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A Friend in Need (1)

Alpha 5 is depressed. He recieves a distress signal from his creator, King Lexian, deposed ruler of the peaceful planet called Edenoi. Edenoi has been taken over by the evil Count Dregon and his minions. As a favor to Alpha, the Power Rangers take a trip to Edenoi (sans Kimberly, who is currently bed-ridden with the flu). Once there, they bump into Dregon's Plague Patrol. If that wasn't bad enough, the rebels fighting against Dregon's forces think the Rangers are bad guys! The rebels are led by a superpowered bug-armored warrior called the Masked Rider. This misunderstanding doesn't last long, but between Dregon's forces and Edenoi's instability due to all of the poison gas mining, nobody is safe.

A Friend in Need (2)

In a cave, the Power Rangers get acquainted with Masked Rider and the Edenoi rebels. Masked Rider powers down, revealing himself to be Prince Dex, grandson of King Lexian, Alpha 5's creator. The story of the Edenites' enslavement by Count Dregon is told, as well as how Dex came to be the Masked Rider, a power handed down throughout the generations of his kingdom. Dregon sends down the Cogworts, three frog-like monsters. This draws the Rangers and rebels out of hiding, to fight both the Cogworts and the pesky Plague Patrol. Back on Earth, Bulk and Skull overhear two pretty women talking about their crushes on the Power Rangers. This inspires the bumbling duo to trick the women into going to a false "secret base" of the Rangers, so they can trick the dames into thinking THEY'RE Rangers. Up on the moon, Lord Zedd and Rita are at a loss for a plan on attacking Earth while the Rangers are away. Eventually, Finster creates the Repellator monster, he's sent down to Angel Grove. With the other Power Rangers on another planet, the flu-sick Kimberly is called into duty.

Friend in Need (3)

Pink Ranger's flu proves to her advantage, when her sneezing passes the sickness to the Repellator monster, sending him fleeing back to moon. Once there, Repellator gets some medicine from Finster, and eventually returns to Earth. He interrupts Bulk and Skull's attempts to woo the two girls from the previous episodes (not that their cheap mock Power Ranger costumes hadn't already blown it for them). Anyway, back on Edenoi, the other five Power Rangers help Masked Rider and the rebels defeat the Plague Patrol and Cogworts. They teleport back to Earth, where they're needed to assist Kimberly against Repellator, using the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. After defeating the monster, the Rangers inform Alpha 5 that his creator, King Lexian, is doing well, despite the poltical turmoil his planet is in. Little do they know, that Count Dregon and his minions have turned their attentions away from Edenoi, and are on their way to attack Earth! King Lexian sends his grandson, Prince Dex, the Masked Rider, to Earth to stop Dregon.

Ninja Quest (1)

Rito Revolto, a skeleton solider with a raspy voice, lands on the moon. He's Rita Repulsa's younger brother, and he's brought with him several evil eggs, as wedding presents for his sister and Lord Zedd (whom he calls "Ed" often). While waiting for them to hatch, Rito is given an army of Finster's 'finest' remade monsters: Octophantom, Fighting Flea, Stag Beetle, and the Lizzinator. Rito Revolto takes these monsters to Angel Grove, where they fight the Power Rangers, and after growing, eventually destroy both the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord! The backlash of power in the morphin grid severly damages the Command Center, and essentially destroys the Rangers' current powers. Also in this episode: Ernie opens an outdoor cafe. Also, inspired by so many womens' love for men in uniform, Bulk and Skull announce their intentions to join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol, shocking everyone.

Ninja Quest (2)

With their powers and Zords gone, our heroes return to the Command Center, finding Alpha 5 and Zordon alive, but the whole place is wrecked. In an effort to figure out how to get new powers, Zordon and Alpha inform the six humans of the legend of Ninjor, keeper of the Lost Temple. It seems that Ninjor forged the original Power Coins, and using a map found with the original coins, our heroes set out to find him. Meanwhile, on the moon, Lord Zedd, Rita, Rito and the other Evil Space Aliens celebrate their victory. Rito's eggs begin to hatch (all but one), turning out to be a new army of footsoliders: purple birds called Tenga Warriors.

Soon, the Rangers, following the map through the deadly Desert of Despair, encounter not only natural traps, but run into the Tengas. They DO find the Lost Temple, but the Tengas do also, planting Rito's final egg, that of a Vampirus monster, at the base of the place. Back on Earth, Bulk and Skull struggle to force themselves into making good on their word, and head for the Angel Grove Police Academy registration office.

Ninja Quest (3)

The Powerless Rangers find themselves in a mysterious garden after passing through the hidden power vortex in the cave wall. There, they find Tommy, who is standing in front of giant gates leading into a temple, the gates open and allow the Rangers to enter. Inside the Temple, The Rangers are greeted by a whiny little voice that demands that they leave when they ask for Ninjor, Billy traces the source of the voice to a huge Jar, where he finds a small Samurai-style figure.

Billy demands that Ninjor show himself, but the small figure reveals that he is the one they seek, which results in Kimblery insulting him, Ninjor proves he's the real deal by growing to human-size. The Rangers tell Ninjor of the destruction of their Zords by Rito, and how Zordon sent them on thier quest to gain new Powers and weapons, Ninjor tells them to stick it and leave, clamiing that the concerns of the world mean nothing to him. Tommy, dissapointed, tells his freinds that they have the power within to resist Lord Zedd, and they will keep fighting with or without help.

Ninjor suddenly congratulates the Rangers, telling them that they indeed have proven themselves, if the determination lies within their souls, they are truly worthy of becoming one with the power of Ninja. Lord Zedd tells Rito to begin the attack on Angel Grove immiediatly before the Rangers can gain their new powers. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull discover that the price of becoming a Junior Police Officer is a heavy one as the two are forced to undergo a grim training schedule and are given a haircut. Back at the Temple, the Ninjor prepares to give the Rangers their new powers, their hands joined, united as one in a circle, the Rangers are told by Ninjor that the strength and spirit within their souls will ignite their new powers, and they will rise as ninjas.

The Rangers find themeselves wearing new ninja coustumes, Ninjor leads them outside where he presents the Rangers with thier new Ninja Zords. Adam will command the Frog Ninja Zord, Rocky will command the Ape Ninja Zord, Kimblery will command the Crane Ninjazord, Aishia will command the Bear Ninja Zord, Billy will command the Wolf Ninja Zord, and Tommy will command the Falcon Ninja Zord, the Rangers watch as all five Zords combine into the Ninja Megafalconzord. The Rangers use thier new ninja powers to defeat the Tengas still waiting outside the Temple they use thier new Power Coins to morph into their Ranger coustumes and teleport to Angel Grive to deploy the Zords against Rito, unaware that the Vampirus Egg still lies near the Temple, and it is hatching...

Ninja Quest (4)

After re-gaining there powers, the rangers go back to earth to battle Rito Revolto, in the end the Ninja Mega Falconzord over-powers him with a Double Power Punch. Meanwhile, Ninjor has his hands full at the temple battling the Vampiress that hatched from the egg that Rito gave to Rita and Zedd as a birthday present, Ninjor uses his ninja power to grow and then morph into a warrior mode to combat Giant Vampiress, the rangers show up just in time and together they destroy Giant Vampiress with a Fireball/disk and another Double Power Punch.

A Brush with Destiny

The gang discover that Kimberly's mother is moving to Paris with her new boyfriend who is a French painter. As Kimberly becomes ill with worry of what is going to happen to the power team when she departs she starts to have nightmares about a monster called Artisimole (who happens to be a French painter!) Rita and Zedd take advantage of this and have Finster steal the monster from Kimberly's dream and uses it against the Rangers, the only one who can stop it is Kimberly...

Passing the Lantern

Adam attempts to learn more of his heritage when given his family's ancient lantern. Zedd and Rita plan to turn it into a monster, though Lanterra is accidentally created from a different one altogether. The Rangers defeat the monster, and Bulk and Skull's keen policing skills assist in recovering Adam's lantern safely.

Wizard for a Day

Rocky finds himself wearing big shoes when he trades places with the strict Science Teacher, Mr. Wilton, as part of the school's new "Teacher for a Day" Project. Wilton, in turn, replaces Rocky in the teen slacker role, unintentionally scaring the crap out of the other four rangers in the process. Meanwhile, inspired by this unusual new project, Rito boasts that he can deal with the rangers if he were made emperor of evil for a day, an amused Lord Zedd officially gives him command of the Tengas, Rito puts a diabolical plan into motion that involves hitting the rangers on a personal level....

Rocky and Mr. Wilton are having trouble fitting into their roles, Rocky as a tutor, and Mr. Wilton as the world's only 45 year-old teen adolescent, the two bond over their difficulties and offer to help one another out, when Rito and the Tengas attack. Rito captures Mr. Wilton and transforms him into the evil Marvo The Meanie. Marvo tells the Rangers of his formula for World domination: "One Part Marvo, No Part Power Rangers!" Wilton appears from inside Marvo's chest, pleading for the Rangers to help him, which reinforces the fact that the Rangers cannot merely destroy Marvo. Marvo silences Wilton and attacks the rangers. After transforms four of them (except for Rocky) into science beakers containing liquid representing each of the Ranger's colours.

Rocky retreats to the Command Centre with the beaker Rangers, and, using some of the insight he has gained from his time as a science tutor (for a day and a half, that's pretty good), he is able to restore the Rangers to normal. The Restored heroes return to the park to battle Marvo, Rocky stumbles across the idea that if they can malfunction Marvo, Mr. Wilton can be freed. The Rangers immediately begin confusing Marvo, and by the time Rito decides to give his creation a growth boost with Zedd's staff, the battle has taken it's participants to the outskirts of town. (This happens off-screen)

Marvo grows, and the rangers call on the NinjaZords, and form the Ninja Megafalconzord, after a quick battle, Rocky decides that helping out Mr. Wilton is his responsibility, and fights Marvo on his own in the Red Ape Ninja Zord. Marvo is defeated, and explodes, reverting back to Mister Wilton beside the lake. Rito becomes the laughing stock of the moon posse (nothing new there), and Mr. Wilton and Rocky seem to have both learned valuable lessons of how difficult living on the opposite sides of the coin can potentially be.

Fourth Down and Long

Rocky's Uncle Joe, a well-known Quarterback, is going to speak to the Angel Grove Football team prior to thier latest battle with arch-enemies Stone Canyon. A young boy called Alan, who wants to play for the team, finds himself in serious trouble when it is revealed he has problems reading, and causes several slip ups in his Chemistry Class, unless he improves, Mr. Wilton will see that he cannot play for the Angel Grove team indefinitely. Rocky volunteers to help Alan study, Wilton agrees. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita create the Centiback monster, a creature made of a Centipede and the skils of a star player..none of course come from a canadian football player. Rocky encourages Alan in their study sessions by claming that his Uncle also had the same kind of problems Alan had.

The Centiback monster attacks the playing feild, and starts transforming many of his victims into footballs, the Rangers arrvie to stop him, but have to battle some Tengas before they can take out the Football Fiend. The Rangers play an evil football-style game with theTengas and Centiback, by the game's end, the Rangers are tranformed into Footballs courtesy of a Football-shaped beam fired by the Centiback, only Rocky survives. Rocy retreats to the Command Centre, Rocky relaises he must turn the Centiback's beam's powers backwards to restore the Rangers to normal, he does so, but Centiback is turned giant by Zedd and Rita, the Ninja Megafalconzord kicks his butt. Alan is diagnosed with dyslexia and will get the proper tutoring on how to deal with the problem, allowing him to stay on the Football team and improve on his grades.

Stop the Hate Master (1)

Aisha is excited about getting into a popular club but when she goes to check the list of the people who got in she doesn't see her name on the list. When Kimberly confronts the leader of the club "Veronica" she tells kimberly that the club will only allow teens who have rich families. Kimberly quits the club. This gives Zedd and Rita a new plan for a monster. They create The Hate Master who turns Kimberly, Tommy, Adam Billy, and Rocky against each other leaving Zordon and Alpha to find out why Aisha isn't effected.

Stop the Hate Master (2)

As Alpha begins scanning Aisha he discovers that it was the locket her grandmother gave her that protected her from the spell that maybe the answer for undoing it, meanwhile Hate Master continues to wreak havoc.

Final Face-Off

Lord Zedd and Rita bring a legend to terrifying reality when they release the Face Stealer monster from his 5,000 year slumber, he begins stealing the faces of the Angel Grove citisens..and even some of the Rangers, can our heros literally save face and defeat this new threat?

The Potion Notion

Goldar, in an attempt to eliminate the effects of Rita's love potion on Lord Zedd for good, convinces Finster to create an antidote, meanwhile, the cupid-style "Miss Cheif" Monster causes a few broken hearts as she casts her own love spell across Angel Grove High.

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (2)

Globber continues to tear into the Shogun Megazord and Ninja Megazord, the Rangers suffer heavy damage in the Shogun Megazord and decide to jump ship to the Ninja Megazord. Meanwhile, on the Moon Palace, Katherine continues to distract Rita and Lord Zedd by saying she wishes to return to Rita's service as her evil apprentice, Rita agrees and places Katherine in an Evil-Reviver, which will turn Katherine permanently to the side of darkness, Lord Zedd suddenly becomes aware that Kat's partner, Tommy, is inside the Caves of Deception, searching for the Zeo Crystal.

Tommy's journey into the Caves of Deception leads him straight into various taunts and terrorizing from visions of past foes such as Goldar, Rita, and even visions of an evil Katherine, each trying to throw him off searching for the Crystal, and even convince him he is still, deep within, an evil being. Back on Earth, the Rangers are struggling against Globber's incredible Ninjor-absorbed powers, Master Vile watches on from his Skull Ship. Tommy overcomes the forcefield by remembering his battles for good with the other Rangers, this convinces him that he is, indeed, a champion, the forcefield seems to agree and purges itself, Tommy grabs the Zeo Crystal, and, finally believing himself redeemed for his crimes as The Green Ranger, teleports into the Palace itself to rescue Katherine before the Evil-Reviver can turn her back to Rita and Lord Zedd forever.

He also rescues the Falcon Zord and makes a mockery of Zedd's security by managing to teleport back to the Command Centre. Tommy and Katherine reunite with the other Rangers, and form the Ninja Megafalconzord, with the Zeo Crystal placed inside the Falconzord. Globber is briefly taken out, but when he recovers, he absorbs ALL of Ninjor's powers and transforms into a Ninja-like creature capable of kicking a LOT of Megazord butt. Both Megazords suffer heavily from Ninja-Globber's assault, and each are crippled and fall in defeat, Master Vile teleports the Zords to his own galaxy, and with the Zeo Crystal in the Falconzord, the Rangers can’t use it to restore Ninjor's powers, or their own depleted powers. The Rangers use the Metallic Armor to drive back Globber, and retreat, Master Vile organizes a huge party on Earth to celebrate his victory, without their Zords, the Zeo Crystal, Ninjor, and their incapability to face the power-absorbing Globber, the Rangers have no way of getting out of a scenario that will only end in the complete domination of Earth.

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (3)

Weakened by Globber's assault, the Rangers are re-energized by Zordon at the cost of the Command Centre's energies; Billy decides to help Zordon track the missing Zords and the Zeo Crystal. The remaining Rangers return to their civilian lives, IF you could still call their lives "civil", as Master Vile celebrates his victory with a party on Earth with Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito, Goldar, and various monsters. As the Monsters party and ensure the human "guests" have nothing less than a bad time, Master Vile announces that he will be destroying the planet in 24 hours. The Rangers receive the call by Billy to return to the Command Centre, he has found the missing Zords.

The Shogun & Ninja Megazord stand as lifeless statues on a deserted and destroyed Planet left behind by Master Vile in his home galaxy of M-51, from there; Master Vile will activate the power of the Zeo Crystal by remote control and destroy the Earth with its incredible powers. The only way to restore the Zords to full power is to energize the Zeo Crystal with the Power Coins, the Rangers morph and journey to M-51 to undergo this dangerous mission. Arriving on the planet, the Rangers use a concentrated blast from their blade-blasters to break through the stone corrosion around the Ninja Megazord and enter it.Back on Earth, Master Vile activates the Zeo Crystal's powers, and the Megazords spring to life, their firepower is launched towards Earth and begins the apocalypse Vile had guaranteed the people of the Planet.

The Rangers struggle to reach the center of the Ninja Megazord, and locate the Zeo Crystal, when they find it, united in a circle, they pull out their Power Coins and combine their energies with the Megazord's Morphin Grid-tapping panels, they sever Master Vile's connection to the Zeo Crystal, and end the near-destruction of Earth. Master Vile is furious at this set back and unleashes Globber once again, the Rangers return in their Zords, newly reenergized and do battle with the deadly creature, as Vile watches from his Skull ship with a still-captive Ninjor. Globber siphons off energy from the Zords and becomes powerful enough to handle the two machines once again, but the Rangers soon discover that every blow they inflict on Globber, they also inflict on Ninjor due to a special connection he shares with Globber due to Master Vile's magic.

The Megazords suffer heavy damage until Alpha discovers that Globber feeds heavily off of the darkness surrounding the city, and only daylight can weaken him, Zordon uses energy from the Command Centre to block out the eclipse and restore sunlight to Angel Grove, it works and Globber begins erupting in various explosions. With Globber heavily weakened, Ninjor becomes strong enough to break free of Master Vile once again and escapes the Skull Ship, uniting with the Megazords in his Ninja Warrior mode, the Rangers deal with Globber once and for all. But the battle is far from won, Master Vile attempts to take back the Zeo Crystal in his Skull Ship, Zordon instructs the Rangers to deploy the Metallic Armor to repel Vile long enough to split the Zeo Crystal into five Sub-crystals and scatter them across time and space, where none can reach them. Master Vile is disappointed, but believes he is not yet defeated, he has another plan to destroy the Rangers, but for now, the day once again belongs to the heroes, who resume riding horses with Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone

I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

Lord Zedd, determined to destroy the spirit of Christmas, hijacks Santa Clauses' workshop with hopes of sending children everywhere a device that will turn them evil...can the Rangers, without any powers, bring in the holiday season..and take out their enemies?

The Sound of Dischordia

Kat and Aisha are in the music room practicing for a School Song Competition. When they start the harmony Kat stops and asks Aisha if they could try that part again. Aisha oks it and they try it again only to have Kat hit a sour note. She takes off her head phones and tells Aisha she can't get the harmony right. Tommy stands up and said that it sounded alright to him.

Kat tells Aisha that maybe she could get another partner but Aisha says no and that she has already entered their names in the contest, Tommy encourages Kat but Kat replies I don't know. Bulk and Skull come in singing very badly causing the glass to shatter. The two keep singing pausing now and then to spray their mouths with refresher bottles. Skull tells Bulk Dia-frag-em and they keep singing causing the other glass door to shatter as well. Kat tells Aisha that she'll work on the harmony. Tommy high fives the two girls.

At the Outdoor Café, Kat and Aisha walk up to the guys with a lot of shopping bags. Adam asks did they buy out the mall. And Aisha informs him that if they are going to sing in front of the school administration they can't just wear anything and Kat adds that they didn't know what to wear so they would buy everything. Billy asks if the shopping spree is a way of relieving there anxiety about performing in public and Rocky says there probably just nervous. Bulk and Skull walk in with Skull carrying a heavy amp and they start singing, which empties the place. They finally stop when the speaker blows up.

At the moon palace Finster is reading a slip of paper to everyone saying It is my great displeasure to introduce to you a woman whose voice will soon spell the end of the power rangers Dischordia. Dischordia enters singing, when to come to danger you know I'm no stranger and soon ill sing the sworn song of the Power Rangers, Zedd gets up and thanks Dischordia for coming on such short notice and Dischordia says that she will do anything for him which Rita notices. Dischordia then says that she will not fail him

At Aisha's house Kat and Aisha are singing but when they get to the harmony they hear a horrible noise. They take their headphones off and walk out side to meet a monster who says if that got you are really going to hate this one. Kat and Aisha morph and pose in front of Dischordia. She crosses her arms in front of her face and fires shockwaves at the girls. They try to block it but they fail. Dischordia says I'll control your mind, get into my Groove, because you're the type of fashion that really moves now move. The shockwaves run down the girl's bodies and they start dancing. Dischordia says my songs have taken over your body's soon I'll control your minds. Kat and Aisha start dancing. Kat asks Aisha what to do but Aisha tells her she doesn't know.

At the command Centre Alpha tells Zordon that Katherine and Aisha are under a dancing spell and Zordon tells him to send the other rangers to Kat and Aisha. Alpha watches the viewing globe again seeing Kat and Aisha dancing and Dischordia saying got you in my control. The other rangers enter and Tommy says your singing is way off key ladies. Dischordia says she can't hear what he says and he says "Your concerts been cancelled". Dischordia fires some shockwaves saying Lets face the music Rangers then says Lets see you dance to my music. They all start dancing and Dischordia says Can this girl sing or what. She then says Power twerps get down with the beat. She then turns her attention to Tommy telling him to give his Power coin and the Zord. Tommy Prances over and holds out his Power coin. Kat tells him that he has to fight it. Tommy is about to hand it over when Zordon tells then to use The Metallic Armor. They do so which blocks out the dancing spell. Tommy punches her and Rocky kicks her. She takes on Billy and Adam which evade her giving Aisha and Kat and sneak attack.

Zedd uses his staff to make her grow and the Rangers call on the Zords and Ninjor comes out. Suddenly it goes dark and the Zords fight Dischordia damaging her she gets power from the lightning and attacks again then throws out red bolts which knocks out the zords, Tommy goes up to the Falcon Zord and powers it up. The Ninja and Shogun Megazord get up and punch Dischordia followed by Ninjor throwing his disk. The Falcon Zord Combines with the Shogun Megazord which combines with Titanus, the Shogun Ultrazord kills Dischordia. Kat and Aisha sing at the competition and win.

Rangers in Reverse

It's Kat's birthday so the other Rangers take her to a surprise outing at a theme park. Whilst this is going on Master Vile sends Rito down with the Orb Of Doom. The Orb's power will make the Earth rotate backwards making everyone on the planet younger. The Rangers try to stop Rito but fail and they become young children. To make matters worse they are powerless. Rita, Zedd, Rito and Goldar make themselves grow and start rampaging through Angel Grove...

Alien Rangers of Aquitar (1)

Angel Grove Carnival, minutes after Master Vile cast his spell using the Orb of Doom, is in chaos, the Rangers, reduced to the age of kids alongside many others (whose parents have been seemingly reduced to the ages they were when their children were five) are unsure of what to do next, and are fleeing from the giant Lord Zedd, Rita, Rito, and Goldar. Lord Zedd and his family reign blow upon blow to several buildings and even the Harbors (Pity Dragonzord is asleep) and endangering lives at their leisure as they make their way to Angel Grove. But before they can destroy the city for good, Master Vile reduces them to their original size and lectures the evil team on nearly ruining his plans, Zedd insults Vile and he teleports them back to the Moon Palace, ending their reign of terror for now, but Rito is able to elude Vile, and notices that the Six Kid Rangers are still at large, he assembles an army of Tengas to take out the Rangers and steal the Power Coins.

The Kids use some resources at their disposal such as Garbage Cans and some cunning to elude Rito and the Tengas long enough to make their escape, but are then escorted out of the area by Police. Back at the Moon Palace, Rito is confronted by Lord Zedd, but Master Vile saves Rito form a certain ill-fate and order his son to take an explosive device to the Command Centre itself, upon detonation it will reduce the structure to rubble, he then announces that he is holding a Monster Conference, monsters from several planets will attend to destroy the Earth itself. As the Rangers are taken home by Police escort, they try to convince the Officer they are Power Rangers, but the Orb of Doom has ensured that the Rangers have not come into existence yet. The Monster Conference begins and the several attendees (which include Brick Billy, See-Monster, Lanterra, Miss Chief and others) are told by Master Vile that they will be led into battle by his General, Professor Longnose.

Disguising themselves as Billy's "Mother", Katherine and Tommy help the Rangers sneak out of the Police Station they have been sent to until their parents could be located to retrieve them, but without Communicators they have to walk to the Command Centre (how the heck they can walk into the middle of the outskirts of Angel Grove within a day or without getting caught again by a squad of concerned Police Officers is a mystery.) The Rangers don't realize that Rito and Goldar have been following them straight to the structure, which itself in the midst of a Power struggle itself, literally, the lights are out, and the power is nearly drained. Alpha realizes that the power had been diverted into the Vacuum whilst he was cleaning the Command Centre, upon unplugging it; the Command Centre regains full power.

Zordon orders Alpha to teleport the Rangers to the Command Centre immediately, which saves the Rangers just in time from a raging Sandstorm. Finally reunited with their friends, the Rangers ask if the Earth can be restored, Zordon says it is possible, but for now there are bigger concerns, Alpha suggests that Zordon summon the Alien Rangers from the Planet Aquitar to defend the Earth. Zordon agrees, and Alpha is soon communicating with the off-world Rangers (Only Earth has been affected by the time changes, nothing outside of the planet has been altered.) The Alien Rangers accept and teleport immediately to Earth. Meanwhile, outside of the Command Centre, Rito and Goldar plant the explosive device that could seal the fate of the Rangers forever...

Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2)

At the Command Centre, the Kid Rangers and Alpha are able to contact the Alien Rangers, their leader; Delphine agrees to help out Zordon despite great risk to her Rangers' well being. (Being a fish-like race, they will dehydrate outside of their environment with time) Sadly, due to the time regression courtesy of Master Vile, Ninjor and the Ninja Zords are no longer accessible to either the Kid Rangers or the Alien Rangers. Luckily, the Alien Rangers have weapons of their own at their disposal, their Battle Borg assault vehicles are ready for anything thrown at them and will prove necessary against the invading Monster Council preparing to attack Angel Grove.

Zordon also tells the Alien Rangers that the Shogun Zords are also available for them to use (The Shogun Zords were off Earth at the time of "Changing of the Zords") Suddenly, Alpha detects the implosion device Rito and Goldar placed outside of the Command Centre. Alpha, not wanting to place the Kid Rangers in any danger, goes on a do-or-die mission to defuse the device, which he does in the nick of time. The Rangers are dispatched by Zordon to meet the Alien Rangers at Angel Grove Lake; Billy creates a new communicator to reach Zordon and Alpha when the Aquitians arrive. Master Vile assembles the Monster Council for the impending invasion, he learns that the Command Centre isn't a wreck, and sends Rito and Goldar to investigate. The two bumblers intercept the Kids at Angel Grove Lake, armed with a squad of Tengas.

Rito demands the Power Coins be relinquished, the Rangers refuse. Once again, the Kid Rangers throw anything they can get their hands on to fend off their enemies, but Goldar and Rito soon gain the upper hand. Suddenly, the Aquitian Rangers arrive, and use their powers over the element of water to do away with Rito and Goldar, they then introduce themselves to the Rangers, but introductions are quick, the Kids have to return to their Parents before they call the cops again. Billy agrees to take the Aquitians to the Command Centre so they can gain information on how to pilot the Shogun Zords and connect to Earth's Morphin Grid (The Earth Rangers have to morph ALL the time before they go to a different planet, or they will lose their connection to the Morphin' Grid for as long as they remain there) Vile learns through Rito and Goldar that the Aquitians have arrived and steps up the attack from the Monster Council.

The Aquitians learn to control the Zords and morph in time. After fighting some of the monsters using their weapons and powers on ground level, the Aquitians summon the Battle Borgs when Zedd and Rita make Longnose, Brick Bully, Crabby Cabby, See Monster, and Lagoonatic grow. The Borgs soon deal with the monsters one by one until only Professor Longnose is left standing; the Shogun Megazord is able to take out the big nosed cretin. The destruction of the Monster Council drives Master Vile's intolerance of his incompetent family members to incredible levels, and he decides to return to his own Galaxy where evil reigns supreme, Lord Zedd is elated, now he can defeat the Rangers, be it Earth or Aquitian, on his own terms.

Back at the Command Centre, Zordon congratulates the Alien Rangers, but cautions the Kids that the atmosphere on Earth is very harmful to the natives of Aquitar, and sooner or later they must replenish themselves every so often by either drinking water from Earth, or even returning to their home world. The Kid Rangers understand the circumstances and vow to regain their powers as soon as possible; they welcome the Alien Rangers to the Planet. For now, the Earth remains a safe place, not as safe as it was, but at least it's on life-preserve.

Climb Every Fountain

At the Command Centre, Billy is working on a device which, when powered by the Ranger's Power Coins, will reverse the effects of the Orb of Doom's time-alterations on whoever is bathed in it's energy, this will restore the Rangers to normalcy. Billy's work at School prevents him from continuing further work; he decides to continue working the Regenerator at home as well and takes it with him. Meanwhile, at The Moon Palace, Lord Zedd and Rita, back in charge once more with the departure of Master Vile, scheme to defeat the Rangers for good, and the only way to do that is to destroy their Power Coins.

Rito and Goldar are ordered to take the Coins and intercept the Ranger Kids as they are on the School bus, the Kids however, rally the other passengers on board to bombard the villains with anything they can pull out of their school bags and lunches, Goldar and Rito end up humiliating themselves and depart to fight another day. Zedd, however, doesn't seem totally angry at the failure, and suggests that Rito and Goldar ambush the Rangers at their very moment of victory, when Billy finishes his device and presents it to the Rangers, they will strike. After School, Billy and Adam return to Billy's house and finish up on the Regenerator, as they make their way to their rendezvous location with the other Rangers, Rito and Goldar, surprisingly, are able to follow them without being detected.

Meanwhile, other problems are rising, the Aquitians are rapidly de0hydrating and need water immediately, Alpha suggests using the fountain in Angel Grove Times Square. Outside the Water Treatment Plant, The remaining Kid Rangers meet up with Billy and Adam; they have their Power Coins ready to be placed into the Regenerator, and to once again become the Power Rangers. Suddenly, Rito and Goldar ambush them, Billy tells the other Rangers to distract them for as long as they can, and he activates the Regenerator, restoring himself to his own mature form.

Billy and the remaining Kid Rangers attempt to flee, but Rito and Goldar back them into a corner, Goldar takes the Regenerator, and takes out Billy with an energy blast when he tries to stand up to the monsters powerless. Lord Zedd and Rita arrive at the Plant, stranding atop platforms above their henchmen, Goldar holds the Power Coins high, Zedd and Rita gloat as they hold the fate of the Rangers in their own hands and with a blast from their staffs, the two villains seal that fate, destroying the Power Coins completely, reducing them to nothing but dust.

Rito then shatters the Regenerator, but Rita soon transforms it into the Slotsky monster to deal with the Aquitians at the Fountain. The Aquitians however, are now fully hydrated, and are warned in time by Billy, before a huge audience, the Aquitians morph and battle Slotsky and the Tengas. Billy helps them out by telling one passer-by, that judging from their actions; these new alien visitors are heroes. Slotsky is made giant by Lord Zedd and Rita; the Aquitians summon The Battle Borgs and defeat him. Thanks to the Aquitians, Angel Grove is safe again, and this time the Aquitians are honored for their deeds by the city, but whilst victory belong to the Aquitians, the struggle to restore the Earth to it's own timeline rages on, and without the Power Coins, the Rangers face an uncertain future even if they DO succeed

The Alien Trap

At the park, Billy is working on a Hydro-Atmospheric Generator in hopes of duplicating the natural water of the Planet Aquitar, therefore allowing the Aquitian Rangers to remain on Earth without abandoning it for re-hydration purposes. The Aquitians, however, are already weakening, and Billy has to test out the Generator quickly, he and the kid Rangers help the Aquitians to the Angel Grove Lake. The Aquitians enter the lake, but suddenly, Goldar and Rito attack with the Barbaric Brothers, who contaminate the water, Rito then uses a remote control device to trap the Aquitians in a forcefield to prevent them escaping from the lake as it becomes awash in poison.

The Kid Rangers are able to gain control of Rito's device by tricking him with a game of tag, the Aquitians are released, and they defeat the Barbaric Brothers in a lengthy battle, when they grow, the Aquitians use the Battle Borgs and the Shogun Megazord. Lord Zedd is defeated for now, but with the Hydro-Atmospheric Generator destroyed earlier, the Aquitians are forced to return to Aquitar for a full re-hydration, leaving the Earth more vulnerable than ever...

Attack of the 60' Bulk

The Kid Rangers decide to have some fun at the Angel Grove Splash City Water Park, but find their happiness spoiled by Bulk and Skull's mischievous pranks. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd send Rito and Goldar into the subterranean tunnels underneath the Command Centre, their goal is to set up an implosive device at the end of the tunnel which will reduce the structure to rubble, unfortunately, the two bumblers lose the map...and themselves Lord Zedd transforms Bulk into a monster, Brat Boy, and deploys him to attack the Rangers whilst the Aquitians are off-planet, when the Aquitians return, fully re-hydrated, they defeat Brat Boy, but he grows to an incredible size, the Aquitians battle him in the Battle Borgs.

The Kid Rangers appeal to Brat Boy's human side, reminding him he DOES have friends (or at least one friend in Skull) Brat Boy resists Lord Zedd's mind control and returns to normal. Back at the Command Centre, Zordon tells the Rangers that the only way to restore their powers and the world to it's present time is the Zeo Crystal, divided into different sub-sections across time, the Rangers must travel through the ages to locate each segment if they hope to defeat their enemies and save this world...

Water You Thinking?

Billy and the Aquitians say goodbye to the Kid Rangers as they jump into a time hole to begin their search for the missing sub-sections of the Zeo Crystal. Cestro begins to weaken from lack of water, and the Aquitians communicate with local aquatic lifeforms to locate a source to replenish their comrade Lord Zedd calls in an old friend, Witchblade, to ambush Cestro whilst he is defenseless, he also generates a forcefield around the Earth to prevent the Aquitians from summoning the Battle Borgs from Aquitar. At a lake outside Angel Grove, Cestro is attacked by Witchblade, but is able to hold his own long enough for the Aquitians to join him in the battle, they defeat Witchblade, but she is made giant, the Aquitians destroy her with the Shogun Megazord.

Meanwhile, Rocky arrives in Mexico where he befriends a young boy named Paco, Paco guides him to a dangerous volcano above his village where a mysterious Crystal resides, Rocky braves the Volcano's heat and retrieves the crystal, which is revealed to be his Zeo sub-crystal. Rocky becomes a hero to the village for climbing the volcano, and he discovers Pablo is really a young version of his Grandfather before he is transported back to the present with his Zeo Crystal

Along Came a Spider

Billy seeks out a device he'll need to combine the Zeo Crystal sub-pieces, and ends up webbed-up by Arachnofiend. Meanwhile, Adam journeys to Korea at some point in the past in search of his Zeo Crystal, he seeks out an ancient wiseman known as Kai-Ogi for guidance, but all he runs into is oblivious people and a persistently annoying old man! Also, the Aquitians discover the joys of walking through a car wash.

Sowing the Seas of Evil

Katherine and Tommy each try to retrieve their Zeo sub-crystals, Katherine's good heart is tested by people who look like future versions of herself, and Tommy learns of his Native American heritage from a wise old man called True of Heart. Meanwhile, the Aquitians attempt to prevent Lord Zedd and Rita from summoning their sworn enemy, the Hydro Hog, to Earth...

Hogday Afternoon (1)

Lord Zedd and Rita succeed in bringing the Hydro Hog to Earth, and the Aquitians are soon brought to their knees as he begins draining all the water on the Planet. Meanwhile, Aisha arrives in Africa, on her quest for her Zeo Crystal, she is assisted by a local village girl called Tanya, Aisha learns of a plague that is ravaging the area. Hydro Hog collects all the water he is draining into a cloud barrier high above the Earth, Billy works on a device to break the barrier open. Rito and Goldar arrive at the sub-basement of the Command Centre, and they finally plant the Implosive devices, the timer counting down to it's final hours...

Hogday Afternoon (2)

The Kid Rangers are able to revive the weakened Aquitians when Billy succeeds in breaking the Cloud barrier. Meanwhile, in Africa, Aisha learns that her Zeo sub-crystal is in the possession of Tanya's tribe...and that it was foretold that she would arrive to help fight the famine problems affecting the village, she is soon faced with a choice... The Aquitians, now fully re-hydrated, are able to defeat the Hydro Hog once and for all with the Shogun Megafalconzord. Aisha decides to remain in Africa and sends Tanya back to her former homeland with her Zeo Sub-crystal, her decision to stay alters the course of her family history, and her parents will be with her when the world is properly re-aligned with the present.

With the Zeo Crystal assembled, Billy restores the world to normal, and the Kid Rangers are restored to Teenagers, they teleport to the Lake to bid farewell to their Aquitian friends. But unfortunately Rita seizes the opportunity and gives the command for Rito and Goldar to seize the Zeo Crystal from Zordon. As Rito and Goldar escape with the Zeo Crystal, the Rangers return mere seconds before the Implosion device finally detonates.

With the Command Centre burning around them, the Rangers are forced out of their base by Zordon and Alpha, who teleport them out, Billy saves Alpha from an exploding console, but his body is exposed to a damaging energy surge as a result. Outside, the Rangers witness the destruction of the Command Centre, with no way of knowing if Zordon and Alpha have even survived...