randall, who quizzes him on his current behavior and state of mind, trying to gauge his status without revealing her identity as Elsa. The results are not what she had hoped. With Dr. Oliver "on sick leave" (due to his demorphing troubles), Dr. Anton Mercer, Trent's adoptive father and alter ego of Mesogog, is brought in by Randall as the substitute science teacher. He immediately stages a field trip to the Reefside Museum he owns (as seen in "Day of the Dino"). There Kira spots a Tyrannodrone, which leads her to storage room where she is forced to submit to the will of a hypnotic dinosaur skull. The creature gives her a sour attitude towards her friends, and ultimately leads her to Tommy's lab to steal a bone she had recently noticed while helping him take inventory. The bone is revealed to be the final component of Fossilador, a hypnotic dinosaur monster created by Tommy and Mercer years ago.

The missing bone fully reanimates Fossilador, and Kira is freed from her brainwashing. Fossilador attacks the city, Black Ranger faces Zeltrax and the Triptoids, and the Rangers destroy Fossilador by destroying the very bone which reanimated him. Back on the island fortress, Mercer desperately searches for a cure for his saurian affliction, but before he can test a new serum on himself, he transforms back to a scolding Mesogog before our eyes.

Bully for Ethan

A bully named Derrick picks on Ethan at school repeatedly, eventually setting up a fight with him. But instead of using physical force to repel his attacks, Ethan uses his computer-based talents to benefit the soccer-playing meanie. Meanwhile, Trent sets up a deal with Zeltrax, where he'll help the cyborg get revenge on Tommy, if he helps him take down Mesogog. The tables end up turned, with Mesogog gaining control over Trent. Also, Zeltrax finally informs Tommy of the reasoning for his loyalty to Mesogog, and his intense hatred of him.

Lost and Found in Translation

Hayley's Cyberspace gets a new satellite system, which sucks Ethan into watching its endless abundance of programming. Kira and Conner are soon roped in, when they discover a channel from Japan, showing a television show based upon the Power Rangers, though dubbed in English. Conner is, at first, furious over the differences in TV culture between the US and Japan, but eventually gets into it. The episode shown involves the Dino Rangers facing the Ka-Ching monster, while the chiropractic Blue Ranger assists a money-hungry American baseball player in learning to love the game more than the paycheck.

It's a Mad Mad Mackerel

Kira gets an internship on Channel 3's hit children's cartoon cavalcade, "The Funky Fisherman Show." She discovers not only the harsh realities of show business behind the joyous program's facade, but that by sticking with something through the rough spots, things can indeed get better. Elsa turns the show's happy fish mascot, Marty The Mackerel, into the Mad Mackerel monster, creating a fishy situation for the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Trent challenges Zeltrax to a duel. Winner becomes second-in-command to Mesogog. It's a close battle, but winner, and new #2, is the White Ranger.

Copy That

Anton Mercer relays the story of how Mesogog was born, out of testing an advancement in dinosaur DNA on himself, to his son, Trent. Zeltrax, desiring to atone for his loss to the White Ranger, creates a bell pepper-based monster, Copyotter. As his name implies, he has the ability to copy items and people. He copies the Rangers' weapons and uses them on the heroes. He creates three clones of Cassidy, sending poor Devin into near insanity. And most importantly, he creates a duplicate White Drago Sword, with which Zeltrax frames White Ranger in trashing Mesogog's lab.

Mesogog uses the Lifeforce Extractor (from "Legacy of Power" and "Back In Black") on Trent for his betrayal. But appealing to his father within, he's able to urge Anton out of Mesogog just in time. When freeing his son from the machine, a stray beam strikes the White Dino Gem, negating the evil code implanted within, thus freeing Trent from its control. Trent, now in control as the White Ranger, saves Dr. Oliver from an attack by Zeltrax, choosing to fight for the side of good. He joins the DinoThunder team, hoping to make up for the bad deeds he took part in. Copyotter is destroyed, but Zeltrax, retaining its copying device-arm, creates a Trent-less, entirely evil clone of the White Ranger, loyal only to Mesogog and his wicked forces.

Triassic Triumph

Zeltrax samples a portion of the new Evil White Ranger clone's energy, and creates the White Terrorsaurus monster. With it, and the clone, he helps confuse the Power Rangers about the validity of their newest team member's loyalty. Even when Trent shows up to help fight his doppelganger, trust waivers in the White Ranger. Terrorsaurus eventually captures the Tyranno, Tricera, and Ptera Dino Zords, and gives the main three Rangers quite a beating. Black Ranger helps Trent reassure his allegiance, by guiding him in uncovering the Shield of Triumph, an ancient artifact of incredible power. For it to work, each of the DinoThunder Rangers will have to give a piece of themselves to the Red Ranger (In all but Tommy's case, their Ranger powers temporarily). Conner proves trustworthy in gaining control of the Shield's power, becoming the Triassic Ranger. He destroys the White Terrorsaurus via some interdimensional antics. And on a lighter note, Conner has a misunderstanding with a Russian exchange student/fellow soccer player.

A Star Is Torn

Between Trent's duties of helping run the Cyber Space cafe, Conner's hair-raising simulations on helping to develop the new Assault Vehicle, and Ethan's net-search for his soul mate, nobody has time to listen to Kira's good news. She's gotten the interest of a big time music manager for Tones Records, who wants to shoot a music video for her. Unfortunately, she finds herself having to compromise her own style for that of what the manager wants, a techno-pop freak. She eventually chooses to be true to herself instead, and Trent helps shoot a video that reflects who she is.

To get the new Assault Vehicle working, Conner and Ethan seek out a Titanium Servo Mechanism from Anton Mercer Industries. Tyrannodrones are sent to stop them, but they're defeated quickly. Zeltrax unleashes the new and improved Aerial Assault Craft (from "Day of the Dino 2"), attempting to draw out the Rangers. While Conner, as the Triassic Ranger, uses the new Triassic Mega-Rover (a Zord chariot of sorts), Tommy hops up into the craft and takes on Zeltrax, one last time. He finally finishes off "Smitty", and narrowly escapes the craft's destruction. And as for Ethan? His "cyber-hottie" turns out to be Cassidy!

A Ranger Exclusive

Elsa's got a new plan to bring her master Mesogog's vision of a barren, dinosaur-ruled Earth to fruition: Transmit an implosion-generating signal to Jupiter's Great Red Spot, causing the planet to explode, and set off a chain reaction that'll lay waste to humanity in the process. Her initial broadcast is disrupted by the DinoThunder Rangers, and her second attempt, using the Jupitor monster to transmute into a virus and overtake the satellite of Channel 3, is also thwarted, thanks again to said heroes.

Speaking of Channel 3... Ethan's become real chummy with Cassidy since they discovered their commonalties last episode. He appeals to Kira's altruistic side, and manages to get her to use her position as a lowly intern at Channel 3 as an "in" to reach and convince manager Edward Cormier into giving the aspiring reporter a job. Cassidy gets one, covering a sheep farm. But when the story of the Rangers fighting Jupitor presents itself, she, and her cameraman Devin, manage to pull together, getting exclusive footage. Cassidy gains a spot as a reporter on Reefside Nightly News, and vindicates Ethan's faith in her to Kira.

Tutenhawken's Curse

Ethan takes an interest in deciphering the hieroglyphics of Egyptian ruler Tutenhawken. In doing so, he not only jinxes himself, causing chaos at his every step, but frees the ancient evil from his multi-millennia-long slumber. Mesogog ceases from intervening, sending Elsa out to help the third-party-evil only at the last minute. Hayley's newest invention, the Hovercraft Cycle, is just what Ethan needs to make Tutenhawken history again, in his own territory of the air, and the Triassic Mega-Rover finishes the job. During his brief re-reign, Tutenhawken took an interest in Cassidy (or Cassipatra as she called herself), which conflicted with the progress she and Ethan had been making in showing people her better side. The monster's treatment of Devin, though, led her to resume the right track, and bridges are mended between her and Ethan.

Disappearing Act

To help her mutant flower grow into the Thornox monster, Elsa uses a sample of mysterious green slime. Tommy seeks the same ooze from the source, and after a run in with some Tyrannodrones, brings back some of it for Hayley to run a test on. She discovers that with it, she can demorph Tommy. The experiment is a success, but though he's no longer the Black Ranger, he's now invisible! Seems the slime kicked his Dino Gem power into overdrive, and until it wears off, he's clearly... well, clear. As for Thornox, he and the Evil White Ranger Clone team-up, and take on the Rangers' Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords. In personal life developments, Ethan's got his first date with Cassidy coming up, a picnic by the sea. He seeks assistance from his friends in making it go right: Kira helps with his fashion, Conner with his dancing skills, Trent with proper dining manners, and when things turn sour, the invisible Doctor O fixes the situation personally. T-Drones help to cut it all short. Ethan realizes he has nothing in common with Cassidy, and his duties as a Ranger would cut into a relationship with her. Similarly, Cassidy realizes her softening by knowing him is dulling the edge she needs to be a reporter, and her duties as a reporter preclude a relationship. They decide to remain friends.

Fighting Spirit

Elsa and her T-Drones dig up a powerful energy crystal, which has the same mineral properties of the Dino Gems. She feeds it to the newly revised and revamped Terrorsaurus II (from "Triassic Triumph"). He fights the four DinoThunder Rangers, and thanks to the crystal, is able to fry their Morphing Energies, leaving them powerless. Things aren't so well for Tommy, either. Hayley uses his Dino Gem in an experiment to reverse his invisibility, where it overloads, and though he's back to being visible, he's left in a coma. In the hospital, he has a major battle of wills within his fevered mind, facing first his Red Zeo Ranger self, then the White Mighty Morphin' Ranger, followed by the toughest of them all, his old Green Ranger self. Upon resisting defeat, he learns of the true nature of the dream, fighting for his life to prove he's still got a drive to live. He passes the test, and all three of his old selves not only restore him to life, but repair his Black Dino Gem. Tommy joins the battle against Terrorsaurus II, and with his Super Dino Mode, takes the monster out, restoring his students' powers. The main three Rangers use the Thundersaurus Megazord against the giant Terrorsaurus, and are able to beat him with some Super Dino Mode inspiration. Oh, and Cassidy and Devin have a bit of a clash when she's eager to go on the air with the story of the Rangers abandoning Reefside.

The Passion of Conner

Conner's got his sights set on a girl named Krista at school. But she's a passionate, activist type, totally the opposite of himself. He tries (and eventually fails) to impress her by acting interested in her latest environmentalist campaign, to save an over 100 year old tree behind Reefside High that Principal Randall wants to tear down to put in a parking lot. Truth is, Mesogog wants the serum from the tree before anyone else can become aware of its secret: it's growing over a Life Force Spring. Unbeknownst to him, Zeltrax, having laid low and injured since his apparent death, is already aware and wants the serum from this Tree Of Life to become stronger, and seek revenge on his enemies, which now includes his former master Mesogog and his former love-interest Elsa. He drains the sap, using it to gain a slightly upgraded form, and turns the tree into the Deadwood Monster. The Rangers use the Thundersaurus Megazord, and the new Triceramax Megazord, to destroy Deadwood and give the Evil White Ranger Clone and his Dino Stegazord another beating. Conner doubts himself as a Ranger again, thanks to seeing how passionate Krista is about saving the tree, and he doesn't have the same kind of confidence in himself. He has a talk with Doctor Oliver, who hammers home the difference between cockiness and confidence, assuring him that if he believes in his deserving an inner power, he'll even surprise himself. This comes into play later, when Conner, faced with having to save Krista from Zeltrax, summons from within himself the ability to not only go Triassic without the need of his teammates, but gains a Battlized form on top of it, with which he's able to save Krista. Zeltrax is defeated, reverting back to normal and vowing revenge. Conner helps plant a new tree where the Tree Of Life once stood, proving to Krista that he can indeed change, by displaying a newfound confidence in himself and what he's doing in life.

Isn't It Lava-ly

Zeltrax is still being sought by Mesogog's forces, as well as his old friend Tommy. He's a loose cannon in this war between good and evil, and despite besting the Evil White Ranger clone in battle, his lack of lifeforce from the recent Battlizer battle is making it harder for him to refuse re-enslavement by his former master. The lesson plan of substitute science teacher at the high school, volcanologist Dr. Morton, inspires Elsa to turn him into a monster, with the power to reactivate a volcano which once existed where Reefside currently is. It'll take some teamwork, the Battlized Triassic, and a rarely used Megazord combo to put a stop to the molten-revolting and restore Morton. Ethan's extremely cocky about his skills at playing the "Detonation Man" computer game. That is, until his unchallenged reign as king of the tournament for it at Hayley's Cyberspace is tested (and brought down) by none other than Devin, who breaks off from Cassidy to display this hidden talent of his own. And speaking of breaking, Cassidy finds herself quite broken without Devin around.

Strange Relations

The Evil White Ranger clone learns of his rapidly decreasing power. It seems that when Zeltrax created him, it caused a glitch in the Morphing Grid. Two White DinoThunder Rangers can't exist at once, so EWR decides to go out in a blaze of glory, Megazord style, only to lose control of the Dragozord and Stegazord in the process. He goes for one last attempt to change his fate by dueling with Trent. Despite the clone's use of Super Dino Mode, Trent prevails, and the clone is eliminated for good. Meanwhile, Dr. Mercer receives the Greenleaf Award for developments in the field of Botanical Research, using genetics on plants to benefit mankind. His reluctant alter ego, Mesogog, utilizes Mercer's research for his own goals, creating the Jade Gladiator out of one of those altered plants. The monster repeatedly defeats the Rangers, and sprouts two extra monsters (Deadwood from "The Passion of the Conner" and the new Skortch monster) to assist him. It takes a combination of every DinoThunder Zord to reap what Mesogog sowed.

Thunder Storm (1)

Lothor finally climbs his way out of the Abyss of Evil. Disguising himself as his now-captive twin brother (Sensei Watanabe), Lothor tricks Shane, Dustin, and Tori into donning the Wind Morphers, sabotaged to make them his slaves, his own evil Rangers! With them, and a pair of monsters he picked up in the Abyss, Lothor sieges the Wind Academy, and captures the students once more. Marah and Kapri, always looking out for themselves, reluctantly resume their status in their uncle's army. Meanwhile, Blake comes to Reefside for a Motocross tournament, and begins a flirtation with Kira. It isn't long before Cam contacts him and his brother Hunter, about the current situation regarding their old teammates. The evil Wind Rangers, with Kelzaks and the two Monster Generals by their side, head on a march of destruction. Hayley and Tommy, noticing a blanket of evil spreading over the state of California from the re-opened Abyss, become aware of this rampage. The three main DinoThunder Rangers are sent to stop them, and holding back so as to not destroy the fellow Rangers, are beaten by the evil Winds. And Mesogog dispatches Elsa to offer Lothor their aid in the assistance of the destruction of the world...

Thunder Storm (2)

Cam, Blake, and Hunter head into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their stolen powers, and run into some resistance, in the form of Zurgane, Kelzaks, and a few previously destroyed monsters. They nearly plunge into the depths, but their Sensei arrives in time to save them. Mesogog and Lothor form an alliance, with Mesogog providing the plan and Lothor providing the Evilized Wind Rangers. The three Winds Ninjas face off against the main three DinoThunder teens, in an unmorphed showdown, leading up to Dino Gem powers vs. Ninja powers, Conner vs. Shane, Ethan vs. Dustin, Kira vs. Tori. It's fairly enough matched a battle, and right when it's about to move up to morphed, Cam, Blake and Hunter show up. They trick their three spellbound teammates into giving up their evilly-enchanted Power Discs for their original ones, thus breaking the spell! The combined forces of Mesogog and Lothor's troops are assembled, so the combined forces of the Ninja Storm and DinoThunder Rangers all come together to stop them. The 11 Rangers pair off: the two Reds take on Lothor's newest Abyss-spawn Generals, utilizing their Cycles, weapons, and eventually, a double-dose of Battlizer power; Blue Wind and Yellow DT double team on Elsa; Yellow Wind and Blue DT, on their Cycles (including the Hover), take on a few previously-destroyed monsters; Black DT, and Navy and Crimson Thunders team-up against Zurgane; and Green Samurai and White DT face the Wolfblades and the three teams of foot soldiers, using a boost of Super Dino and Super Samurai powers. But it's Marah and Kapri who save the day, by showing their true colors in swiping their uncle's bottle, and freeing the captured ninjas. Seems they were also behind rescuing Sensei! Lothor hasn't time to let this loss sink in, as Mesogog challenges him to a duel. The fight rages in his lab, leading to Mesogog reverting Lothor into his basic genetic material, kept harmlessly preserved forever in one of his chemical jars. Seems Lothor's extraction of their powers have brought an end to the Ninja Storm Rangers' powers for good, but their new friends, the DinoThunders, are continuing on the good fight for them. Blake wins his motocross race, as the combined teams cheer him on, and Marah and Cassidy see each other in passing, finding the other stunning, but themselves prettier.

In Your Dreams

Dr. Mercer's night terrors lead to Mesogog's latest scheme. He has Elsa connect the Geno Randomizer to a machine, which taps into and exacerbates the DinoThunder Rangers' dreams, with the hope of destroying them in their sleep. Tommy dreams of fighting the Squidrose monster, based out of his calamari dinner that night. Kira's reptile homework leads to her facing the lovesick Croco D'Vile monster in her dreams. Ethan's research on primates creates the Rumba Monkey monster, who monkeys around with his dreams. Conner, his nightmare inspired by recent Christmas shopping with his mom, faces the festive Rude Elf monster. Each REM-based baddie is defeated, though dreams of teamwork, weapons, and Megazords. The only one to get a good night's sleep is Trent!

Drawn into Danger

Trent's artistic inspiration, comic book artist and creator Carson Brady, does a signing at Hayley's Cyberspace. Elsa uses the opportunity to slip him a magical pen, which possesses him into drawing a comic book where the Power Rangers are destroyed by a monster named Fridgia. Once the issue is finished, every one of them are sucked into a comic dimension and forced to live out the storyline! Trent manages to draw himself into the story, and helps change the ending, though in doing so, frees Fridgia, leading to Conner's Battlized showdown with the cold-hearted female creature. In other events, Cassidy becomes Fantasa-Girl in order to get a story on comic fandom, Trent and Ethan both best Conner at soccer, Dr. Anton Mercer helps fund a collaboration comic between Trent and Carson Brady, and Mesogog once again scolds Elsa for her failure.

House of Cards (1)

Ethan plays against Devin with their favorite card game, "Dragon Wars." He wins using the ultra-rare Ruby Dragon card, but in doing so attracts the attention of Principal Randall, who confiscates their cards. Dr. Oliver is persuaded to talk to Randall about giving the cards back, and when going to visit her office, he witnesses her changing into Elsa! Tommy and Elsa do battle in the schoolyard, blowing her disguise as Randall in front of the whole student body, leaving a vacancy for Principal of Reefside High. Trent goes to Mesogog's lab by himself, and tries to get the card back, but in fighting Elsa, accidentally ensures it gets turned into the Ruby Dragon monster. While fighting the Rangers, both the Ruby Dragon and Elsa make it known that Trent is hiding something from his teammates. He tries to play it off as his going after the card solo was the big secret. Ruby Dragon is destroyed by the three main Megazords. Elsa, again threatened by Mesogog for her failure, slips the Ruby Dragon card into Dr. Anton Mercer's pocket, setting it up to fall out when he reaches for his cellphone while talking to the Rangers in the hallway of the high school. The stress of explaining how it got there leads to his transforming into Mesogog in front of the team! Mesogog thinks Trent set him up, the team realizes this was his big secret, and trust is lost from both sides on the White Ranger.

A Test of Trust (2)

The recent attempted exploitation by Elsa of his human side leads Mesogog to finally ridding himself of Dr. Anton Mercer. The stunned body of Mercer is carted off by Tyrannodrones, and Mesogog immediately begins acting a lot more insane... The discovery of Trent's long-kept secret about Mesogog leads the main three DinoThunder teens to realize just how important being a Ranger has been to them, and how much they've grown because of it. Trent reminds them of his own struggles, and explains his reasoning for keeping his word to his father. All but Conner is willing to give him a second chance, and even he is persuaded when, while facing Mesogog's latest monster, Trent saves Conner's life. The team's bond is mended, with Trent fully prepared to face Mesogog to free his father.

Thunder Struck (1)

Mesogog, now split from Mercer, readies his transmogrification beam, which will turn all of humanity into dinosaurs. To power it, he'll need the Dino Gems. But to start with, he siphons off Elsa's lifeforce. Instead of being destroyed by it, she's somehow teleported to Zeltrax, and reverted to a near-amnesiac civilian form. The Rangers face Zeltrax again, and free his captive, stunned to learn who she is, just as much as she is to learn it as well! Trent makes a deal with Mesogog to trade the Dino Gems for his father. In doing so, he allows his teammates to sneak onto the island fortress and with the help of Hayley's latest invention, blast the dinosaur-izer beam before it can be fired! Trent barely makes it out in time as Mesogog's lab explodes around him, rescuing not only the Gems, but Anton Mercer as well. Little do they know, that while they were gone, Zeltrax infiltrated Tommy's secret lab, recaptured Elsa, and destroyed the place! Also, Devin works up the courage to ask Cassidy to the prom. But the matter of finding the Rangers' secret identities or face being fired from their News Reporting job gets in the way. Luckily, he happens to stumble upon the DT team morphing, and actually succeeds in filming it!

Thunder Struck (2)

What's Zeltrax been up to while he's been absent from the show? Seems he and his Triptoids spent time building the Zelzord, the so-called "Ultimate Fighting Machine." Zeltrax, with the de-evilized Elsa as his captive, pilots the Zelzord into Reefside. Conner and Ethan pilot the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords against the Zelzord, while Trent takes care of Triptoids, and Tommy and Kira rescue Elsa and face Zeltrax. The duo manages to save her, and destroy the cyborg once known as Smitty, once and for all. But the Zelzord takes a massive sacrifice of every Dinozord to stop it. Mesogog, having absorbed some power from the Dino Gems, transmogrifies to his ultimate dinosaur form, that of the Mesomonster. The five DinoThunder Rangers battle him fiercely, but even the Battlized Triassic power is unable to defeat him. To make things worse, Mesomonster is replicating! Only by pooling their Dino Gem energies into a giant flaming tyrannosaurus, can Mesogog be made extinct permanently. Unfortunately, that last trick taps out the powers of the Dino Gems for good. Devin and Cassidy, having recorded this final battle, confront the team, and hand over the tape, admitting they couldn't exploit their friendship for personal gain after all they've done. At the Reefside 2004 senior prom, the couples include Devin and Cassidy, Conner and Krista (from "The Passion Of Conner"), and Ethan and Angela, the girl he met last episode. Kira and her band perform the music. As for Trent, he's going to art school in the fall, The humanized Elsa seems to be the new principal of the school, and she and Anton Mercer seem to be a blossoming item. As for Tommy? He's going to try to live the quiet life for once, by settling down and continuing teaching.