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From Out of Nowhere (1)

A mysterious Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of the United Alliance as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. This ranger is soon discovered and is forced to retreat, Dark Spectre, sends his new general, Astronema, to pursue him. En route to Eltar, the shuttle carrying the ex-Turbo Rangers and a malfunctioning Alpha 6 is drawn into a mysterious, larger spaceship. Meanwhile, The Red Ranger is able to elude Dark Spectre's Quadro-fighters in a quick space battle, and makes his way to his base of operations, which turns out to be the space vessel, which had abducted the Rangers. Once he finds the Teens aboard the vessel, he's not too thrilled with the intruders, and quickly becomes hostile, as the teens attempt to convince him they mean no harm, Astronema closes in…

From Out of Nowhere (2)

Having crash landed on a desolate Planet, the mysterious Red Ranger and the former Turbo Rangers fight off the Quantrons. Once they deal with the Quantrons the mysterious Red Ranger is revealed to Andros, a native of the Planet K0-35, in the Korrova star system, on a quest to find Zordon before his powers are taken by Dark Spectre. The Rangers want to help, but Andros refuses, preferring to work alone, he agrees to help the Rangers return to Earth, and repairs Alpha Six, giving him a new voice.

Andros then repairs the Ranger's NASADA shuttle and takes off in the Astro Megaship, The remaining Rangers are suddenly attacked by the Quantrons and Astronema. Andros discovers that Alpha Six has remained on board the Megaship, and has to return him to the Rangers, where he discovers they are captured. Blasting the Quantrons with firepower from the Megaship, Andros rushes to the Rangers' aid and presents them with Astro Morphers, which give them new powers, and an advantage against their enemies...

Save Our Ship (1)

The Rangers return to Earth, but unfortunately they also get an unfriendly welcome from Astronema who has followed them there, and not only unleashes her cohort Ecliptor on them, but fires upon NASADA, nearly destroying the Megaship's Shuttle. This failure leads to her turning her attention to New York, specifically, on 5 certain mutant turtles. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull spot the Dark Fortress hanging around in space, and seek out the assistance of a nutty old scientist in finding the presence of aliens in Angel Grove.

Shell Shocked (2)

Astronema turns the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into her obedient slaves, they gain the trust of the Rangers when they aid them in battle and are invited to the Megaship, where they plot to deliver the Rangers to Astronema...

Never Stop Searching

When Andros gets a reading from KO-35 he assumes that it maybe his long lost sister Karone who was kidnapped when they were children, but when he gets their he finds out that it's Ecliptor waiting for him.

Satellite Search

When a NASADA satellite containing important data disks is shot down in space, the Rangers are sent to retrieve them, believing the disks may contain clues to Zordon’ s whereabouts. But Astronema and her gang are also on the trail, wanting to make sure the disks are never found. When our heroes become captive, can Alpha 6 pilot the Astro Megazord against the giant Clawhammer?

A Ranger Among Thieves

Andros becomes friends with car thieves. They trick him into using his telekinetic powers to unlock a car, and after they all drive away, he realizes what they really are. The Voltage Hog monster attacks the lot where the thieves store the stolen cars, and Andros must save his "friends" despite their wrongdoings. He learns that not all people are trustworthy.

When Push Comes to Shove

Cassie loses her diary, which she believes may contain a picture of her that would reveal her identity as a Power Ranger. Lenny, a troublemaker, gets ahold of it, and uses it as blackmail to make Cassie go on a date with his pal, George, a gentle giant. When the Elephantitan monster attacks the skyscraper they go on a date to, will she morph in front of him to save their lives?

The Craterite Invasion

The Rangers are training in the SimuDeck, when a bolt of lightning strikes the Astro Megaship, turning the holographic-simulation drones, the Craterites, into living creatures! They pile out of the Megaship by the dozens, and infiltrate Angel Grove, capturing adults and disguises themselves in their place. A young boy named Patrick, known for crying wolf, discovers this evil plan, but will anyone believe him?

The Wasp with a Heart

Waspicable is a monster who doesn't want to fight. He can't find it in himself to be evil at all, despite it being the nature of creatures such as he. He crosses paths with Cassie, who urges him to follow his heart. Will he give in to what fellow monster Stingking tells him his way in life should be, as an enemy of the Power Rangers, or will he fight for the side of good?

The Delta Discovery

The Phantom Ranger discovers where Zordon is being held by Divatox, Rygog, and Dark Specter's forces. He gets word to the Power Rangers, but ends up captured himself. They manage to get to the world he contacted them from, and rescue him, but are too late to find Zordon, who's moved before they arrive. Phantom Ranger, before taking off to continue trailing the monsters, gives Andros access to the Delta Megaship. With the Battlizer as a remote-controller, the Delta Megazord is formed to aid in battle against the Crocovile monster.

The Great Evilyzer

Professor Phenomenus creates a device which can give anything am attitude. Astronema steals it, utilizing the "evil" function, and turns the Delta Megazord against the Rangers! If that's not bad enough, they've got Destructipede and its illusionary (but still deadly) monsters to deal with.

Grandma Matchmaker

Ashley's grandmother comes to town, and has her heart set on setting her up with a guy. Carlos pretends to be her boyfriend to help her avoid the matchmaking, but granny still keeps a close watch on the pair, smothering Ashley emotionally by planning all their dates. She stands up for herself, but Grandma shows she's not exactly frail herself by aiding the Rangers in taking on the Termitus monster.

The Barillian Sting

Darkonda, an evil monster/scientist, joins the Dark Fortress crew, and unleashes as alien insect on the Rangers, known as the Barillian Bug. Carlos is bitten by it, and Andros realizes just what it is, a deadly insect that once attacked his homeworld of KO-35. Cassie also ends up stung, this time by Carlos himself, who mutates into a Barillian monster! It'll take a trip back to KO-35, now abandoned, to search for any remaining antidote to save the Rangers from a permanent change of species.

T.J.'s Identity Crisis

Darkonda merges with Ecliptor against his will, to become the powerful Darkliptor. All but Andros and T.J are captured by him, and TJ suffers a memory loss from a blow to the head. Can the Blue Ranger be reminded of his past in time to help free his friends?

Flashes of Darkonda (1)

When Andros has a nightmare about Darkonda claiming to be an old memory from his past, he views the tape of his sister's abduction and learns that Darkonda was the same one who kidnapped Karone. Journeying to Onyx, he seeks information on Darkonda, and ends up winning in a card game a set of Key Cards stolen from Eltar during Zordon's capture. Ecliptor poisons Darkonda, mutating him into a giant, nearly-mindless beast, who, along with a second creature called Mutantris (spawned from him), incapacitate the Astro Megazord!

The Rangers' Mega Voyage (2)

With the Astro Megazord down, the Rangers journey to one of Jupiter's moons, using the Key Cards that Andros won to track down a set of Zords hidden there by Zordon. They meet resistance from Astronema and her Quantrons, but are able to access the Mega V's, which form into the Mega Voyager, which destroys Darkonda and Mutantris once back on Earth.

True Blue to the Rescue

Escaping from Divatox's clutches, the Storm Blaster returns to Earth to recruit help to rescue it's teammate Lightning Cruiser, but when the Rangers are lured into a trap by Elgar, featuring the Lionizer monster, Storm Blaster seeks the aid of the former Blue Turbo Ranger Justin...

Invasion of the Body Switcher

Astronema uses the Body Switcher monster's help to swap bodies with Ashley and invade the Astro Megaship. Ashley must not only convince her friends of the truth, but avoid being destroyed by them as well, since Andros doesn't believe her due to her looking like Astronema.

Survival of the Silver

The Rangers find the frozen body of Zhane, Andros' closest friend, and the Silver Ranger, left in a coma for many years after falling in battle on K0-35, and hidden about the Megaship. When the Astro Megaship is struck down and crashes on a nearby planet, the Rangers become overwhelmed by a group of strange alien creatures determined to prevent them from repairing the ship, and not to mention the Lunatick monster who hatched on an egg aboard the Megaship. Only a miracle can save them...and that miracle comes in the form of an accidentally revived Zhane...

Red with Envy

Now that he's defrosted, Zhane quickly becomes good friends with the other Rangers. However, Andros gets jealous when he suspects that Zhane is becoming a little too friendly with Ashley. Meanwhile, Darkonda returns, with a pair of monsters known as the Crotoxes. Not to mention, Silver Ranger is having trouble remaining morphed...

The Silver Secret

When the Rangers see Alpha scan Zhane and overhear him telling their teammate, he hasn't much time left, the Rangers come to the wrong conclusions and assume Zhane is dying. Course, the truth is he's referring to the Silver Ranger powers, which were drained seriously by his remaining morphed in the 2 years he was on ice. Astronema sends the Praying Mantis monster to destroy the Silver Ranger, who goes on a dangerous mission to recharge his Digimorpher with a well-placed bolt of lightning.

A Date with Danger

When Astronema is attacked by one of her monsters, who should come to her rescue but her nemesis Zhane. She discovers a growing attraction to the Silver Ranger, even arranging a date with him. But Ecliptor's Horribull monster keeps him busy, leading to a delay in getting to the date on time, which doesn't sit well with the queen of evil.

Zhane's Destiny

The Rangers pick up a signal which leads them to a Planet containing the inhabitants of the colony of KO-35, Andros & Zhane's homeworld. They have set up a rebellion to battle Dark Spectre, but it isn't long before the Rangers discover there is a wolf in the fold...a traitor amongst the rebels who is preparing to wipe them all out with the infectious Coralizer monster.

Always a Chance

Carlos considers quitting the Power Rangers when he accidently injures Cassie during a fight with one of Astronema's monsters, but a familiar face from the Rangers' past offers to help guide Carlos into making the right decision...

The Secret of the Locket

Andros is once again after Darkonda for the abduction of his sister Karone. Meanwhile Astronema learns something from her past and why she must destroy the rangers, but while fighting with Astronema, Andros learns a shocking secret about his nemesis.

Astronema Thinks Twice (1)

With the revelation that she was once Karone, Andros' sister, Astronema struggles against the life she's been tailored to live and the life she had stolen from her. She meets with Andros on KO-35, but has trouble believing his claims.

The Rangers' Leap of Faith (2)

Astronema leads the Rangers to where Zordon is being held, as proof that she has chosen to give up her life of evil. But suspicion abounds, when it turns out to be a trap by Dark Specter.

Dark Specter's Revenge (1)

Desperate to get Astronema back Dark Spector sends an asteroid toward earth. When Karone sneaks onto The Dark Fortress to reverse the asteroid she is captured by a reprogramed Ecliptor placing her in mortal Danger.

Dark Specter's Revenge (2)

With the aid of Zhane in his new Mega Winger, the Rangers are able to stop the asteroid from making impact with the Earth, but the cost is high when Astronema is turned back to the side of evil, by way of cybernetic brainwashing implants thanks to Darkonda, who has done the same to Ecliptor as well...

Rangers Gone Psycho

The Psycho Rangers, created by Astronema and secretly drawing energy off of Dark Specter, target the Space Rangers in Angel Grove. They prove to be more than the Rangers' equals, defeating the team with ease.

Carlos on Call

A young girl named Silvy has photographic evidence of Carlos morphing into the Black Ranger. She blackmails him into being her friend/slave, dragging him all around town, doing whatever she wants. He finally gets fed up of her taking advantage of him, but when the Datascammer monster targets the girl, he must save her, thus negating the debt.

A Rift in the Rangers

Ashley and Cassie come to blows over their respective personal faults, and have a fallout. This doesn't go over as easily as the Rangers believe, and when the Pink and Yellow Psycho Rangers attack, the two feuding Rangers end up costing one of them dearly, as Ashley is taken prisoner by Psycho Yellow, guilt-ridden, Cassie hopes to find her. Meanwhile, Psycho Yellow and Psycho Pink begin arguing themselves, and Ashley is able to take advantage of this and escapes her captors, but the Psychos are soon in pursuit. Finally, Ashley reunites with Cassie and the other Rangers, who destroy Psycho Pink in both her Ranger and Mutant forms.

One down, four to go...

Five of a Kind

T.J. comes up with a plan to trick the Psycho Rangers, by having the team all show up disguised as the Blue Space Ranger! Unable to tell his target apart from the others, Psycho Blue clashes with his fellow evil Rangers, leading to his ousting from the group and eventual destruction. And if the Space Rangers didn't have it bad before, Psycho Silver shows up... But whose side is he on?

Silence Is Golden (1)

The Psycho Rangers track the Space Rangers through their voice patterns, which forces the Rangers into hiding on board the Astro Megaship...except for Cassie, who is out shopping, the Rangers contact her and tell her not to breathe a word. The tension mounts as Cassie is forced to keep quiet, knowing one slip of the tongue will alert the patrolling Psychos, but when Cassie notices something horrific about to happen, can she maintain her silence?

The Enemy Within (2)

The Rangers recover their Mega Vehicles, which had been stolen by the Psycho Rangers. But when the Mega Voyager is formed, it turns out Psycho Yellow has taken control of the Megazord, turning it against the Rangers. All Six Space Rangers work together against the odds, and bring about the destruction of the three remaining Psycho Rangers. But is this the last we'll see of them?

Andros and the Stowaway

An alien servant of the Jakarak monster escapes, and stows away on the Astro Megaship. The Rangers seek to protect him, naming him Seymour. He grows quickly from incisive eating, and despite their attempts to keep him free, he becomes forced to merge with the monster. Will the Rangers be able to destroy Jakarak without sacrificing the innocent Seymour?

Mission to Secret City (1)

The Vacsacker monster goes around Angel Grove, sucking in citizens (including Bulk, Skull, Professor Phenomenus, Carlos, Andros, and Carlos' pal Silvy from "Carlos On Call") and ejecting them in the domed Secret City, all part of a plan by Astronema to turn them into evil soldiers.

While Ashley, TJ, and Cassie infiltrate the place in an attempt to break the dome, Andros is unable to morph, forced to only use his Battlizer.

Silvy wonders what the never-before-used "03" button on it does, and against Andros' better judgment, she presses it during battle, leading to the creation of the Red Battlized Ranger! But can even this new power-up save the city?

Ghosts in the Machine (2)

The Secret City, having been moved underwater, is once again infiltrated by the Space Rangers. They aren't alone, as the spirits of the Psycho Rangers follow, and utilize the Data Card-creating machine that Astronema's forces are using to turn the captured citizens into digital information. The Psychos regain their physical form by way of this machine, and once again attack the Power Rangers.

The Impenetrable Web

With the Astro Megaship trapped in a dangerous forcefield, preventing the Rangers from accessing it, Alpha has to protect the vessel from Ecliptor. He succeeds, but Ecliptor gains access to the co-ordinates to the Mega V Zord launch bay, as the Rangers find a way to penetrate the web, Ecliptor locates the launch bay and drains energy from the computers to become more powerful. He attacks and severely damages the Mega V Zords, and in battle with the Rangers, he also destroys the Delta Megazord...can the Rangers cut him down to size?

A Line in the Sand

The Tankenstien Monster abducts the Rangers and traps them in a barren desert, stranded from anyone and no way to communicate when it is stopped by Zhane in his new Galactic Rover, it returns to Angel Grove.

The Rangers battle Tankenstien in the Mega Voyager, it is heavily damaged in the conflict, but when Tankenstien malfunctions, the Ranger's REAL problems soon begin...

Countdown to Destruction (1)

Astronema coordinates all of Dark Spectre Forces into one big attack against the Universe. Rita Zedd, Divatox , the Machine Empire, and all the evil the Power Rangers have ever faced brutally attack the Universe. All the Rangers allies try to defend the Universe. Zordon is now on Astronema’s Dark Fortress. When the rebels are attacked Zhane goes to the Space Rangers for help. He soon finds out  that the whole Universe is under attack. Astronema launches a full scale attack on Earth. The Rangers go to Earth to try to fight her army of Quantrons and Piranhatrons. Zhane uses the Mega Winger to fight off the volicifighters. The Mega Winger is overwhelmed and crash lands.

The Rangers are forced to retreat when Astronema’s armies are just too much. Astronema forces begin rounding up the people of the Earth. Darkonda (who is down to one life) decides it is time for him to move. He steals a volicifighters that is equipped with a missile capable of destroying a planet. Dark Spector arrives to confer with Astronema. Darkonda uses his missile to destroy Dark Spector. Dark Spector makes sure Darkonda is destroyed with him. Astronema claims her self ruler of the now conquered universe. Zordon (who is no longer being drained by Dark Spector) tries to convince her to end this evil take over but she refuses.

Countdown to Destruction (2)

Astronema demands the people of Angel Grove to turn over the Power Rangers in 24 hours or face destruction. The people of Angel Grove grow restless and wonder if the Power Rangers will save them. Bulk and Skull tell the people the Power Rangers will come through for them. The Rangers are reunited with Zhane and try to come up with a plan to liberate the Earth.  Andros sneaks off to the Dark Fortress in an attempt to get his sister back. The people of Angel Grove refuse to give up the identities of the Power Rangers. Bulk, Skull, and Phenomenus pretend to be Rangers (as do all the people of Angel Grove). Astronema prepares to destroy all the people.

The Rangers arrive and reveal their secret identities. They morph in front of everyone and engage Astronema’s forces. Bulk and Skull lead the people of Angel Grove as they help the Rangers fight the evil. Andros meets Zordon who tells him to shatter his tube so his good energy with defeat the evil. Andros refuses because it will kill Zordon. Astronema enters into a battle with Andros. Andros tries to reason with his sister but she won't listen. Andros deflects one of Astronema’s blasts. The blast is deflected back to Astronema, promptly killing her. Ecliptor rushes into the room and is overwhelmed with grief. He begins to fight Andros but Andros battles Ecliptor back. He shatters Zordon's tube before Ecliptor can counter. Zordon's energy wave races across the universe and destroys the United Alliance of Evil. Zedd, Rita, and Divatox are made into normal humanoids.

The Rangers celebrate with the people of Angel Grove. The Dark Fortress descends upon the city. Andros comes out of the ship, holding the body of his dead sister. He begins to cry as his friends look on. Magically Karone is restored to life (finally free of the cybernetic enhancements that were influencing her). Andros and the 4angers  return the rebels to KO 35. The Earth Rangers say goodbye to Andros and prepare to return home in the megaship. Ashley is depressed that  she has to leave Andros. Andros decides to come with the Rangers since they are his family. Karone and Zhane join the Rangers as well. The group returns to Earth to live in peace.