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Prelude to a Storm

Three young extreme sports fans, surfer Tori, skateboarder Shane, and motocrosser Dustin, spend their afternoons together at the Wind Ninja Academy, where the future stealth protectors of the Earth are trained in secret. Though, they're considered to be the three least dedicated students, the trio's potential and good nature comes to an advantage, when they run late for class one afternoon. It just so happens, that day, Lothor, a banished evil ninja, comes back to the planet, and conquers every Ninja Academy with his hoard of Evil Alien Ninjas! With their Sensei trapped in the form of a Guinea Pig, and his grumpy and embittered tech-wizard son Cam designing the weaponry to combat the villains, the three become the Wind Ninja Rangers.

There's No "I" in Team

Virtual training missions between the three Rangers highlights a major fault in their teamwork, focused directly upon team leader Shane. Despite Sensei's reminding that he must learn to trust in his teammates, the Red Ranger strikes out on his own against the Mad Magnet monster. Will he learn his lesson the hard way? Meanwhile, Lothor's evil nieces, Kapri and Marah, are also suffering from a lack of teamwork, and are forced to work out their problems by being stuck together, literally, by the monster's magnetic ray!

Beauty and the Beach

Tori gets annoyed at Shane for not introducing her to some dude at the beach who was asking about her. The guys try to explain to Tori how she is more of a "guy-girl", but only make things worse. To prove her girliness, she takes up an offer she gets to be in a photo shoot for Girl Sport magazine. She gets to the location of the shoot, which turns out to be a trap set by Marah and Kapri. They zap her with a camera which clones her and traps the original. The evil Tori goes to Storm Chargers and demands to be taken to Ninja Ops. The real Tori summons the rising waters to help her escape her prison. She then stands in the way of the van on the way to Ninja Ops. Lothor chews out the girls for botching up the plan, and has Zurgane send down a monster. As the two Toris battle it out, Copybot appears, and takes on the guys. Shane and Dustin morph and battle Copybot. Tori defeats her double with a water blast. She joins her teammates, who aren't sure it's her at first. The three battle their way through a group of Kelzacks. Tori does a flood attack on Copybot, submerging him in water. They form the Storm Striker and destroy him. Lothor revives Copybot and makes him grow into a giant. The Rangers form the Megazord, but it's no match for Copybot's clones. Cam has the Rangers engage the Megazord's Lightning mode. Lightning mode only lasts 60 seconds. Its amazing speed and agility make short work of Copybot's clone. The Megazord reverts back to normal, and finishes off Copybot with the Serpent Sword. At the store, the guys push Tori to help a certain customer. The customer is Dill, the guy from the beach who was asking about her. Up in Lothor's ship, the Thunder Rangers prepare to strike.

Looming Thunder

Blake and Hunter appear and distract Justin from his Ninja training by getting him to do Motocross, but in the end he realizes that he is a part of the team. He uses the Lion Hammer to blast the mole out of his hole, and then the Storm Striker squashes him with 100 tons. Of course he grows, and so Cam sends in the yellow Power Disk 4, which contains the Ram hammer. They use the ram hammer the same way as the Lion hammer, and then they smash the Molinator with Ram Hammer. In the end they talk about the Tsunami cycles and how they need to practice if they are going to use them while the two Thunder Rangers watch on saying a new battle is about to begin.

Thunder Strangers (1)

The Thunder Rangers make their first fighting appearance. In the episode they reveal they stole Cam's disk containing the super tsunami cycles, and they use their own tsunami cycles to beat up the wind Rangers. In the end a Megazord Battle occurs. the Thunder Megazord is formed by combining the Blue Beetle Zord and the Crimson Insectizoid Zord. The Thunder Rangers intercept the Red Power Disk 4, and they use it to destroy the Storm Megazord temporarily.

Thunder Strangers (2)

Blake, Hunter and Kelly find the Rangers staggering out from the wreckage. They return to Ninja Ops and give Cam the morphers for repair. The Zords are repairing themselves. Zurgane sends down Amphibidor, who drains water from the beach. Tori happens to be there, and takes on the monster without her morpher. Blake rides in on his dirt bike and helps Tori out. He takes a hit meant for Tori and goes down hard. She takes him to Ninja Ops, where Cam looks over him. Blake feigns unconsciousness to discover the entrance to Ninja Ops. Later on, Hunter thanks the Rangers for helping out his bro, promising to return the favor some day. Cam calls the Rangers and tells them that the frog monster has resurfaced at the quarry. The Rangers head there, and get beaten up by the monster. The Thunder Rangers show up. The Wind Rangers think they are they to fight them. But instead they fight the monster and destroy it, repaying their debt. Doesn't matter much, since he is resurrected and turned into a giant. The Rangers destroy him with the Megazord and the Ram Hammer. When they return to Ninja Ops, they find the Thunder Rangers bullying around Cam. Before leaving with the Sensei, they reveal themselves to be Blake and Hunter.

Thunder Strangers (3)

Blake and Hunter reveal the reason they helped the Wind Rangers, because Tori saved Blake's life. Meanwhile Shane, Dustin, Tori, and Cam follow them to the tomb of the Lost Ninjas. Blake and Hunter claim that Sensei killed their parents, which leads to a big battle between the Wind Rangers and the Thunder Rangers. At the same time Tori must fight Zurgane with the Megazord. She defeats Zurgane's Megazord with the turbine blaster (a weapon formed by combining power disks 5 and 6), but it appears it was for nothing and Hunter and Blake have escaped with Sensei.

The three follow them to the tomb of lost Ninjas where Blake and Hunter are about to destroy Sensei with some magic gems, but their parents appear and reveal the truth. It was not Sensei that killed them, but it was Lothor. Lothor appears and tries to kill all 5 rangers, but the gems reflect his power back at him causing him to disappear. The episode ends with Cam throwing the gems into the ocean, and the Wind Rangers wonder where Hunter and Blake have gone to, because they didn't show up for the big bike race.

Nowhere to Grow

The Rangers discover the Kelzacks planting strange seeds, along with a monster called Florabundacus. Cam is refused being allowed to bring the seeds to botanist Dr. Blab by his father, who has long kept a promise to his deceased wife to keep their son out of harm's way by not letting him become a ninja. Going anyway, Cam ends up smack dab in the middle of a plot by Lothor's minions to wrap the city in Florabundacus' roots and vines.

Snip It, Snip It Good

Tori is sent on a quest to retrieve the Turtle Mace Power Sphere. Dustin and Shane are attacked by Kelzacks as they watch over an environmental conference. Snipster attacks the conference and uses his powers to make everyone fight each other. When Shane and Dustin attack him, he uses his powers again to make the Rangers fight each other. After finding the turtle, Tori is attacked by Marah and Kapri. After being freed by Sensei's telepathy, Dustin and Shane destroy Snipster. When Tori, Marah and Kapri fight to a standstill, Tori cuts a deal - the turtle for some designer duds. Snipster is revived by Lothor and turned into a giant. The Rangers defeat Snipster with the Megazord and their new weapon, the Turtle Mace. Lothor punishes his nieces for giving up the turtle by having them wash the Kelzacks outfits.

Return of Thunder (1)

Tori misses Blake so much that she decides to go for a ride and ends up running in to Blake, and he has something to tell her. She later talks to Shane and Dustin about what she's learned, but they are hesitant. Meanwhile, Hunter and Blake make their way on to Lothor's ship, and things go awry. When the Rangers battle another of Lothor's creations, they are in for the surprise of their lives....and then they disappear without a trace.

Return of Thunder (2)

Temperatures across the globe are dropping at an alarming rate, while the confused Rangers find themselves on an island. Lothor looks on gleefully as the Thunder Rangers battle the Wind Rangers until Blake and Hunter begin to come to their senses. A creature is sent down that is more formidable than ever; and the Rangers find that they have to get off the island before it sinks! Things take a turn for the worse when Hunter falls under a powerful spell that sends him on a murderous rampage for his brother, who is barely saved in time by the Wind Rangers.

Return of Thunder (3)

Blake is much more eager to save his brother than the Wind Rangers are, but they help anyway especially when they realize that the island is sinking. They find Hunter who struggles to find himself in his rage, forcing Blake to take matters into his own hands. Cam discovers where the Rangers are and contacts them; the Rangers find that there's only one way to make it off the island, but it's very risky. The Wind and Thunder Rangers have to work together but they're running out of time!

Return of Thunder (4)

Choobo blames the Thunder Rangers for his punishment and will stop at nothing to seek revenge, capturing them when they go out for a ride to decide if they will accept Tori, Shane, and Dustin's tempting offer. They are freed thanks to their new friends, but things take a turn for the worse when Choobo reveals just how powerful he truly is by casting a spell to control the Wind Rangers so that they will destroy the Thunder Rangers against their will!

Boxing Bopp-A-Roo

Lothor decides to send Marah and Kapri's boxing instructor to fight the Rangers . Shane and Hunter have trouble working as a team. They enter a competition to challenge each other. Shane wants to prove he can do motocross and Hunter that he can skateboard. Neither is good at the others sport however. Bopp-A-Roo shows up and challenges the two. Luckily Shane and Hunter realize they have to learn to work together. They team up with their friends and destroy Lothor's latest monster. Shane and Hunter enter the contest as a team and win.

Pork Chopped

When Blake invites Tori to a kung-fu movie, she is torn between going with him or going to Shane's skateboard competition. She goes to Shane's demo, but uses her ninja powers to split as soon as he begins skating. As the theater, she ditches again right after buying a suspicious popcorn container from Kapri. While looking for Tori, Shane and Dustin are attacked by Kelzacks at the skate park. When Tori returns to the theater, she finds Lothor's latest monster General Trayf, who has sucked the Thunder Rangers into the popcorn tub. The Wind Rangers track down Trayf, and follow him into another dimension to get their friends back. In the other dimension, they destroy Trayf with the Storm Striker. When they return, Blake and Hunter free themselves from the popcorn by heating up unpopped kernels and blasting themselves out. General Trayf returns as a giant. When Kelzacks appear, Blake and Hunter hold them off. The Wind Rangers destroy Trayf with the Megazord, using the Turtle Mace combined with the Ram Hammer. Blake tries for a second date with Tori, but since she is grounded for using her ninja powers for personal gain, he has to go to the movies with Sensei instead.

The Samurai's Journey (1)
Cam finally expresses his desire to be a Power Ranger. Though the Rangers openly support him, Sensei feels bound by a promise made years ago. Meanwhile, Lothor sends down Madtropolis, who steals the Rangers' powers. To stop Madtropolis, Cam manages to provide the Rangers with a brief restoration of power, but it soon fails. With the Rangers at risk of being destroyed by a giant Madtropolis, Sensei believes only a power source lost long ago can save them. Using the Scroll of Time, Cam travels back in time to find it.

The Samurai's Journey (2)

Years in the past, Cam arrives at the Wind Ninja Academy. Claiming to be a new student, he enters to look for the needed power source before he has to return to the present. He encounters younger versions of his parents (Kanoi and Miko) and a previously unheard of uncle (Kiya). Cam discovers that Miko owns the powerful Samurai Amulet, but before he can do anything about it, he is framed for its theft. Kanoi, however, exposes the real thief: Kiya, who displays dark ninja powers. Cam must defeat Kiya in battle to claim the Samurai Amulet – in the process, learning the horrible secret of his family. On top of that, Cam must save the powerless Rangers from Madtropolis.

The Samurai's Journey (3)

Though Madtropolis is destroyed, Cam and the powerless Rangers are ambushed by Lothor's forces. Teleported back to Ninja Ops, the Wind and Thunder Rangers manage to restore their powers with Cam's help. Just in time, as Lothor sends down a small army of ninja space aliens to Blue Bay Harbor. The six Rangers head out to stop them, but Sucker stings Cam. Now, Cam is slowly transforming into a giant bug.

Scent of a Ranger

Cam's personality has turned around completely to the point that he's more like Dustin than, say, himself. He's better than all the other Rangers at everything. However, he doesn't seem remotely interested in being a Ranger anymore. Meanwhile, there's a new monster in town that is turning people into perfumes and trapping them in bottles. The Rangers get frustrated when Dustin and Tori are captured, and Cam does nothing to help. Imagine their surprise when another Cam shows up.

I Love Lothor

Marah and Kapri convince Lothor to make a television show that will make him more likable. A new monster, Mr. Ratwell, assures Lothor that he can create a show to make him well-liked and offers to use love potions as a backup plan. Lothor, disgusted with the idea of using love potions, refuses and tosses them aside. Marah and Kapri decide to use them on the Rangers to prove their usefulness to their uncle as well as for fun. They accidentally make two of the Rangers fall in love with Tori, and they begin to fight over her for her affections. Even more problems arise when Tori is captured and bound to a cactus on Lothor's TV set and a strong love spell cast through the television puts all the viewers of Lothor's new show into a frenzy and they go after Dustin, Shane, and Hunter. It's up to Tori to help Cam and Blake come to their senses.

Good Will Hunter

Hunter is disappointed when he becomes a mentor to a boy, Charlie, who resents him. He feels a kinship with this young boy when he discovers that they have something in common but is frustrated that he can't get though to him. Meanwhile, everyone's in trouble when Marah and Kapri lose something of significant value to Lothor. Confusion arises when strange things begin to happen during the Rangers' battles. Finally, Marah and Kapri find what they're looking for when it falls into the hands of Charlie who, naturally, doesn't recognize it for what it is. Fortunately, he's a lot smarter than the two of them.

All About Beevil

Marah introduces everyone at Lothor's ship to her friend Beevil. Everyone starts to like Beevil better than Marah. This upsets Marah, she goes to Earth (making herself look like a local). She meets and bonds with Dustin. She confides in him and says she isn't good at being evil. Dustin tries to encourage her and tells her she can be good. Marah agrees to help the Rangers against her Uncle Lothor. Dustin puts his total faith in her (even after his friend warn him). Marah even gets into a fight with her friend Beevil and kicks ass. But it all ends up being a trick as Marah turns on the Rangers and joins Beevil. The Rangers are able to avoid the trap and destroy Beevil. Lothor and is minions are impressed that Marah could be so evil. Marah seems saddened at betraying Dustin though. Dustin is sad that Marah lied to him. The other Rangers console him and say he made an honest mistake.

Sensei Switcheroo

Cam is overwhelmed by the desire to have a human father so much so that he decides to try to bring his father back to his normal human self. After Shane and Sensei accidentally switch bodies, Sensei must go into battle as the Red Ranger while Shane must stay and watch. Cam attempts to fix it but another setback makes Sensei and Dustin switch bodies. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri try to destroy the power rangers all on their own and are completely confused by the rangers newfound skills.

Tongue and Cheek

Dustin uses his Yellow Ranger powers to protect Storm Chargers from a big sports company. Kelli tells a newspaper about it and Dustin becomes famous. Shane becomes jealous of Dustin's newfound fame and Dustin begins to grows a big head. When Hunter, Tori, and Blake get captured by a stamp monster, Dustin and Shane are forced to work together in order to defeat the monster and save their friends.

Brothers In Arms

When Hunter's bike breaks down in the middle of a race, expert mechanic Perry fixes it up in time. Turns out Perry is into some pretty freaky experiments in his workshop. Moments later, Motodrone shows up and causes trouble for the Rangers. He trashes them, and kidnaps Hunter for use in his plan. When Hunter awakens in captivity, he discovers that Perry is Motodrone, only he doesn't realize it. When the Rangers figure out that Perry is Motodrone, they go to the workshop and call him out. Cam sneaks in and frees Hunter, and also discovers that Hunter's powers were imprinted onto a bike. Outside, the Rangers are being overwhelmed by Zurgane, Kelzacks, and Motodrone. Hunter comes to the rescue on his brand new Ninja Glider Cycle. He transforms it into flight mode to save Blake and destroy Motodrone. Out of the wreckage, they find Perry, who has little recollection of what happened. On Lothor's ship, Motodrone's parts have been reassembled and reanimated.

Shane's Karma (1)

Shane bails on Tori's beach birthday party because he gets a feeling that his bad dreams mean something. His strange dreams turn into reality when he finds a strange alien being in the woods. A bounty hunter named Vexacus shows up in search of the alien, which is a Karminion. Shane battles Vexacus but is severely outclassed. He is teleported away by the Karminion. In another part of the woods, Shane is greeted by the Karminion's human form, named Skyla. Tori's beach party runs into Kapri and Marah's class reunion setup. Zurgane brings out his new Zord, and gets the best of the Rangers using his own lightning mode. Meanwhile, Vexacus catches up to Shane and Skyla, and manages to grab her and take her away.

Shane's Karma (2)

Shane follows Vexacus and is able to ward him off and rescue Skyla. Lothor comes down to Earth and forges an alliance with his old rival. The Rangers battle Choobo and some Kelzacks, who have stolen their beach party stuff. Skyla tells Shane that it is her destiny to pass away and leave Shane with her powers, which she does. Vexacus still desires Skyla's power, and attacks Shane, who is still anguished over Skyla's death. Meanwhile, Zurgane's zord strikes again, stealing a power sphere from the Storm Megazord. Shane uses the power left with him by Skyla to summon his Battlizer Armor. He thoroughly trounces Vexacus. The Rangers defeat Zurgane's zord by forming the Thunder Storm Megazord. When Vexacus tries to flee in his ship, Shane kicks it into flight mode. He flies after him and destroys his ship. Vexacus appears on Lothor's fortress, as a new general in his army.

Shimazu Returns (1)

Cam journeys to a museum to retrieve a powerful artifact, but he is ambushed by a resurrected Motodrone. As Cam fights Motodrone off, a statue is brought to life and reveals itself to be Shimazu, an evil powerful being (well DUH). Joining up with Lothor, Shimazu creates Wolfblade creatures and immediately sends them and Motodrone to attack the Rangers, Hunter defeats Motodrone with his armor, and the Wolfblades are dealt with by the Rangers with their weapons. But the Wolfblades suddenly merge and form a giant creature which begins a rampage in the city, leaving the Rangers unsure of how to deal with it.

Shimazu Returns (2)

The Rangers summon the Thunderstorm Megazord, but it doesn't do any good against Wolfblade. Cam whips out the artifact, a scroll, and learns that he needs to find a portal. He must take the Rangers' Power Discs to open the portal. With their Power Discs with Cam, the Rangers hit the Zords unmorphed when Wolfblade strikes again. Cam reaches the portal, and on the other side, finds a new weapon - the Lightning Riff Blaster. He uses it to summon the Mighty Mammoth Zord, which combines with the Megazord to destroy Wolfblade. A talent contest the Rangers have been practicing for is ruined by Marah and Kapri, who are discovered cheating.

The Wild Wipeout

After being duped into riding a monster wave, Tori wipes out and washes up in an alternate dimension. She discovers that the Rangers in this dimension are evil, and they chase her out of Ninja Ops. She turns to hippie folk singers Marah and Kapri for help. They take her to see the mayor. The mayor is Lothor, who won't take any action against the Rangers because he is afraid of them. Tori has no choice but to take on the evil Rangers herself. It doesn't go too well for her though, because she finds herself unable to transform in this dimension. In the nick of time, Lothor appears with his own special forces to battle the renegade Rangers. The Rangers are defeated, and forced to renounce their delinquent ways. Tori rides the same wave, taking her back to her own dimension. The real Rangers unite and destroy a moth monster threatening the city. Tori and Blake share a tender moment as she tries to teach him to surf.

Double-Edged Blake

Shimazu comes down with Lothor's latest monster - Inflatron. The Rangers battle him, and Blake saves the day with a new staff. He tells the Rangers of how his Sensei at the Thunder Ninja Academy gave him the staff. Tori follows Blake and finds that he has been training with Leanne, a Thunder Academy graduate. Kelzacks attack, keeping Tori and Leanne busy. Blake heads to the beach and fights Inflatron. While the rest take on Zurgane, Motodrone and Shimazu. Blake beats Inflatron by splitting his staff and throwing it at him. When Inflatron grows into a giant, the Rangers destroy him with the Mighty Mammoth Zord. Tori and Blake horse around at the beach, where he accuses her of having been jealous.

Eye of the Storm

Shane is on edge when his brother Porter comes to town and tells him that he's wasting his life. Motodrone appears with a new monster - Eyesac, who can use victims' fears against them. Shane uses his armor to make Eyesac retreat, but in the process, reveals his identity to his brother. When Eyesac attacks again, he puts the fear spell on Tori, Dustin and Shane, incapacitating them. He then grows into a giant and inhales the Thunder Rangers. After a telepathic pep talk from the Sensei, and Shane is back to action in the Storm Megazord. While Tori and Dustin enter Eyesac and free Blake and Hunter. Cam arrives with three new Power Spheres that form the Ninja Firebird. The Firebird allows for the formation of the Hurricane Megazord, which destroys Eyesac. Shane and Porter make their peace. Porter tells his brother that he is proud of him, Ranger or not.

General Deception (1)

The guys pack up for a camping trip. As Zurgane discusses his latest plan, Vexacus defies him. On their way to the camp site, the Rangers run into some people in danger. But they turn out to be part of Zurgane's plan, as they turn into Kelzacks and attack. Once they reach the campsite, they are then attacked by Vexacus and Shimazu. The Green Samurai Rangers shows up to lend a hand. The battle is interrupted by Zurgane's new Zord, which can copy the data from the Ranger's attacks. The Rangers attack with their Power Spheres, not knowing that Zurgane is absorbing their data.

General Deception (2)

Zurgane's Zord is obliterated by the Rangers, but Zurgane has gained the data from the Rangers' attacks. He creates a new Zord, armed with the data, which cripples the Hurricane Megazord when it confronts it. Zurgane leaves his Zord to battle The Rangers on foot, whilst the remaining Ninja Zords are repaired, the battle resumes between the Zords. Attaching The Hurricane Megazord and every Power Sphere to The Mighty Mammoth, the Rangers finally destroy Zurgane's Zord. Emerging from the wreckage badly wounded, Zurgane himself is finally killed by the treacherous Vexacus.

A Gem Of A Day

Hunter is attacked by Vexacus and crew when they discover he has some fragments of the gem of souls. The others come to his aid, and successfully make Vexacus retreat. At Ninja Ops, Hunter is chewed out for having kept the gem fragments, which he did to try to speak to his parents. Armed with gem tipped drill bits, Cam takes the Dragonforce vehicle up to Lothor's ship to free the students. To divert the Rangers' resources, Lothor sends down a bird monster. Cam finds the students on the ship, but he is forced to retreat when Lothor finds him and pwns him. Cam makes it back to Earth in time to help the Rangers destroy the bird monster. Vexacus and Motodrone have an altercation on the ship, which ends with Motodrone being destroyed.

Down and Dirty

Hunter and Blake have a disagreement on the track. Meanwhile ,Marah and Kapri recruit Shimazu to pilot one of their new Zords. Kapri attacks in her Zord first, and battles the Megazords. Marah and Shimazu then join Kapri and overwhelm the Rangers. Cam evens up the odds by bringing the Samurai Star and two drones. This lets the Rangers form both combinations. When Kapri's is the only Zord left, Tori tends to her personally. The defeated sisters take out their aggression by destroying Shimazu. Dustin breaks it to Kelly that is leaving motoracing for freestyle. The Thunder brothers resolve their differences on the track.

Storm Before The Calm (1)

Lothor solidifies his plans to open the Abyss of Evil and unleash its forces on the world, as predicted by the Scroll of Destiny he stole years ago. The gang kick back and head to the US Action Games, where they are scheduled to compete in events. They encounter Marah and Kapri, who have found the Abyss of Evil right near the US Action Games. Marah and Kapri then give Vexacus a scroll of empowerment, so he can grow and battle the Rangers. The Rangers destroy him, but they lose the Thunder Megazord, and seemingly, the Thunder Rangers. Lothor captures Cyber Cam, who was out fixing an earlier sabotage to the Samurai Star hangar. He uses Cyber Cam to find Ninja Ops. He trashes the place and leaves with Cam in custody. The Wind Rangers get back to Ninja Ops, only to find it trashed, with no trace of their friends.

Storm Before The Calm (2)

Sensei emerges from the wreckage, back to human form due to one of Lothor's blasts. The Thunder Rangers also show up. Sensei shows the Rangers part of the Scroll of Destiny, which shows that they were always meant to become Power Rangers. The Thunder Rangers infiltrate Lothor's ship, which is about to self-destruct. Lothor unleashes his Zord, and uses it to open the Abyss of Evil. The Thunders find Cam, Marah and Kapri tied up. They rescue them, free the ninja students, and fight their way off the ship as it explodes. The Storm Megazord battles Lothor's zord. They barely manage to beat it, but in the process, the Megazord is destroyed. The Rangers were unable to prevent the abyss from opening, and find themselves surrounded by old enemies they had destroyed. The Thunder Rangers show up, and bring along some backup - the ninja students. A battle royale ensues. In the end, only Lothor is left, and he uses the Cyclone Morpher to steal the Ranger powers. The Wind Rangers defeat Lothor with their inner ninja powers, sending him hurling into the abyss, but they lose their Ranger powers forever. Sometime later, the Rangers celebrate their graduation from ninja academy. Hunter is going to become head teacher at the Thunder Academy, and Blake is going to pursue a motocross career. Cam welcomes the new ninja students, among which are Marah and Kapri. Luckily, the Wind Academy has three new teachers - Shane, Dustin, and Tori.