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Quasar Quest (1)

The space colony Terra Venture leaves Earth in order to find and populate a new world. A teenager named Leo stows away on board to join his big brother, Mike, who happens to be second in command. En route, he encounters two members of the colony personnel: Kai and Kendrix. During a training exercise on the moon, a girl named Maya from the planet Mirinoi crosses through an interdimensional rift and leads the others back to her planet. Only Leo, Kendrix, Maya and Mike get through; Kai is left behind. Meanwhile, an evil creature named Furio attacks the planet Mirinoi in search of the Quasar Sabers: five swords encased in an ancient stone that possess unlimited power.

Quasar Quest (2)

Mike, Leo, Kendrix and Maya fight against the evil Furio on Mirinoi. Back on Earth, Kai finds the Astro Megaship, currently a museum, and uses it to reach Mirinoi... with the help of ship mechanic Damon. Mike successfully removes one Quasar Saber from the stone, and defeats Furio. Kai, Damon, Kendrix and Maya remove the other four and fight off Furio's helpers, the Stingwingers. Furio opens a crevice into the ground and Mike is caught. Before falling in, Mike gives the Quasar Saber to his brother Leo and asks him to carry on in his place. With the Five Chosen Ones gathered at last, they all morph into the Galaxy Rangers. Kai is Blue, Damon is Green, Kendrix is Pink, Maya is Yellow, and Leo becomes the Red Ranger and leader of the team. Furio strikes back and turns the planet Mirinoi and all its people (except the rangers) into stone. The five Rangers return to Terra Venture, and set out in search of the new world.

Race to the Rescue

Maya's telepathically senses cries for help on a distant planet. Along with Leo and Damon, she travels to the planet in the Astro Megaship, they discover that Radster, one of Scorpius' monsters, along with Sting-Wingers, has captured strange giant beasts. The three Rangers morph and battle Radster's forces, and succeed in freeing the Galactabeasts, who tell the Rangers through telepathy that they are grateful for the rescue, and will help the Rangers whenever they need them. The Galactabeasts find themselves being called on sooner rather than later when Radster pursues them the Rangers to Terra Venture, after a battle with the Rangers, he takes a strange potion that makes him grow, using the Red Lion Galactabeast, Leo destroys him.

Rookie in Red

Leo joins the GSA, his easy-going and irresponsible attitude leads to a personality conflict with Kai, who's big on being by the book. But the tensions are eased when Leo's mistakes lead to the Rangers gaining new weapons, the Transdaggers.


A young boy named Matthew is discovered to have stowed away on Terra Venture, and desires nothing but to return to Earth. He strikes up a bond with Damon, who also has a family he misses back home. Matthew ends up helping out the Rangers, when Furio's Gasser monster puts the space colony to sleep. This earns him a ticket home on the Astro Megaship. But first, the Rangers utilize their new vehicles, the Jet Jammers, and the Transdagger-power-infused Galactabeasts become Zords, leading to the creation of the Galaxy Megazord.

The Lights of Orion

Trakeena & Furio discover the Lights Of Orion, a powerful source of energy, have come to Terra Venture. Only one who is "chosen" can release them, so their monster, Mutantrum, disguised as Mike, tricks Leo into obtaining them. It turns out the Lights are a decoy, the monster is defeated, and the search for the real Lights of Orion begins.

Double Duty

Kendrix discovers she's identical to a movie star on Terra Venture, Carolyn Picketts. They switch places for the filming of a movie, when Carolyn, snobbish and lazy, pretends to be injured. But the actress/model learns a lesson in humility and perseverance by observing Kendrix, who fights through her own injuries to save her from the Wisewizard monster, who's seeking the Lights Of Orion within cameras all over the space station.

The Blue Crush

Kai falls for a girl, and things get complicated when he believes her to be getting married (but it turns out it's her SISTER who's the bride to be). Meanwhile, Furio's Quakemaker monster fails to turn up the Lights Of Orion, leading to his fall from grace with Scorpius' ranks.

The Magna Defender

Furio and Leo clash, leading to Furio's self-destruction. A strange ally, who reminds him of his presumed-dead brother Mike, saves Leo from destruction. This man, an alien warrior known as the Magna Defender, is on Terra Venture, seeking the Lights of Orion himself. But his disregard for human life and mysterious goals put him at odds with both the Power Rangers and Scorpius' forces. Speaking of which, Treacheron is promoted to the newest General in Scorpius' army.

The Sunflower Search

Treacheron eavesdrops on Maya, and believes from her comments that the Lights of Orion may be hidden in a sunflower. He sends the Fishface monster to attack the many sunflower statues on Terra Venture. But the choice of monsters is especially personal for the Magna Defender, as Fishface killed his son, Zika, many years ago. He grows giant, becoming the Mega Defender, and merges with his Torozord to become the Mega Torozord, and gains revenge on the monster at last.

Silent Sleep

The Chillyfish monster puts Terra Venture on ice, trying to freeze the Lights Of Orion out of hiding, and thus putting everyone to sleep. Leo manages to avoid slumberland, and with the aid of a horse he had been struggling to get along with, rides to victory.

Orion Rising (1)

Destruxo narrows down the Lights Of Orion's location on Terra Venture. He seals off the neighborhood with a forcefield, keeping Kendrix & Maya within, and the Magna Defender & the other Rangers out. Air's running low inside the dome, as well. The girls, who had been upset at one another prior due to Maya eating Damon's birthday cake, settle their differences and not only take out the force field, but witness the Lights Of Orion, for real, for once, before they take off into space.

Orion Returns (2)

The Lights of Orion return to Terra Venture. Destruxo gets a hold of them, and powers up into an armored mode. Trakeena sends Impostra out to trick Destruxo and undermine Treacheron, leading to his imprisonment for betraying Scorpius. The Rangers defeat Destruxo, and gain the Lights Of Orion for themselves, in the form of golden and white armor pieces on their suits and Quasar Sabers.

Shark Attack

Treacheron makes a jailbreak, with the help of the Shark Brothers. He ends up going out like a true samurai, falling to the Red Ranger in battle. The Shark Brothers meet their twin demise at the hands of the Galaxy Megazord with its new Lights Of Orion armor!

Redemption Day (1)

The Scorpion Stinger springs a fuel leak. Scorpius plans to siphon off energy from Terra Venture through its Mountain Dome. The Magna Defender seeks to overload the Dome with power from the Torozord, which will lead to not only Scorpius' destruction, but the space station as well! The Rangers seek to stop him from doing this, and though Torozord turns on him, the damage is done. Leo finally learns from the Magna Defender, who is wounded by the Freaky Tiki monster, the truth of his connection to his brother Mike: seems back on Mirinoi, Mike happened to fall into the same crevice he had been imprisoned for 3000 years. MD took Mike's life energy, having been merged with him since. To save Terra Venture, Magna Defender sacrifices himself to undo what he had done with the Torozord earlier. But not before releasing Mike from their merger, allowing him a joyous reunion with his brother and the Rangers.

Destined for Greatness (2)

The Rangers' happy reunion with Mike is short lived, as doubts begin to seep in on Leo over his role as Red Ranger now that the "destined" one who pulled the Quasar Saber from the stone is back. To make things worse, the Skelekron monster sends his reaper-like warriors to capture each of the Rangers in mirrors! It's up to Leo and Mike to resolve the issue of Saber-ownership in time for them to save their friends. Meanwhile, what role does the Magna Defender's own Saber play?

Stolen Beauty

Trakeena releases the Crumummy monster on Terra Venture, draining women of their beauty so that only she will be considered beautiful. She even goes down, in human form, and visits the space colony, hooking up with Mike in the attempt to poison him. Her identity is discovered, and Crumummy is defeated, returning the beauty to all of the women. Trakeena returns to the Scorpion Stinger, and discovers her father has made a cocoon for her, with which she can evolve into her ultimate, bug-like form. She refuses her destiny, and flees her father's ship.

The Rescue Mission

Terra Venture receives a distress signal from an alien spacecraft, after securing it's location, Command Stanton orders a rescue mission. Mike takes his Rescue team to the vessel by heli-ship, Leo joins them, but they find that the crew have been dead for a long time. Whilst searching through the ruins of the ship, Leo discovers a book, he is unaware that, as well as the rescue team, there is another lifeforms aboard the ship...and it's hunting them down. The creature traps several of the team in web traps, Mike and Leo are able to free them, and the remaining Rangers arrive to bail them out.

Leo and Mike distract the creature with their blasters, but they accidently trigger a chain reaction that threatens to blow up the ship. Mike and Leo blast a hole in one of the main doors, where the heli-ship is waiting for them, the creature a final attempt to take a victim as it latches itself onto Mike, but the Rangers blast their friend clear of the creature. The heli-ship makes it's escape as the alien vessel is destroyed, leaving Leo and Mike to ponder what to do with the only item they salvaged from the wreck, the mysterious book...

The Lost Galactabeasts (1)

A robotic monster known as Deviot arrives on the Scorpion Stinger, with a proposition for Scorpius. If he's made his newest General, with the possibility of entering the cocoon, he'll use his very own trio of evil Zords to destroy the Power Rangers! To achieve this goal, Deviot captures Kai and Damon, and via control-collars, forces them to fight one another to the death. In doing so, the power source for his Zords will be charged the more heated the battle gets. Even if the Blue and Green Rangers can survive each other, can Terra Venture withstand a group of evil Megazords? Meanwhile, Kendrix makes a startling discovery concerning the Galaxy Book, when she finds a page containing not only drawings of their Galactabeasts, but of more!

The Lost Galactabeasts (2)

With their Galactabeasts refusing to battle the three evil Megazords, and no reason as to why, the Rangers ponder a new plan in stopping the rampaging machines. Deviot, along with the Hardtochoke monster, exploits the situation to the fullest. Though the tide of battle may turn when Kendrix makes a connection between the evil Zords and the three previously missing Galactabeasts.

Heir to the Throne

Trakeena ends up on Onyx, where she trains to become a warrior with the honorable Villamax, and his buddy, Kegler. Meanwhile, Deviot tricks Scorpius into going down to Terra Venture personally, led to believe Trakeena was being held hostage by the Rangers. Our heroes, with the Lights Of Orion, deal Scorpius a fatal blow. He returns to the Stinger, and is soon followed by Trakeena and her two new allies. She's able to say goodbye to her father, whose last remains form into a new power staff for her. Deviot's plans to gain access to the transformation cocoon are put back on hold, as he continues playing loyal servant.

An Evil Game

Trakeena, now controlling her departed father's army and ship, targets the Rangers for murdering Scorpius, specifically Leo, capturing him. She and Leo end up dueling, though two monsters released by Deviot intervene in an attempt to destroy her.

Memories of Mirinoi

Shondra, Maya's childhood friend from Mirinoi, shows up on Terra Venture. They resume their friendship, pushing Kendrix out in the role of best friend. But all is not as it seems, when Shondra is revealed to be the monster Rykon, and uses her disguise as Maya's buddy to gain access to the Galaxy Book!

Green Courage

The Scorpion Stinger is heavily damaged in an asteroid shower, desperate for a good mechanic; Trakeena deploys Cannonbrawl to capture a member of the Terra Council high command to use in hostage negotiations. Cannonbrawl targets High Commander Renier, and takes her back to the Scorpion Stringer. After Trakeena issues her demands, Damon agrees to repair the Scorpion Stinger, and is transported to the vessel by heli-ship. As Damon begins to repair the Scorpion Stinger's main reactor, Leo rescues High Commander Renier from her prison cell. After repairing the Scorpion Stinger, Damon demands the release of High Commander Renier, Trakeena refuses, telling him she has changed her mind, and now that Damon is on board her ship, she can continue to make use of his services.

An asteroid shower hits and the Stinger is shaken badly, Damon takes advantage of this and contacts Mike to prepare the heli-ship for a rescue mission. Damon reunites with Leo and High Commander Renier, but is attacked by Cannonbrawl, Renier is able to aid Damon in delaying Cannonbrawl long enough for him, Leo, and Renier to get on board the Heli-ship and return top Terra Venture. Trakeena sends Cannonbrawl back to Terra Venture, and he becomes giant, but the Rangers use the Galaxy Megazord and the Lights of Orion to finish him off. Renier rewards Leo and Damon with medals honoring their bravery.

Blue to the Test

Terra Venture nears a giant red star. Icyangel is sent down to place Commander Stanton under a spell, forcing him to sabotage the space colony so that the intense gravity of the star will suck it in! Kai, big on rules and regulations, struggles with going along with the Commander's crazy commands, versus his usual way of following orders. He manages to break his routine and go against the grain, aiding in breaking the spell on Stanton and saving Terra Venture again.

Mean Wheels Mantis

A motorcycle-expert monster named Motor Mantis turns Kendrix & Maya into trophies, and challenges the other Rangers to a race-off. Their Astro Cycles are no match for his bike and trickery. Leo is the only one left to face the monster, and it'll take a better understanding of his Red Lion Galactabeast to gain an upgraded edge to cross the finish line first.

Loyax' Last Battle

Loyax, once a hero, has turned to the side of evil, finding the struggle against it to be futile. He wants one last, glorious battle before his end, and desires to go up against the Power Rangers. He ends up facing Maya, who learns of his past, and convinces him the errors of his ways. But Deviot gets involved, and ensures it's Loyax's last battle, much to the Yellow Ranger's dismay.

A Red Romance

Leo saves a young girl called Ginger from a biking accident, and romance begins to develop between the two. Trakeena sends down the beautiful yet deadly Miranda, who captures several Terra Venture citizens in a jar, including Ginger, even though Leo tries to save her. When Leo tells Ginger's overprotective older brother Colby, he is infuriated at Leo "cowardly" ways and rushes off to rescue her himself. Naturally, he gets himself in a LOT of trouble and Leo sacrifices his body to save him from a deadly blast from Miranda.

The other Rangers join Leo, and they fight off Miranda and an army of Stingwingers, during the battle, Leo grabs the source of Miranda's power, an amulet, The Rangers use a Lights of Orion attack to knock her down. Miranda attempts to flee on a bike, but Colby suddenly shows up riding one himself, once again determined to take his sister back from Miranda, Leo joins Colby in the Capsular Cycle, and blasts Miranda again with a fireball attack. Miranda grows, and the Rangers summon the Galaxy Megazord, Miranda traps the Rangers in another dimension and tortures them, until the Centaurous Megazord arrives to help balance the scales, using the Lights of Orion, the Rangers destroy Miranda. Later, Colby apologizes for calling Leo a coward, and the two become friends.

The Chameliac Warrior

Chameliac, a monster with a computerized memory, learns all of the Lost Galaxy Rangers' (and Magna Defender's) battle skills and moves, and uses it against them. He's even got the Megazord attacks copied! Thanks to Mike's bright idea of having the Rangers (and Megazords) switch attacks mid-battle, Chameliac is confused and defeated.

To the Tenth Power (1)

Deviot acquires the Data Cards containing the Psycho Rangers, and uses it to bring them back to life! The Psychos target the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but their evil resurrection doesn't go unnoticed by a familiar face, and he's got four teammates on their way to help settle an old score.

The Power of Pink (2)

The last surviving Psycho Ranger, Psycho Pink, learns of the Savage Sword, a weapon more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, from Kendrix's research of the Galaxy Book. She hunts the Savage Sword down, with both the Lost Galaxy and Space Pink Rangers on her trail. Can Cassie and Kendrix stop her in time, or will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Protect the Quasar Saber

Maya receives a vision from the recently-deceased Kendrix telling to retreat her Quasar Saber before it falls into evil hands. Meanwhile Karone, disguised as her alter-ego Astronema, manages to retrieve the saber, but Trakeena fingers her, Karone escapes after a short chase. When The Rangers discover the location of the saber, they head toward a dealer who tells them that he found the saber, but had sold it to two creeps. The Rangers trace the creeps to the bar, unaware that they are walking right into a trap. Karone arrives to help, but Trakeena engages her in a battle, which culminates in Karone being knocked off a cliff face. The spirit of Kendrix appears before Karone and saves her, she tells Karone to become the Pink Ranger in her stead. Karone morphs and with the help of the other rangers, repels Trakeena. The Rangers welcome their new member to the fold and celebrate their re-unification as a team of five.

Facing the Past

When all of the Rangers' powers are drained by Magnetox, Karone must face her dark past as Astronema to gain some powerful keys from a brave Warrior she once defeated, which will allow Leo to summon forth a Red Armored Power Ranger form.

Turn Up the Volume

A new competition for the position of Chief Mechanic begins, whoever can create the best device to help out Terra Venture will win the job, and Karone wants to make sure Damon has his hand raised in victory. But they face competition in the form of Baxter, a cocky and obnoxious scientist who also wants to win as badly as Damon. Meanwhile, Trakeena unleashes Decibat, who has a devastating sonic blast, a weapon which proves effective against the Rangers. Damon decides to create an ultra-sonic transmitter to use against Decibat, but Baxter steals the blueprints for the device and presents them to Commander Stanton as his own. But Damon insists that he never finished the project, but by the time Baxter listens to him, it's too late, as the device completely fails him when used against Decibat, only the intervention of Damon is able to save the day, and he helps Baxter fix the problems with the Ultra-sonic device. Decibat is soon rendered helpless, and left vulnerable to an attack from the Rangers, who use the Lights of Orion to destroy him. Baxter apologies to Damon, and volunteers to step down as Chief Mechanic, but Damon tells him to keep the position, telling him he isn't ready to take on a high level job yet.

Enter the Lost Galaxy (1)

A mysterious warrior arrives on Terra Venture, and attempts to steal the Galaxy Book. He's aware Kai is the Blue Ranger, and informs him that he's the Guardian of the book, warning the dangers that will arise if the book falls into the wrong hands. Of course, those evil hands just happen to belong to Deviot, who seeks the Galaxy Book for his own purposes. Can the Guardian and Kai stop the villain before he reads aloud a powerful spell which could put the colony in mortal danger?

Beware the Mutiny (2)

Terra Venture passes through a portal into a strange and dangerous dimension, known as the Lost Galaxy. Within, the colony is soon encountered by a dragon-sailing alien known as Captain Mutiny, who offers to assist Commander Stanton and his crew in returning to their own universe. But when the Power Rangers investigate Mutiny's homeworld, they discover he's far less than friendly to visitors.

Grunchor on the Loose (3)

The Grunchor Monster, accidentally released by the GSA upon arrival on Terra Venture, goes on a rampage through the city dome, causing incredible damage and endangering countless lives. The Rangers discover Deviot is now working under Captain Mutiny, and has been given the responsibility of feeding the Grunchor, he unleashes the Swabbies on the Rangers to keep them occupied, the Ranger fight back the Swabbies, and Leo forces Deviot to reveal Grunchor's weaknesses. Apparently, Grunchor is vulnerable to fire, so when Babarax brings Grunchor to the surface, the Rangers direct a huge fire blast at the creature, but it only angers him, and he is made giant. The Rangers summon the Galactabeasts and battle Grunchor in the Galaxy Megazord, they are aided by The Stratoforce and Centaurous Megazord, and Mike shows up in the Torozord, eventually, each of the Zords, as well as the Rangers, combine their energies to give Leo the power he needs to generate a fire blast that obliterates Grunchor. Captain Mutiny is angered by this failure, and becomes more determined to take the Terra Venture populace as his slaves, whilst the Rangers hope to find a way out of the Lost Galaxy...and soon.

Until Sunset

Leo and Damon have been captured by Barbarax, and will face execution by Captain Mutiny at Sundown. As they await their fate, the two Rangers reflect on their past adventures, their victories, and losses, but ever present is the friendship they share. Eventually, the other Galaxy Rangers rescue the two from Mutiny's clutches

Dream Battle

Damon finds romance when he helps a young girl called Terri. Meanwhile, Captain Mutiny recruits the illusionist and spell-caster Hexuba to help him in his campaign against the Rangers. Using flower bouquets containing knockout gas, Hexuba sends first Damon, and then Kai into a horrific dream world where the forces they face are unstoppable. Maya and Karone are next, leaving only Mike and Leo left, when the two Corbett brothers also inhale the scent of the flowers, but struggle to stay awake for as long as they can until they find the person responsible. Leo fails, and becomes trapped in dreamworld with the other Rangers, who are now battling a monster. Mike is able to find Hexuba's lair, and deflects an attack from her back at her, the result frees the Rangers from their slumber-like sate in the dream world. Damon destroys the Monster, but it "grows", the Rangers use their minds to summon a dream version of the Galaxy Megazord, with the aid of a Centaurous Megazord, they destroy the monster. Hexuba is chewed out by Captain Mutiny, she vows to take out the Rangers the next time she crosses paths with them, whilst Damon's uncertainty with flowers after what Hexuba did to him causes him to reject a bouquet given to him by Teri, blowing some chances with the girl…

Hexuba's Graveyard

Hexuba decides to resurrect old monsters from the Ranger's past in order to defeat them, after Captain Mutiny gives his approval, the Sorceress begins her evil scheme. The old monsters are dispatched, and are met with defeat each time by the Rangers, but the team are soon worn down by the attacks, soon enough, the Rangers will become too weak to survive any further battles, Kai decides to find the source of the attacks. Kai finds Hexuba's Palace and by destroying her crystal ball, is able to halt further Monster spirits from being summoned. Enraged, Hexuba draws power form the dead Monster spirits to make herself more powerful, and she attacks the Galaxy Rangers. Leo uses his Red Armored Ranger weapons but they have no effect on her, and she grows. Using the Galaxy, Stratoforce, Centaurous Megazord, and the Torozord, the Rangers finally ensure Hexuba rests in pieces. But even though it is out of danger from current monster attacks, Terra Venture still faces destruction as it's fuel reserves are low, and it will not be long before the colony is completely shut down...

Raise the Titanisaur

Captain Mutiny unleashes his dragon-vessel, the Titanisaur, on Terra Venture. It'll take the combined might of all the Megazords to save the space colony from its destructive rampage.

Escape the Lost Galaxy

When Barbarax and the Swabbies repeatedly succeed in capturing mass amounts of Terra Venture citizens, Mike, the only one of the team to still have his identity unknown to the villains, plants himself in the next batch of captives. Infiltrating Captain Mutiny's encampment, he aims to free the overworked slaves personally. Meanwhile, Kai and Leo make a discovery about the Galaxy Book which might just get them out of the Lost Galaxy. But can Mike rescue the prisoners before that happens, or will this battle cost another Magna Defender his life?

Journey's End (1)

Deviot, having barely survived the destruction of Mutiny's castle, returns to the Scorpion Stinger. He's not being welcomed back so easily, and ends up dragging Trakeena with him he leaping into the transformation cocoon! They merge into one being, Trakeena physically, with a metallic voice, some of Deviot's parts, and her mind is shattered completely. Terra Venture approaches a new world, perfect for colonization. But Trakeena's all-out assault on the space station leads to it smashing into the world's moon!

Journey's End (2)

Trakeena, increasing in insanity, sends every Stingwinger in her army out, equipped with bombs. They swarm the Centarus and Stratoforce Megazord, destroying them. The GSA evacuates everyone on what's left of Terra Venture as quickly as they can, while the Rangers deal with the suicide-bombing Stingwingers. Trakeena targets one of the departing shuttles, only to have he attempted attack foiled by Villamax, who finds her mad methods dishonorable.

She destroys him in cold blood, but any more attempts to attack the shuttles are interrupted by the Astro Megaship, who becomes locked in combat with the Scorpion Stinger. The Megaship is critically damaged, and places on self-destruct. The Rangers all get off of it in time, as well as Alpha 6, but Leo ends up crashing on the moon. The Scorpion Stinger does also, Kegler seemingly killed in the crash. Trakeena is injured, but limps toward the cocoon, preparing to evolve to her ultimate form...

Journey's End (3)

Leo finds his way to the remnants of Terra Venture on the moon of the new world. Trakeena, now in a solid-green body armor of her ultimate form, also makes her way to the Command Tower, and using her power staff, brings the City Dome to life, and launches it towards the new world, aiming for the settlement of the space colony! The Rangers use everything in their arsenal against Trakeena, with a close-range explosion by the Red Armored Power Ranger spelling her complete defeat (or so it seems...)

Thanks to the Galaxy Megazord, the City Dome is safely brought down away from the settlement, and the Rangers are hailed as heroes once more. But the Galactabeasts inform Maya of something nearby. The Rangers discover the stone-frozen members of Maya's tribe, revealing the new world to actually be Mirinoi! The five heroes return the Quasar Sabers to the stone they were removed from, their destiny complete. In doing so, energy is released that not only frees the tribespeople from their stone-curse, but gives Kendrix' spirit back a physical form!