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Operation Lightspeed (1)

In the Sahara desert, three nomadic travelers stumble upon a set of ruins. They wander inside, and unseal the cover on a tomb. This releases set of ancient demon spirits, which immediately float off towards America. Word of the spirits' release spreads to a city called Mariner Bay, to a secret military operation known as Lightspeed. The man in charge, Captain William Mitchell, responds to this news by unsealing a set of files. He sends his daughter Dana, a member of Lightspeed and an in-training Paramedic, to seek out each person listed in the color coded files. Carter Grayson, Joel Rawlings, Kelsey Winslow, and Chad are all brought by helicopter, and then submarine, to the Lightspeed Aquabase, located beneath the waters of Mariner Bay.

There, Captain Mitchell briefs them on the situation. It seems that 5000 years ago, the area Mariner Bay was founded on was run by demons. A Warlock was able to capture them, and imprison their spirits inside a tomb. They've since been awaiting the day when the demons would return to reclaim their land. Lightspeed has developed technology to combat the demons, by making the four of them, each chosen for their special skills, to become Lightspeed Power Rangers. At first, the four have doubts, until Carter recalls recently seeing a strange spirit in a burning building. They reconsider, and are given Rescue Morphers. Dana discovers that she will be the fifth member, Pink, having been groomed by her father to be a Ranger for many years.

In a pocket dimension located above the city known as the Skull Cavern, the demon spirits take up shop. Diabolico, Loki, Vypra and Impus. It's explained that they are preparing for the return of their ruler, Queen Bansheera, by destroying Mariner Bay and restoring the Queen's palace where it once stood. They send one of their lesser demons, named Ghouligan, to begin the assault. Captain Mitchell tells them to use their Rescue Morphers, which they do. They Morph into Lightspeed Rangers, and use their added strength to save the citizens, and destroy Ghouligan with their Rescue Blasters. They're cheered by the civilians, and are later commended by those at Lightspeed. Captain Mitchell reminds them that what they faced was only one monster, and tougher ones await.

Lightspeed Teamwork (2)

At the Skull Cavern, discussion between the demons turns to finding the headquarters of the Rangers. Loki reveals it's underwater, and that water is dangerous to demons. An additional demon is introduced, Jinxer, a fly-like servant. Diabolico orders him to create a monster capable of wiping Mariner Bay off the face of the Earth.A meeting is called at the Lightspeed Aquabase. On the way to Weapons Lab, Joel bumps into a beautiful, dark haired female with glasses and a lab coat. He tries to impress her with his Rescue Morpher, and status as the Green Ranger. While he goes off to buy her flowers, she meets with the rest of the Ranger recruits. Her name is Ms. Fairweather, and she's the genius behind the technology used at Lightspeed. She introduces them to the Rail Rescues, a set of train cars which carry their individual Lightspeed Rescuezords into battle. In the city, an apparent asteroid strikes down, and creates an unnatural volcano. From within that, a giant rocklike demon named Magmavore emerges. Our heroes go on alert, including Joel, who missed the debriefing. The Rangers board their Rail Rescues, and use their Rescuezords to take care of several disasters in the city. After saving a few lives, time comes to combine the Zords into the Lightspeed Megazord. At first, Joel hot-dogs his Aero Rescue, thinking he can handle everything himself. He eventually listens to commands from both Mitchell & Fairweather, and the Megazord is formed. The Lightspeed Megazord combats Magmavore, and finishes him off by lifting him up with its ladder-arms and tossing him back into the volcano he was spawned from. Later at the Aquabase, Joel gives Fairweather the flowers. He begins to talk bad about the brainiac Zord designer who was trying to tell him how to fly earlier. She's offended by his remarks, and chews him out. His teammates laugh at him, when he realizes Fairweather's the designer he was badmouthing, and he just got shot down.

Trial by Fire

The five Lightspeed Rescue recruits go on their first training run in a test area. Carter gets the fastest time, but the lowest score, due to his reckless attitude. Meanwhile, Vypra implants quake spikes beneath a skyscraper, attempting to level the city with an earthquake. The Rangers come and stop her, but as she escapes, she damages a crowded parking lot. Captain Mitchell orders Carter to put out the fires before attempt to save the people. He reluctantly does so, while a small boy is injured badly when debris falls on him. The boy goes into a coma, reminding Carter of his youth, when as he child, he became trapped in a burning building. A mysterious fireman pulled him out, and since then he's tried to follow in the man's footsteps. Carter feels he's not cut out to be a Ranger, only to discover that by putting out the fire, he prevented nearby gas tanks from exploding. By the fact he followed Mitchell's order instead of his gut reaction, he prevented the citizens from even deadlier damage. Mitchell assures Carter that he believes he's a great Red Ranger. Carter helps his team destroy Vypra's quake spikes, and destroy a new giant demon. Later, the boy Carter failed to save comes out of his coma, safe and sound.

Riding the Edge

While roller skating one morning, Kelsey manages to save a woman named Nancy Cooper's dog Dorsie. Later, Kelsey learns that Nancy is an ace pilot, who'll be flying a Mariner Bay Space Shuttle into space for a routine quick mission. Meanwhile, Diabolico introduces himself to the Rangers, via an image in the sky. He informs them about his plans to wipe out the city and rebuild Queen Bansheera's palace. He sends a mutant named Whirlin' to attack the city, in the form of a deadly twister. Nancy's shuttle is caught up in it on her way back to Earth. The Rangers all use their Lightspeed Rescuezords as a team to guide her out of control shuttle to safety. Whirlin' is destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord Saber, and Nancy is gratefully reunited with her pal Kelsey, after learning that she's the Yellow Ranger.

A Matter of Trust

The Rangers are given the task of helping a scientist named Dr. Hanson deliver a powerful fuel cell to the Aquabase. Dana, though, is told by her father and commanding officer, Captain Mitchell, to pick up an old friend of his instead. She reluctantly does so, driving the old southern man, named Earl, to the Aquabase. The other Rangers encounter a demon called Fireor, who tries to get the fuel cell from them. Dana wants to go to their aide, but her father denies her permission. She believes Earl and her father are going fishing, only to find out that the ice cooler he has with him actually contains the true fuel cell. Vypra learns the other Rangers are just a decoy, and attacks Earl & Dana. They manage to get away, and keep the fuel cell from getting too overheated. After the cell is taken to the Aquabase, Dana rejoins her teammates, and they stomp out Fireor's flames for good with the Megazord.

Wheels of Destruction

At the Aquabase's Weapons Lab, Ms. Fairweather is working on new tools for the Rangers. Joel tries to ask her out, only to get called off to action. A bat demon aptly named "Gold Beaked Monster" is joined by the Batlings, but ends up being destroyed easily by the Rangers' Rescue Blasters. Vypra shows up suddenly, in her new super-fast custom made buggie, known as the Vyprari. She makes quick work of the Rangers, blasting them with its weapons system. The Rescue Rover gets damaged heavily in the fight. Soon at the Aquabase, Joel continues flirting with Ms. Fairweather. Due to a misunderstanding, she leads him to believe that he's building a supersonic jet pack just for him. His ego is popped when she reveals to the whole team that she's created Lightspeed Cycles for each one of them. Using the Ranger-colored bikes, they're able to knock the Vyprari down a peg. Plus still have time to easily defeat another aptly named demon, called Elestomp, with just the Rescuebird! Later, Joel tries to persuade Fairweather into getting more personal. She makes up a lie about Lightspeed Regulation 322.1, which states there is to be no fraternization between squad members. He's disappointed, but she promises that if there were no rule against it, they'd have a great time. His spirits lifted, Joel heads out on his Green Lightspeed Cycle for a test run, happily cheering all the way.

Cyborg Rangers

When a demon named Strikning attacks, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers are unable to stop him. Luckily they get back-up in the form of five robotic doubles, the Cyborg Rangers! They share the same Lightspeed powers and suits, but with darker boots & gloves, plus antennas. It turns out, that the higher ups in the Lightspeed military chain of command (that being an older man named General McKnight, and his main scientist, Dr. Harlan) are behind them. Captain Mitchell is helpless, as McKnight strips the five human Rescue Recruits of their Morphers. It's decided that those "kids" are less reliable than the five platinum-alloy skinned, super-strong and remote controlled Cyborg Rangers. Fairweather has concerns about the one thing they lack that only a human can bring: a heart. Soon enough, the Cyborgs fight Strikning, and wind up short-circuiting. They go berserk, attacking Dr. Hansen and destroying buildings. The five powerless Ranger recruits manage to save Hansen, and Captain Mitchell reinstates them. They regain their Rescue Morphers, defeat the demon, destroy the rampaging Cyborg Rangers, and are thanked by a humbled General McKnight.

Up to the Challenge

Chad goes for a morning scuba swim in the waters around the Aquabase. Soon, he eats breakfast with Kelsey, and convinces her to try some Tai Chi with him in the city. While calmly practicing together, a punk named Brian spots the well-known Blue Ranger, and tries to pick a fight with him in order to impress his girlfriend Sheila. Chad, the karate expert, takes him down without missing a beat. Soon, all five Rangers face a new demon, Smogger. He can release deadly sprays of gas and firepower. Kelsey ends up getting caught in a backdraft created by the demon, and gets blasted into a coma, despite Chad's attempt to save her.

Meanwhile, Brian, having lost his girlfriend, seeks Vypra's help. He wants to destroy Chad, so she grants him increased power, turning him into her own zombie. Chad & Brian fight later, viciously. Chad manages to convince Brian that what he's doing isn't right, and they break the spell together. Kelsey wakes up in the hospital, and drags herself into battle. Ms. Fairweather gives her a new weapon, the Rescue Speeder, which is a high-powered sidecar to the Red Lightspeed Cycle. She uses it to help defeat Smogger. Later, Brian changes his dominating-female influenced ways, and happily teaches a karate class. Kelsey plans to teach the shy Chad how to talk to girls.

Go Volcanic (1)

Dana takes the day off to head up to the nearby dormant volcano known as Mount Jasmine. She makes the mistake of taking the bus there, and ends up being held at gunpoint when the bus is taken captive by a bank robber. Meanwhile, in Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera makes her spirit-form debut. The demons explain the situation, with the city now where her palace once was. They increase their efforts to wipe out Mariner Bay, with the baby Impus coming up with a plan (Jinxer, his babysitter, can understand the cooing creature) to channel Mount Jasmine's lava flow through the city. They send the demon called Trifire (a three headed dog) to initiate this.

His actions cause the volcano to become more active, and for the bus with Dana, the hostages, and the bandit, to swerve out of control. Everyone comes together to keep the bandit from falling to his doom when the bus ends up hanging off a cliff. The Rangers assist the bus in getting back on solid ground, but with the bus driver injured, the near-death-reformed bandit is the only one capable of driving the bus back to the city. Dana joins her teammates, and they defeat Trifire with the Megazord. Later, the bandit, named Steven Harrison, turns himself over to the police, and accepts his punishment. Dana, and the passengers, are grateful for his change of heart, and the cops promise to consider his good deeds in his sentencing. At Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera has plans to not let this volcano plot dry up totally...

Rising from Ashes (2)

The revived Magmavore and Trifire monsters are wreaking havoc with the formally dormant volcano, Mt. Jasmine, causing it to erupt, with Ms. Fairweather trapped inside! If Joel and the other Rangers can save her, she's got just the thing to deal with the pair of monsters: the new SuperTrain Megazord, made up of the Rail Rescues.

From Deep in the Shadows (1)

At the Lightspeed Aquabase, Miss Fairweather tests out a new Morpher on Carter, but the surge of power nearly kills him and the project is put on hold. Later that night, security is compromised by a mysterious stranger in scuba-diver gear who steals the Titanium Morpher. The Rangers are lured to a warehouse by Vypra when she attacks the Bay, she then introduces the Rangers to the demon's newest recruit: The Titanium Ranger. The Titanium Ranger cuts through the Lightspeed Rangers with ease, and they are forced to retreat, but their enemy continues his rampage through Mariner Bay. Miss Fairweather develops new V-Lancer weapons which the Rangers use when they next confront the Titanium Ranger, this time they are able to break him down and out-maneuver him, and launch a combined attack from the V-Lancers on his person.

The explosion does not kill the Titanium Ranger, but it knocks his visor open, allowing Captain Mitchell, monitoring the battle, to recognize him. As the Rangers prepare to finally defeat their enemy, Captain Mitchell orders them to hold their fire and allow the Titanium Ranger to live, they do so, and walk away from him, despite his pleas to finish the fight with him. Back at the Aquabase, the furious Rangers demand answers from Mitchell, what reason did he have to stop them? Mitchell responds with the answer: The Titanium Ranger is his son

Truth Discovered (2)

Captain Mitchell explains to the Rangers of how, when Dana and her brother Ryan were young, they were involved in a car wreck that apparently killed Ryan. This wasn’t the case, in truth, Mitchell was forced to surrender Ryan to Diabolico when the Demon offered to save his life after the wreck, but as a consequence, Ryan would live under his hand. Ryan has now become the Titanium Ranger, and is determined to destroy all that his father has crossed paths with and helped to create, he again attacks Mariner Bay, and this time he's aided by the Demon Litzwing. The Rangers confront Ryan and Litzwing, Dana appeals to Ryan and tries to convince him to forgive their father, Ryan doesn’t listen, after a battle, he flees. Litzwing battles the Rangers, but he is destroyed first by the Unilaser, and then when he is resurrected into a giant, the Rangers destroy him with the Supertrain Megazord.

Ryan arrives at the cliff where the car accident occurred, and is confronted by his father, Ryan charges into his father and the two fall off the cliff. Ryan grabs Mitchell's arms before he can fall, but the weight begins to pull both of them down, Mitchell is glad to see his son still cares for him and attempts to sacrifice himself so that Ryan can have enough strength to save himself, but Ryan uses the Titanium Ranger powers to save both of them and land safely from the fall. Ryan returns the Titanium Morpher to his father, and tells Diabolico that he will no longer fight for either Lightspeed Rescue OR Queen Bansheera, and departs, Diabolico vows that Ryan will regret his decision...

Ryan's Destiny (1)

Ryan returns to the Lightspeed Aquabase, and tells his father that he is leaving Mariner Bay to find himself and regain the humanity stripped from him under whilst under the "care" of Diabolico, Mitchell gives him a golden box, to open if he ever changes his mind. Meanwhile, Diabolico becomes more desperate to destroy the Rangers, having been warned by Queen Bansheera that his star power will be given to her son Impus if he fails again, Diabolico releases his last three Demons, Demonite, Falkar and Thunderon, and sends them to Mariner Bay. Falkar plants explosive feathers everywhere, and the only way to deactivate them is to defeat the Demon Troika before sunset.

Ryan, whilst contemplating where he should go, is told by an elderly woman to follow his heart, only then will he reach his destination. Ryan's soul searching finally tells him to do the right thing, after saving the life of a young child from Falkar's feathers, Ryan opens the box and finds the Titanium Morpher, Ryan morphs into the Titanium Ranger and helps the badly wounded Rangers defeat the Demon Troika. After their victory, Ryan is welcomed into Lightspeed Rescue, but later that night, Ryan has a terrifying vision of being tortured by Diabolico, who burns the tattoo of a Cobra onto his back, with each day the Cobra will crawl up Ryan's body, until it finally strikes, and kills him. When Ryan wakes up, he finds the tattoo on his back, his vision has become reality...

Curse of the Cobra (2)

Ryan continues to keep the Cobra tattoo secret from everyone, including his father, as the evil symbol begins to make its way up his body, within a few more days, it will kill him. Diabolico, knowing that time is running out for him as well (Queen Bansheera will give his star power to Impus if he fails her), sends the evil Troika of Demons back to Mariner Bay. The Rangers confront the Demon Troika and they do battle, Ryan help out but the Cobra tattoo hampers his prowess in the fight, and he falls in agony. One of the Demons, Demonite, creates a clone of himself, and they overwhelm the Rangers, Ryan, despite being in great pain, battles and defeats the clone. Carter vanquishes Demonite with a lethal combination of the Uni-Laser and his V-Lancer, the Rangers use the Supertrain Megazord and the Lightspeed Megazord to defeat Demonite when he is resurrected and turned giant. Ryan confesses to Carter that his tattoo is draining is life force, but Mitchell overhears and decides to pull Ryan from active duty until the cobra tattoo can be removed...

Strength of the Sun (3)

Diabolico, desperate for a victory now more than ever or lose his Star Power to Impus, sends the remainder of the Demon Troika, Falkar and Thunderon, to Mariner Bay to again fight the Rangers. Ryan, meanwhile, is forbidden to use his Ranger powers, or participate in any further capacity until the deadly Cobra tattoo can be removed from his person...which leads to more unfortunate news as it means Ryan cannot command the new Maxspeed Solar Zord, a solar-powered Zord created specifically for him. After a series of grueling challenges, the Rangers defeat Thunderon with the V-Lancers, but he is made giant, and this time the Rangers find he is far more lethal and more dangerous, the Megazords are given a stern thrashing, Diabolico also enlarges a rather reluctant Falkar. Ryan decides to go against his father's wishes and steals the Solar-Zord, going into battle, he braves the evil presence of the Cobra tattoo as it movies its way up his body. Ryan succeeds in using the Solar-Zord to assist the Rangers in destroying the last two Demons, but collapses from the effort. Diabolico stands atop a cliff near where the last of the Troika fell, revealing that has one last trick up his sleeve, three gems, each containing the life energy of his warriors, Diabolico vows to release them once more on the world, and to finish the Rangers once and for all...

The Cobra Strikes (1)

Diabolico pools the remnant powers of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, into the deadly Troika creature. If the Rangers can defeat that triple threat-in-one, they'll still have to face a GIANT Diabolico! As the Rangers keep busy, Ryan decides to take his cobra-tattoo curse to the source, returning to the ancient ruins of Bansheera's temple in Egypt. There, he faces the basis of the curse, a Cobra Monster. His curse is eliminated by a tough one-on-one battle, the tattoo vanishes just before it can take a chomp into him, and he joins his teammates in time to destroy Diabolico. Not that the danger is over, since Diabolico's Star Power merges with Impus, creating a giant cocoon of destruction that goes on a rampage in Mariner Bay...

Olympius Ascends (2)

Impus, thanks to Diabolico's Star Power, matures into Olympius. He makes the most of his new adulthood by disguising himself as several of the Rangers, and sneaking onto the Lightspeed Aquabase.

A Face from the Past

The Lightspeed Ranger teens take the day off, except for Carter, who spends it training. He ends up spending the time bonding with Captain Mitchell, who is revealed, when a building on fire gets the pair's attention, to have once been a fireman. Not just any firefighter, but the same one who saved Carter as a child, inspiring him for the rest of his life!

The Queen's Return

The planets align into a grand cross. The time is right for Queen Bansheera to be restored to her physical form! But Ryan, having grown up with the demons, is aware of this ceremony, and leads the Rangers into foiling their destructive attempt to bring her back to full life. Bansheera gets her body back after all, though only her head and torso! Ryan makes a choice to seek out, on his own in the desert, an alternative method to fighting the demons, hoping to find out how they were sealed away 5000 years ago.

The Omega Project

Joel's brainy little buddy Simon makes Ms. Fairweather aware of an approaching asteroid, which is being drawn to Earth by the demons in an attempt to level Mariner Bay. Fairweather unveils the Omega Megazord, which allows the Rangers to take a flight into space on a mission to destroy the asteroid before it can hit the planet.

The Fifth Crystal

Vypra collects an ancient power source, the Starlight Crystals, with which to power a large laser cannon. Turns out, Kelsey's grandmother has one of them. But Granny, despite an athletic history, is now snobbish and stubborn, refusing to assist Lightspeed in baiting a trap to stop Vypra. But learning a lesson or two from Kelsey, Grandma Winslow rekindles her EXTREME past, and aids the Rangers in foiling the demon's plans.

The Chosen Path

The Cyclopter monster appeals to Chad's martial artist past, striking a chord which leads both Chad, and the monster, to consulting his former mentor, Sensei Tamashiro, who disapproves of Chad's Ranger-lifestyle.

Yesterday Again

While testing the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, Carter is slowed down on the way to join his teammates in a battle against Olympius and Mantevil. Just as they're destroyed, he's thrust back in time a day, reliving events with knowledge of what's to come.

As Time Runs Out (1)

The Vilevine monster attaches pods to the Lightspeed Rangers, which will bloom at noon, releasing poisonous spores that'll wipe out the city. It'll take a risky trip into space to face the vacuum to save not only the planet, but the five teens as well. Meanwhile, Olympius stages a coup on Vypra & Loki, getting Vilevine to bury them deep underground. But when they pop out in Egypt, Vypra ventures the Ancient Tomb she and the demons were sealed in for 5000 years, and summons Diabolico from the Shadow World! Ryan, in the area looking for a way to re-seal the demons, spies on the events.

In the Freeze Zone (2)

Olympius' Freezard monster chills out the Rangers, leading to a needed meltdown by Ms. Fairweather's newest weapon, the Thermo Blaster. But Olympius has bigger problems, namely, Diabolico is back, and he wants his Star Power returned to him!

The Mighty Mega Battles

Joel's still pining for Ms. Fairweather. His vying for her affection gains a complication, when a hunky new scientist shows up, aiding her on a new creation. His jealously leads to embarrassment, when he discovers the guy is actually her brother, Clark Fairweather. Their invention, the Mega Battle armor, allows Joel & Chad a powerful new upgrade!

The Great Egg Caper

The demons plan to hatch an egg, which will destroy the city entirely. But a desperate thief, Artie, swipes it from them. He tries ransoming it, and gains the ire of both the demons, and Lightspeed, namely Kelsey, whom he keeps running into. But is Artie really such a bad guy?

Ocean Blue

While doing some repairs to the Aquabase, scuba-diver Chad is nearly killed. Lucky for him, he's gained the eye of a beautiful mermaid, Marina, who rescues him and the two start a cross-species romance. But Vypra is manipulating the naive fish-woman, turning her into bait for the Blue Ranger.

Trakeena's Revenge (1)

Leo follows Triskull and the Ghouls from Mirinoi (through a wormhole between planets), to Mariner Bay on Earth. Seems Triskull is working for Olympius, collecting humans to drain them of their life force. But little does the demon prince know, that Triskull is ALSO working for Trakeena, who plans to use the life force to return herself to her mutated form. Leo runs into the Lightspeed Rangers, and soon, his teammates Kai & Maya follow, all teaming up. A young girl, Heather, alerts Carter to her mother's kidnapping, which leads the teams to Triskull's human-snatching cover at a bank.

Trakeena's Revenge (2)

Kendrix & Damon are the last Lost Galaxy Rangers to make it to Earth. Triskull is defeated by the two Red Rangers, his prisoners are released by the heroes, but Trakeena's got just enough life energy to make her mutation attempt. That is, until Olympius, aware of the double-cross, taints the energy, turning Trakeena into a giant, raging beast! The Lightspeed Megazord, powered up by the LG's Lights of Orion, is able to take her down, once and for all. The LG Rangers return to Mirinoi on their Jet Jammers, and Heather is made an official Junior Ranger by Lightspeed for her deeds of assistance.

The Last Ranger

The Memorase monster wipes out the memories of all the Lightspeed Rangers, save for Dana. While Ms. Fairweather and her technicians attempt to stimulate their minds with a machine filled with clips from previous episodes, Dana is left fighting the monster alone.

Sorcerer of the Sands (1)

Ryan passes out in the desert, is rescued by the assistant of a being known as the Sorcerer of the Sands, an ancient wizard with the knowledge to re-sealing Bansheera and her demons. Such knowledge is needed now more than ever, as Olympius has ventured into the Shadow World, a realm where dead demons go, in an attempt to destroy the Rangers by dragging them into it to face hundreds of zombies! Diabolico seals both his demonic rival and the Rangers within the Shadow World, and it takes intervention by the Sorcerer to help them get freed. Ryan learns of the importance of the golden key, which opened the portal to the Shadow World. But Diabolico turns the Sorcerer to dust for his meddling in the demons' affairs, and Ryan is back to square one in his search for a resolution.

Olympius Unbound (2)

Jinxer hypnotizes Captain Mitchell, and uses this control to get him to overload the Lightspeed Aquabase's power source, in an attempt to fuel Olympius' attempt to break out of the Shadow World. Mitchell is stopped before he can do as commanded, but Olympius, by way of absorbing every zombie demon in the place, is still able to escape, though comes out as a gigantic red dragon beast! The Rangers are narrowly able to destroy him, which thrills Diabolico and the other demons. Though, little do they know, Olympius survived, is back to normal, and Jinxer is nursing him back to health...

Neptune's Daughter

Aquafiend, the only demon capable of surviving exposure to free-running water, swipes the trident of King Neptune, ruler of the seas. His daughter, Marina the Mermaid, is granted human legs for a temporary period, and seeks out her love interest, Chad, to gain the Rangers' help in recovering the trident from the demons, who seek to destroy the Aquabase with it. After the trident is returned to King Neptune, Marina is allowed to alternate her time between the surface world and the seas, allowing her to continue her relationship with Chad.

Web War

The latest weapon being worked on by Lightspeed is the Trans-Armor Cycle, a combination motorcycle and armor for Carter. But he's having trouble mastering its tricky prototype. Arachnor, a spider demon, sneaks into the Aquabase, and begins webbing up everyone. Carter is left all alone, with his new Cycle, the lives and life-forces of his teammates riding on his ability to use the tricky machine.

In the Limelight

Dana, struggling to make ends meet for medical school, is discovered by a fashion maven. She quickly becomes a top model, the fame going to her head and causing her to neglect her Ranger duties.

Wrath of the Queen (1)

Queen Bansheera regains the rest of her body at last, by absorbing Vypra's life energy! Diabolico & Loki draw four of the Lightspeed Rangers in to dimension where their base, the Skull Cavern, is located, and proceed to beat them seriously. When the Queen orders Diabolico to blast the Rangers while Loki is in the way, he refuses to harm his longtime ally. She takes control of him, and forces him to destroy Loki anyway. Diabolico swears off Bansheera for this disloyal move, vowing to see her downfall personally. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Mariner Bay, Carter accidentally bumps into Olympius, who's still recovering from his near-defeat. This keeps the Red Ranger busy while his friends are in danger, but he is still able to swoop in via the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle and rescue them in the nick of time. Bansheera ends up coming out in a big way, gigantically attacking the city. But she's run off at last minute, leaving the team confused, exhausted, and relieved.

Rise of the Super Demons (2)

Lightspeed tests drawing power from the Rangers' life force, concluding such a thing is too dangerous to attempt. Diabolico has a final showdown with his rival, Olympius. The winner turns out to be Olympius, who returns to his mother, Queen Bansheera, along with his captive. She makes Diabolico into a mindless zombie, and he's sent to join Olympius in attacking the Lightspeed Rangers. But some repeated reminding in battle breaks the spell on Diabolico, causing him to turn on Olympius once more. This leads to his destruction, and revival as a giant demon, alongside an even more bestial red-dragon form for Olympius. Despite the dangers, the Lifeforce Megazord (a repaint of the Lightspeed Solarzord) is unveiled in action, and the Rangers' combined life energies fuel it to a victory against both of the Super Demons. But despite their victory, Jinxer has the last laugh....

The Fate of Lightspeed (1)

At the ancient ruins in Egypt, Ryan comes into possession of the Golden Key, learns of Bansheera's plan to release all the zombie demons of the Shadow World, and just after he alerts his teammates of this, he's taken captive by the Queen! Carter mounts a rescue attempt into the Skull Cavern dimension. Meanwhile, the Batling Card which Jinxer attached to the leg of the Lifeforce Megazord is brought to life, creating a trojan horse of an army of Batlings inside the Lightspeed Aquabase!

They siege the place, leading to a massive evacuation, especially when the Batlings take control of the Lifeforce Megazord and begin to trash the Aquabase with it. In the city, the Omega Megazord has JUST been repaired from its battle with the Super Demons, when Jinxer and some Batlings take control of it, and begin to clear out buildings and haul in large stones, with which to summon Skull Cavern from the pocket dimension, right in the middle of Mariner Bay's city!

The Fate of Lightspeed (2)

The remaining Lightspeed Rangers, along with Ms. Fairweather and Captain Mitchell, are trapped in the Aquabase, as it's systematically destroyed by the Batling-commanded Lifeforce Megazord. An escape hatch leads them to the submarine bay, and with last-minute commandeering of a sub, they're able to escape just as the place is wiped out (and manage to take out the Lifeforce Megazord with a well-placed torpedo). Carter frees Ryan from the demons' clutches, and on the way back to the city, sends his Red Mobile Armored Vehicle smashing into the Omega Megazord, destroying Jinxer. It's not enough to stop the giant stone-placement, and Skull Cavern is drawn to Earth once more! The six Lightspeed Rangers reunite at last, and storm that skull-shaped castle.

Using the Golden Key to open a special casket, and aided by a solar eclipse, Queen Bansheera prepares to release the evil entirety of the Shadow World on the city. But the Rangers, battling through the Batlings, are able to foil her plans; Carter shoving her INTO the casket! She begins to pull him in with her, and it's none other than Diabolico’s spirit that saves the day, sending the Queen falling into the swarm of zombie demons in Shadow World. The casket is re-sealed, the Rangers flee, and Skull Cavern crumbles to dust. The Lightspeed Rangers turn in their Rescue Morphers, their obligation finally over. Joel even has a date with Ms. Fairweather, at last! When a passing fire truck catches their ears, the team races off to do more rescuing, no longer needing their Morphers.