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Broken Spell (1)

Following an Earthquake, the undead forces of darkness, sealed deep beneath the magical dimension hidden within the woods just outside of a city called Briarwood, are freed from their years-long imprisonment. A sorceress named Udonna seeks out five brave teenagers to combat them, and finds those foretold working at a record/comic shop four of them work at, called Rock Porium. The fifth, a reluctant loner and new guy in town named Nick, fails to believe in magic as easily as the rest. Can the team come together before evil conquers both worlds?

Broken Spell (2)

The Knight Wolf Koragg defeats Udonna in a giant battle, and removes her ability to morph. This means the four teens will not have the luxury of time to train, and must become Mystic Force Rangers immediately to take on him and his Hidiacs. But with the easily disillusioned but brave Nick still not feeling the magic within him, the team lacks a Red Ranger!

Code Busters

Vida and Chip try to unlock more items for their Ranger arsenal by performing "heroic deeds for hire", but learn that true heroism comes only in the face of danger. The Hydra Worm that created the underworld pit Morticon and company are trapped in, poses a growing menace to the surface world. To make things worse, the Mucor monster is sent, with an appetite for our heroes! Also, a mysterious figure saves Clare. Is he friend or foe, troll or goblin? Or neither and both? Nick finds out!

Rock Solid

Nick pushes Madison to be more assertive, and in doing so puts her smack in the middle of Necrolai's latest scheme to turn the people of Briarwood into stone! After this experience, Nick will not only earn a new bike, but the Rangers will learn to work together as never before, unlocking their Megazord.

Whispering Voices

In an effort to isolate the Red Ranger from the others, Koragg uses Udonna's Snow Staff to get inside Nick's head and force him to hear words of doubt at inopportune moments. When $1000 turns up missing from the Rock Porium, thanks to a scorned Leelee, blame turns to the secretive Nick. The team is broken up, and a showdown between the Knight Wolf and Red Ranger occurs at the beach. Can our heroes learn the error of their ways, or is it too late to keep Koragg from stealing their Megazord power to bring Morticon to surface world?

Legendary Catastros

Interrupting a spell by Koragg, Nick is accidentally thrust into another dimension by a warping of the Dark Seal. He's not alone, as the Knight Wolf's powerful steed, the Legendary Catastros, is with him, but injured by the backstabbing actions of Necrolai. Can the Red Ranger soothe the savage beast stallion, and with it, reclaim the Megazord power from Koragg's monster?

Fire Heart

The team spies on Necrolai via Rootcore's tech, and uses magic to copy a map she's recently attained. It will lead them through the Cimmerian Forest, up against strange creatures, giant spiders, and quicksand, all to claim the ancient power known as Fire Heart! All this, plus a Taxi Cab monster!

Stranger Within (1)

While her teammates continue to search for the Fire Heart, Vida attends a rave at the behest of Leelee, and finds herself strangely hypnotized by DJ Fly's strange music. She learns too late that he's actually the monster called Flytrap, and is turning the teens of Briarwood into vampires for Necrolai! Only Chip suspects the truth about Vida's strange change, but can the amateur vampire hunter save his friend and teammate from an eventual at sunrise?

Stranger Within (2)

Despite how the Flytrap monster's been destroyed and all his vampires are back to normal, Vida remains a bloodsucker! The Rangers remain perplexed as to why, but they soon learn from Koragg that Necrolai is to blame. Can Chip free his best friend from the spell of the undefeatable Queen of Vampires? If he can, the team will still have to deal with Koragg, and remain in the dark about one of their friends' connection to the Undead!

Petrified Xander

Xander has a zit! Worried about his vanity, he uses a perfection spell Clare devised for making the perfect plant, with one little side effect: it's slowly turning him into a tree! Can the Green Ranger be saved and learn a lesson while he's at it? Meanwhile, the scroll of the Fire Heart is finally deciphered by the Rangers, discovering a chest with a timer on it. To unlock it in time, it's up to the puzzle-solving genius of... Toby?!

The Gatekeeper (1)

To free Morticon from the Pit permanently, the gate that sealed them must be unlocked. The forces of the Underworld need to find the current possessor of the powers of the Gatekeeper, and that happens to be none other than the often inept sorceress' apprentice, Clare! With Udonna captured by Koragg and the Rangers facing defeat by Necrolai, can Clare claim her mother's legacy? Both the forces of good AND evil hope so!

The Gatekeeper (2)

With the gate raised in the middle of Briarwood, Morticon is giantly set free once again to ravage the city. While his teammates fend off both the villain and an evil Gargoyle, Nick has to rescue Clare, before Koragg can drain the power of the Gatekeeper from her, along with her life force, to fully open the gate and free the Master! Can the Red Ranger regain control of Catastros, and Udonna the Snow Staff, to help save the city?

Scaredy Cat

Necrolai and Leelee trick the Rangers into breaking the seal on a cave containing an evil mummy, who becomes the new baddie in charge of the Underworld Pit! But the Rangers also discover a new and powerful ally, when they find a lamp containing the white cat-man known as Jenji the Genie. Can he help against the might of Imperious? Meanwhile, Phineas is suffering from a toothache, and enters the human realm to seek a dentist. He winds up escorted by Toby, and hilarity ensues!

Long Ago

Imperious releases Jester to wreck havoc on the city. A strange frog pesters the Rangers, but is the amphibian more than he appears to be? Similarly, an old Mystic Warrior named Calindor returns with a mysterious agenda, and he too may not be all he appears to be. Only Phineas knows the truth!

Inner Strength

Xander is having trouble following Daggeron's training techniques. Solaris Knight sends the five teens to the dangerous dimension of Shalifar on a Morpher-less training mission to find a ticket to get back home. When his teammates are captured by a giant, can Xander harness his own inner magic, instead of his Ranger ones, to save them? Plus, Koragg returns!

Soul Specter

Gnatu, a female villain attempting to become Imperious' new second in command, uses her power to steal the life-force from civilians of Briarwood. The Rangers fail to stop her and her Spydex monster, the consequences weigh heavily upon Chip. Soon enough, Necrolai tricks the Yellow Ranger into unleashing a "soul specter" upon himself. Chip must join Daggeron on a trip to the dreaded Mount Isis to be freed from the spell. Unfortunately, Koragg awaits! But which Knight will prove the victor?

Ranger Down

Jenji grows increasingly jealous of the attention the Rangers give the baby dragon Fire Heart. The genie leaves him in the forest, but when his action is discovered, Jenji finds the dragon is missing! Even if they manage to find him, things will never be the same. And what connection is there between this baby-napping and the vanishing of Udonna's baby almost two decades prior? Meanwhile, Koragg gives up his magic to Imperious, who in turn gives it over to Necrolai! Now armed with her own Wand, she aids her Screamer monster in turning people, and the Rangers, into feathers.

Dark Wish (1)

The Rangers grow increasingly dependent on using magic for every problem they run into in their lives, much to the dismay of both Udonna and Daggeron. Imperious unleashes the Barbarian Beasts, creatures so vicious and dishonorable, that even Koragg doesn't like them. Facing one Beast after another wears our heroes down, causing them to repeatedly request Solaris Knight use Jenji to wish them away. But will this ultimate act of laziness backfire, giving the forces of the underworld what they want most?

Dark Wish (2)

With Imperious having wished via his captive Jenji that the Mystic Force Rangers never gained their powers, a new reality is created! Briarwood lacks color, music, and its populace is enslaved by Styxoids and Hidiacs. The former-Rangers are left with their memories of how things were just to further torture them, for now they have no magic at their disposal! But Koragg may hold the answer, and sends them on a perilous journey to visit the Tribunal of Magic, in an attempt to reverse the wish... IF they can survive just getting to them!

Dark Wish (3)

Despite the Tribunal of Magic refusing to reverse the wish, the former-Rangers fight on in an attempt to continue the battle against evil even against all odds. Will this be enough to get the Tribunal to change their minds? Even if they do, once things are back to normal, our heroes still will have to defeat the remaining two Barbarian Beasts! They'll need far more help from the Tribunal to do this Legendary deed...

Koragg's Trial

The rivalry between Imperious and Koragg heats up, when the Knight Wolf's latest attempt to destroy the Rangers is intruded by the evil wizard. To settle the score, and decide if Koragg is worthy enough to regain his Dark Magic, Imperious places Koragg on trial for treason! Will his repeated failures, all in the name of honor, work against him in the eyes of the Master? Meanwhile, the Rangers work together on painting a mural for Rock Porium (if they can stop playing in the paint first) and Xander has a cold.

Heir Apparent (1)

Chip's big mouth lets slip the secret Daggeron asked him to keep. This leaves Daggeron and Udonna no choice but to finally tell the Rangers, in detail, the full story of the Great War... including revealing to them the stories of the sorcereress' husband, Leanbow, and long-lost son, Bowen. Meanwhile, Imperious realizes the best way to usurp the Master is get rid of Koragg. Thus, he sets in motion a plan to rid the Rangers of their Legendary Warrior powers, by bringing them down to the Underworld. Will this also spell the downfall of both the Solaris and Wolf Knights?

Heir Apparent (2)

The Rangers must come to terms with the revelation that their most ardent foe, Koragg, is actually Udonna's noble warrior husband, Leanbow. They won't have long to do so, as the Master of the Underworld is finally rising, and in doing so, reverts Leanbow to the Knight Wolf. Without their Legendary Warrior powers, hope seems lost for our heroes. But will the truth about Nick's past help provide the key to victory? Plus, the final showdown between friends turned enemies, Imperious and Daggeron!

The Light

Now the sole creature in the Pit, Necrolai quickly uncovers the Ten Terrors of the Underworld, giant creatures with even more immense powers who live to serve the Supreme Master! The Rangers will have a hard enough time fighting them, as Udonna departs to search for her husband, Madison is doubting her abilities as hero, and Toby is considering taking action against his often-absent employees! The first of the Terrors, the lava-based Magma, prepares to burn down Briarwood while seeking the being known as "The Light". Just who or what is it? Only Phineas has the answers!

The Hunter

The second of the 10 Terrors, Oculous the Hunter, is chosen to destroy the Light. One by one, the sharp-eyed monster snipes off each of the Rangers, leaving Nick alone and outnumbered. Can he connect with his destiny, and that of the last dragon, Fire Heart's, in time to save himself and his friends? Meanwhile, 10 Terror member Megahorn breaks the sacred rules and sets out on his own to battle the Solaris Knight! Also, Udonna finds a familiar face is following her, and Leelee settles into her new job, whether the Rangers like it or not.

Hard Heads

Thanks to Necrolai's Book of Prophecy, Serpentina becomes aware of her status as the next of the Ten Terrors to be chosen. She breaks the Rules of Darkness and sends Hekatoid out ahead to attack the Rangers. He just happens to encounter Nick & Vida, who are currently at odds in a severe spat of bickering! Hekatoid slimes the pair, preventing them from morphing. Will they be able to set aside their differences long enough to save the rest of the team from Serpentina's stomach? And just what will the other Terrors think when they discover her breaking of the rules? Also, Sculpin makes contact with Koragg, and Leelee learns her destiny!

The Snow Prince

The Snow Prince, the mentor to the original Mystic Warriors returns, and decrees that Daggeron should spend a day learning from Nick on the fine art of gut instincts. Meanwhile, Megahorn is chosen to be the next Ten Terror to attack the Rangers, but Sculpin sends in Black Lance to back him up. Will Koragg come out of hiding to help our heroes?

Light Source (1)

Hekatoid is the next Terror chosen to take on the Rangers, and they're more than eager to face him, for he also has Udonna as his captive! While a cloud of poisonous tadpoles waits to rain down on the city, our heroes must take on Hekatoid's evil doubles of themselves. Meanwhile, Leelee's quest to find her role in life leads her to Phineas. Also, Toby becomes a fitness freak.

Light Source (2)

With their powers stolen by Hekatoid, the Ranger teens find reassurance in the most unlikely of places. Meanwhile, Leelee, Clare, and Phineas attempt to rescue Udonna! And to top things off, the rest of the Terrors take turns trying to pry the Master's essence from an exposed Koragg.

The Return

Matoombo, the kind and gentle Terror, is chosen to become the body of the restored Master, which he refuses. He encounters Vida, who aids him in trying to escape from his fate. Will they succeed in evading Gekkor, or is the Master's return inevitable? Also, the rest of the Rangers are confronted by Itassis. Can they convince her to switch sides? Meanwhile, Udonna finds what's left of Leanbow. Will she be able to save him, and in doing so, put the power of Koragg to good use? And, Toby copes with his knowledge of his employees' secret identities, while also gaining a new employee in the form of Phineas!

Mystic Fate (1)

Following Itassis' betrayal, the Master decides to take matters into his own tentacled hands. A village in the Mystic Realm is attacked, and when the Rangers come to investigate, they are stunned to learn Nick is behind the destruction! Taken over by the Master, Nick becomes Koragg, forcing Leanbow to use his Wolf Warrior power against his own son. Can the Light prevail? If things weren't bad enough, Black Lance targets the city, while Sculpin waits in the wings! Also, Rock Porium's business is down thanks to its newest employee, Phineas.

Mystic Fate (2)

With Daggeron, Leanbow, Mystic Mother, and Jenji destroyed, Good Magic running low, and a damaged Briarwood as the battleground, the Rangers have no one else to turn to when dealing with Black Lance, followed by the supreme Master himself. Will the Light flicker in this final battle against the darkness, or will the power of belief in magic win the day? Meanwhile, Sculpin has Udonna captive, and only Necrolai can save her!