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Kick Into Overdrive (1)

Billionaire treasure hunter Andrew Hartford finds the ancient Corona Aurora, known as the powerful Crown of the Gods. But in the process, he unknowingly awakens two warring alien brothers, Moltor and Flurious. Enlisting stuntman Dax, championship racecar driver Ronny, master safecracker Will, and brilliant college student Rose to join him in keeping the world safe from the aliens as a new team of Power Rangers, Hartford refuses to allow his teenaged son, Mack, to risk his life by being part of the team. When given the chance to become the Red Ranger, can Mack prove himself to his father, and help protect the Crown from falling into the wrong hands?

Kick Into Overdrive (2)

Hartford is kidnapped by Moltor, who also steals the Corona Aurora. Mack must prove himself as the Red Ranger and aid the team in saving his father, before they must use their DriveMax Zords to save an island from destruction by a giant sea creature.

The Underwater World

Will becomes frustrated with working on a team and tries to be the star of the team. When Hartford detects a jewel signature in a structure connected to Atlantis, the Rangers must retrieve it. Will's ego endangers the lives and mission of team and Flurious intervenes. He is finally able to put his ego aside and help the team uncover a cocoon which holds a scroll.

Heart of Blue

Dax rescues a girl named Mira from a monster attack, and quickly they become a couple. Can their romance survive the strain it's putting on the Blue Ranger's place on the team, or will a mysterious third villain mastermind put an end to their relationship? Meanwhile, the Rangers must make use of Will's thieving skills to track down two more scrolls.

Weather or Not

After putting a bystander in jeopardy, Mack doesn't feel he's cut out to be a Ranger. But the team will need him to pilot the Drill Driver, when Moltor's weather device creates an avalanche of snow on top of their Zords! Also, the team prepares to seek the jewel in St. Lucia, but Dax believes the island to be haunted.

Pirate in Pink

Searching the island of St. Lucia for the first jewel of the Corona Aurora, the Rangers stumble upon the ghost of Brownbeard, the pirate. They believe the Eye of the Sea he has sought all his life is the same gem they seek. Brownbeard possesses the uptight Rose, helping her to loosen up and have fun as Rosie The Bold. Can the team find the jewel before Miratrix and her cannon monster do?

At All Cost

Ronny's competitive nature and drive to always win begins to grate upon her teammates. Will things get worse when she butts heads with Mack over first usage of the latest weapon? Meanwhile, Moltor has his Lava Lizards compete against each other to prove superiority. The winner then becomes his newest monster, Valcon. But to truly become a super dragon, he'll need the powerful scale of an actual dragon. Can the Rangers stop them from obtaining it?

Both Sides Now

Will is fired by Hartford for selling Zord tech on the side! Taking his Tracker with him, the Black Ranger joins up with Miratrix, who's already beat the Overdrive Rangers to the next piece on their jewel-chase. After helping to free her master, Kamdor, from his locket prison, is Will's betrayal all it appears to be?

Follow the Ranger

Flurious & Moltor put aside their sibling rivalry and combine forces against the Rangers. With Moltor's Giant Robot and Dragonizer, they manage to capture the DriveMax Megazord! Mack ends up remaining within, and is taken prisoner on a hidden island. Will he be able to turn the polar opposite brothers against one another and get free, or will Andrew Hartford have even more of a reason to worry about his son?

Lights, Camera, DAX

Dax eyes a film called "Ninja Rumba" as his big break as an actor. But Mr. Hartford refuses to allow him to take the role, since it may conflict with his Ranger duties. Thanks to encouraging by Rose, Dax goes for it and gets the part. Can he film the movie and still help his teammates, or will he have to make a choice? Meanwhile, Moltor has his Scaletex monster and Lava Lizards track down Kamdor & Miratrix. Will the Rangers be able to use the conflicting villains to their advantage and gain the parchment from the Hou-ou bird for themselves?

Face to Face (1)

The Rangers visit Rose's college in London to try to get the parchment deciphered, only to lose it to Tyzonn, Moltor's latest alien lizard henchman. But Mack, who manages to tear an important piece of the parchment off, notices his new enemy might not be as bad as he appears. Can the Red Ranger convince Tyzonn to give back what he stole, at the risk of the wrath of Moltor and his latest monster, Bullox? Or will he honor the deal that shamed him in the eyes of the people of his planet and give him the key to the second jewel in the Corona Aurora?

Face to Face (2)

Mack joins forces with Tyzonn, learning that the reptilian creature is actually a human from the planet Mercury, cursed by Moltor. If the Red Ranger can then convince his Overdrive teammates to trust in him as well, they may have the means to recover the second jewel to the Corona Aurora from its lava crater hiding place. That is, if they can get past Moltor's Bullox monster first! And, will the new Sonic Streaker be enough to take on the flying menace of Moltor's Lavadactyls?

Man of Mercury (1)

The search for the next jewel leads the Rangers to Portugal, then to Brazil, with a new group of villains, the Fearcats, always one step ahead of them! These intergalactic feline fiends are trying to free their fearsome friends from a mirror prison, and need the Corona Aurora's power to do it. As it turns out, hunting the Fearcats happens to be the mission Tyzonn came to Earth for. He reunites with the Rangers in an effort to stop them. But Ronny ends up captured and her Overdrive Tracker used to breach the prison! It's up to Tyzonn to save her, but what secret shame is holding him back?

Man of Mercury (2)

It's up to Mr. Hartford to restore the liquidized Tyzonn to his human form. But even then, will the man from Mercury join the team, or will his past with an ill-fated Intergalactic Emergency Response crew keep him from it? Meanwhile, though the Fearcats are seemingly destroyed, a Gyro boost from Flurious brings Benglo & Mig back, armored up and tougher than ever! And just what is behind the strange jewel readings in the Brazilian jungle?

Behind the Scenes

Jessica Jeffries, an old college pal of Mr. Hartford's turned big time news reporter, snags an exclusive interview with the Rangers for her show, "Good Morning, San Angeles." But thanks to some subterfuge by Miratrix, the big event leads to Tyzonn getting trapped between his human and mercury forms! Can he be saved in time to use his new Zords to aid the Rangers against the Giant Robot-piloting Fearcats, with the jewel-related Cannon of Ki Amuk at their disposal?

Just Like Me

Will attempts to teach Tyzonn how to blend in on Earth, but when the Mercurian starts to copy Will a little too closely, the pair clash. Meanwhile, fed up with Flurious yelling at him, Norg runs away from home, taking refuge in Moltor's lair. And on top of all of this, the Rangers must stop Moltor from obtaining the key to the next jewel: Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer of Norse God of Thunder, Thor.

It's Hammer Time

With the Cannon of Ki Amuk and Mjolnir in their possession, the Rangers track the next clue to Mexico. There, the team has to contend with Kamdor & Miratrix, Flurious with his Chillers, and even Moltor and his Lava Lizards! Luckily, the owner of the hammer, Norse God Thor, arrives to help out. But with his petty behavior and greedy desire for the Corona Aurora, is this God of Thunder the real deal? It's up to Ronny to use her resemblance to the Goddess Freya to get the hammer back from him! Oh, and not to be left out of all the action, the Fearcats unleash their very own Giant Robot!

Out of Luck

Having swiped the Paedra Aztec Del Compass, the next clue to a jewel of the Corona Aurora, from the Rangers, Moltor puts it in the possession of his old friend, Blothgaar. During battle with the Rangers, Blothgaar uses the Compass' ability to alter chi & li to give Mack a serious case of bad luck! Despite disbelieving in it, the Red Ranger finds trouble at every single turn. Will use of his friends' lucky gifts (Dax's Grandfather's lucky shark-swimming shirt, Ronny's lucky stinky socks, Will's lucky scarf, Rose's Dad's lucky Sombrero, and Tyzonn's lucky potted plant) be able to change his luck, or just make him worse off?

One Gets Away

Using the compass, the Rangers finally find the 3rd Jewel of the Corona Aurora. Will is entrusted to get it back to the base, but is ambushed by Kamdor & Miratrix, and loses it to the villainous pair. With Andrew angered at him, he resigns, only to have Spencer offer him another chance. Meanwhile, Moltor offers the Fearcats some invincible Super Armor. With their latest Giant Robot already giving the Rangers a tough time, can Will get to the Armor before the Fearcats, and make up for his prior failure?

Once a Ranger (1)

The son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Thrax, unites all four Corona Aurora-seeking factions of villains into a new Evil Alliance. When they manage to overwhelm the Overdrive Rangers, their connection to the Morphing Grid is severed, and their powers destroyed! With the gems still needing protecting, Sentinel Knight assembles a team of replacement Rangers, made up of members of previous (or future) teams of Power Rangers. Will they be enough to stop the Evil Alliance? And will the former Overdrive Rangers be able to assist with just their genetically enhanced abilities?

Once a Ranger (2)

No longer having Ranger powers, the former Overdrive Rangers return to their civilian lives. All but Mack, who learns of Thrax's plans to destroy Sentinel Knight, and seeks out the only item capable of doing so, the legendary sword Excelsior. Will he be doing this alone, or can the call of action prove the adage of "Once a Ranger, always a Ranger" to his former teammates? Meanwhile, their replacements, the team of Returning Rangers, head to Angel Grove to seek out the only being capable of repairing the Morphing Grid: Alpha 6! Even if they succeed, can two combined teams of Power Rangers stop Thrax for good, and permanently break up the Evil Alliance?

One Fine Day

The Rangers get a day off, and plan a relaxing picnic in the forest. Unfortunately for Rose, Tyzonn is obsessed with getting to know her better, which goes from flattery to annoyance very quickly. The Fearcats just happen to be in the same forest, and while searching for the powerful Centurion Torch to use in their latest Giant Robot, they put up a Lamporean force field. Our heroes bump into it, and despite Tyzonn claiming that forming a human chain with his Mercurian powers will allow them passage, they end up separated... with Rose stuck inside the force field with Tyzonn! Meanwhile, Norg spends his own day off in the same forest.

Ronny on Empty (1)

Ronny runs into a stubborn obstacle named Will while trying to throw a Halloween party. When she's capture to power Moltor and the Fearcats's latest weapon, can Will steal her back? Also, the Centurion Torch produces a clue to the next jewel's presence in Egypt. But the Rangers will have a tough time getting to it, as they face a Ronny-powered giant dinosaur robot, and an evily-reprogrammed Sentinel Knight!

Ronny on Empty (2)

Norg and Will strike a strange alliance in their attempt to find the Fearcats' secret hideout. The equally strange alliance between Moltor and Mig & Benglo appears to be leading to the defeat of the Rangers. So, if Ronny runs out of life energy in her unwilling powering of Moltor's giant robot, her teammates will likely run out of life energy as well!

Things Not Said

While battling one of Kamdor's monsters, the Rangers get their computer systems infected with a virus. This exposes the deep secret of Mack's true nature to the Red Ranger, as he learns everything he ever knew was a lie! With their leader depressed and withdrawn, do the Rangers stand a chance of getting the fourth jewel before Kamdor and Miratrix? Or will Mack be needing an upgrade?

Red Ranger Unplugged

After learning about his true robotic nature, Mack starts to go through an identity crisis. When the Rangers battle Crazar, a Fearcat from Tyzonn's past, the Mercurian reveals more about the day of the cave-in. Meanwhile, Mig and Benglo use the battle as a distraction to get their claws on a powerful relic.

Home and Away (1)

Mig and Benglo utilize the power of the Octavian Chalice, and unleash the mighty Agrios, a giant robotic creature that proves to be stronger than all of the Rangers' Zords! They'll need the whole team to even stand half a chance, but Tyzonn, after getting knocked unconscious, awakens on his home planet, and discovers he never left it!

Home and Away (2)

While the other Rangers continue to be outmatched by the Fearcats and Agrios, Tyzonn begins to accept his fiancé Vella's claims that he was never a Power Ranger. He eventually learns the truth, but gets a double shock when he discovers who's behind this charade, and how! It all leads to a showdown that will narrow the field of Corona Aurora seekers down a faction.

Way Back When

Using Mack's internal CPU to replay highlights from their Ranger careers, the team take the time to refresh their memories as to who has what Corona Aurora jewel. In the process, a pattern emerges that will lead them where to focus next to find the final one!

Two Fallen Foes

Using the Octavian Chalice, the Rangers journey to Greece in an attempt to find the next jewel via an ancient ritual. But Kamdor and Miratrix interrupt the ceremony, making their ultimate stand against their enemies, and each other! Meanwhile, Norg sets out to prove himself useful to Flurious... and succeeds!

Nothing to Lose (1)

The Rangers return to Egypt, then travel to Japan, and back again, all in their heated quest to find the key to unlock the last hidden jewel. But despite the ground covered, is it actually closer to home than they realize? Also, the sibling rivalry between Moltor and Flurious comes to a shattering conclusion!

Crown and Punishment (2)

With the ultimate power of the completed Corona Aurora at his disposal, Flurious freezes all of San Angeles and prepares to conquer the world in his new form. The Rangers must use every item at their disposal to make their final stand against him. But in their darkest hour, it will take the greatest sacrifice from one of them to ensure Flurious never cools off again.