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Beginnings (1)

Evil Alien Emperor Gruumm heads for Earth armed with his loyal followers and an army of fierce cyborg soldiers known as Krybots. Meanwhile, in order to maintain peace on Earth from all alien attacks or otherwise, a new team of Power Rangers, armed with their own individual powers, is formed under the name of Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D) with Chief Anubis "Doggie" Cruger given supervision of the new team, which is made up of two separate groups, the elite team being the A-Squad of Rangers, and rookie cadets making up the B-Squad, but unlike the A-squad, this team are not yet privileged with morphers. When three B-Team cadets, Sky, Bridge, and Syd, are assigned to investigate two thieves in their area, Jack and "Z", they find their quarries also possess powers of their own. Although Jack and Z are able to elude the B-Team, they soon cross paths again shortly after Gruumm arrives on Earth, prompting Anubis to provide the B-Team with morphers to become Power Rangers for the first time.

Beginnings (2)

Jack and Z are confronted by the B-Squad once more. An ambush from Gruumm's feirce Krybots gives the two thieves a chance to escape, but both stay behind to help the courageous Rangers against the Krybots. Afterwards, Jack and Z "volunteer" to join the B-Squad.


Jack finds out that being the Red Ranger also means being the leader of the team. The A Squad Power Rangers are sent into space to fight the Troobians when Gruumm launches an attack in a nearby nebula. With the B Squad left as Earth's defenders, the others begin to doubt Jack's competence as their leader. Gruumm's assistant, the evil child Mora, helps him by drawing evil creatures and bringing them.


Sky, unable to cope with not being chosen as the Red Ranger, refuses to join in any of the teams' activities, and his temper is only made worse when Jack and Bridge are given new super charged bikes, meanwhile, Grumm decides to steal a truckload of diamonds in hopes of converting them into a new source of energy.


Syd becomes annoyed by the antics of the S.P.D's robotic dog, RIC, and that tension is not abated even when the two are paired up on an assignment to investigate a series of disappearances (caused by a new formula deployed by Grumm lackey Rhinix that can transform humans into a gooey type of fuel). When RIC puts himself in danger for Syd during a Krybot ambush however and is damaged, seemingly beyond repair, in the fight, Syd is guilt ridden and asks Boomer and Bridge to try and repair him.


The team is on the lookout for an intergalactic bank robber. They see a suspicious-looking alien, T-Top, near the vicinity of the crime. Assuming that they have their man, they try to arrest him, but T-Top puts up a fight and evades them. Although the evidence points to T-Top as the bank robber, Bridge is not convinced of his guilt and asks to conduct his own investigation. The others are dubious of Bridge's methods as he tries to look beyond the obvious facts and uses his intuition.

Sam (1)

Sam, a young, shy boy, exhibits special teleportation powers that make him the cause of ridicule on the playground. Seeing that Sam has no friends Mora lures him into helping her in her latest folly. She produces the Bugglesworth monster who is able to turn humans into dolls. With Sam's power, an entire office building is teleported out of the city and the people inside turned into dolls for her playthings. The Rangers encounter Sam and Z sees a kindred soul. She realizes that he is not evil, just looking for a place to fit in. She tries to befriend Sam, but he is wary of her help. Mora sends an Orangehead soldier to fight the Rangers.

Sam (2)

It's a race against the clock, as Z must convince Sam to embrace his uniqueness and use his special powers for good, before the doll-based captive humans are turned into toys permanently. Z relates to her teammates the trauma of her childhood, in how it relates to her sympathy for Sam. Doggie adds his own trip down memory lane, and reveals the shared heritage between the B-Squad Rangers and the boy called Sam.


An SPD ship crash lands on Earth, carrying with it Dru, Sky's best friend, who has been missing for over a year. The two quickly reconnect their relationship, and Dru's perfect, top class cadet ways clash with Jack's ego. When an assassination attempt is made on Commander Cruger, Dru is blamed. He reveals a secret about himself which puts him at odds with the current Blue SPD Ranger.


Jack & Syd go on a stakeout, watching over the former partner of a recently escaped alien criminal, Sinuku, who needs a device from her in order to activate his demagnitron weapons for Broodwing. But Jack's disregard for Syd's birthday, and his infatuation with the scientist they're supposed to be spying on, causes tensions to flare between the Red and Pink Rangers. To make things worse, Piggy joins their stakeout!

Shadow (1)

The Troobian General who led the forces which destroyed Anubis Cruger's homeworld of Sirius, comes to Earth with a vendetta against him. But Doggie's vow of pacifism since then puts the entire SPD team at risk. Also, Piggy wins the lottery.

Shadow (2)

With Kat Manx captured, and a deadline puts Doggie Cruger under pressure to draw his sword once more to battle General Benaag. But first he must come clean with the Rangers about his past. That may be even tougher a confrontation than the hundred Krybots lying in ambush at the rendezvous site!


"The Evil", a stone of immense power said to have come from the depths of the abyss itself, is up for its centennial awakening. Gruumm wants its for himself, and sends an alien to seek it out from its warrior guardian. The Rangers will have their hands full, especially when their taking their newest teammate for granted to the point Shadow Ranger refuses to aid them in battle!

Wired (1)

Mora recruits an alien named Valko to be Gruumm's second-in-command, whose first plan is to revive and control a dreaded cyborg beast known as Goradon. The key to taming it lies at the SPD Academy, with Bridge's new friend Sophie, who isn't what she appears to be.

Wired (2)

The Rangers realize their mistake in expelling Sophie from the academy, and seek her out, only to have Valko find her first. He uses the female cyborg's supercomputer processor to harness Goradon, who proves to be too tough for the Delta Squad Megazord. The only hope lies with the Delta Base Security Defense system's Phase Two, which will take a not-quite-human to get it online in time!


Boom's lies to his parents about having not dropped out of SPD training, and leading them to believe he's the one and only Orange Ranger, comes back to haunt him when they come for a visit! When Morgana's schemes to impress Gruumm enough for him to restore her to her youth, leads to Jack & Sky going on a forced multi-dimensional escapade, Boom's masquerade puts the Rangers in danger. It'll take owning up to his mistakes, not to mention being true to what he does best, to rescue them.


While taking him in for questioning, Sky and the alien criminal named Wootox switch minds. As the Wootox-minded Sky makes like a trojan Ranger in infiltrating the Delta Command Megazord, the Sky-minded Wootox is hunted down by his former teammates.


Gruumm brings the legendary alien Samurai warrior named Katana from the year 1865 to present day Japan. The confused protector of Kyoto is tricked into believing the Rangers are his enemy by Broodwing. As the Rangers are dispatched to investigate this potential menace, Jack learns valuable lesson about fair swordplay


The grouchy, bird-based Supreme Commander of SPD, Fowler Birdy, arrives at the Earth academy. His own ideas for how to run it better clash with those of current Commander Doggie Cruger. When Birdy orders Doggie to split the Rangers up when investigating Troobian attacks, he refuses, and ends up being relieved of his command! With Birdy now running the place, and dividing the Rangers up, it leaves them vulnerable when Gruumm comes to Earth on a souped-up motorcycle, prepared to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his desired rematch with Doggie!


When Krybots and a monster are stealing gold, the rangers are dispatched. However, when they return successful, they are told that video footage of the battle couldn't be obtained due to a solar flare. Cruger then asks them what happened, and they all start talking at once. Jack goes first, but the rangers don't agree with his story. The others then tell their stories, which are all pretty much the same except that the storyteller defeated all the Krybots and is looked up to by the other rangers. Kat manages to obtain the footage and shows them. The footage shows that they all worked together, but weren't able to defeat the Krybots. Instead, a white glowing ball of energy saved them. Afterwards, the rangers went after the monster and defeated him with their megazord.

Messenger (1)

After building a radio receiver to get signals from space, Boom receives a message from the future that says the Troobians have taken over the Earth and defeated SPD on July 11, which Cruger says is today. Only a few freedom fighters remain, and they have sent out Omega. Meanwhile, Morgana has a plan to destroy the ranger, and Gruumm promises to turn her back into Mora if she succeeds. Morgana, Shorty and his brother Devastation, defeat the rangers but leave them alive to "marinate in fear". Later, Cruger contacts SPD Headquarters. Unfortunately, since it would take too long for them to get to Earth and depleting their forces might give Gruumm the upper hand, Birdy tells them that they're on their own! Shorty is once again detected, and the rangers fight him. After a brief battle, Shorty grows, and the zords are too damaged to be used!

Messenger (2)

Seeing that the rangers are in trouble, Cruger comes to their aid in the Delta Command Megazord. However, Shorty is too fast, and the rangers are soon in trouble again. A motorcycle-like zord then suddenly arrives and transforms into a megazord. It then single-handedly destroys Shorty! A ranger emerges from the megazord and reveals himself to be the Omega Ranger!
He then says that his job is to defeat Morgana and Devastation, and due to the rangers' "outdated" technology, they would only get in the way. After the rangers destroy the robot and contain Devastation, the Omega Ranger finally learns what teamwork is all about. Later, Boom reveals that the message from the future is gone, meaning that the future is safe. Since there is no time portal currently open, the Omega Ranger is invited to stay at SPD until another one can be found. The Omega Ranger then reveals his identity - Sam!


Morgana recruits a washed-up alien magician named Mysticon, giving him a magic wand, the abilities of which make him, and his dinosaur pal Al, capable of committing numerous thefts. In exchange for this power, Mysticon puts on a magic show, in an effort to attempt to capture a leading microbiologist to aid Gruumm in his ultimate scheme, and ends up also putting would-be assistant Syd under a spell! Meanwhile, Doggie's favoritism of Omega Ranger over the others begins to get on the nerves of the B-Squad.

Reflection (1)

The Rangers run up against several alien criminals they've faced before, and all of whom are still captured! Sky, upset about not being given the new Battlizer Kat and Boom have developed for Jack, is sent to interrogate an imprisoned alien named Mirloc. He learns the source of the copycat criminals is a creature called Slate, able to change into others at will. But the information comes at a high cost for Sky, who has to relieve the sad fate of his father.

Reflection (2)

Sky learns that Mirloc, who manipulated him into helping his escape prison, is responsible for the death of his father! Sky hopes to bury the pain and sorrow of losing his father with a chance to eliminate the monstrous being responsible. The alien criminal uses his abilities to teleport through any reflective surface to taunt and capture each of the Rangers, one by one, until only Omega Ranger stands! Meanwhile, Piggy finally chooses a side.

S.W.A.T. (1)

Gruumm pressures Piggy into making good on his promise to be evil. When Z & Kat come to him for a part needed to aid in the creation of a new armor upgrade, he enlists the aid of his two evil alien pals, Stench and Thresher, to plant a virus in it, allowing them access to SPD's computers! The criminals use the armor tech to give themselves a power boost, which spells trouble for the B-Squad. But the Rangers have bigger problems, namely their in-team bickering has increased to an all time high. Before they can get the SWAT mode needed to defeat the pair, they'll have to earn it by going through boot camp on another planet!

S.W.A.T. (2)

Pushed to their physical and emotional limits by Sgt. Silverback's intense training course, the Rangers, demoted and relieved of their Morphers, are forced to overcome their differences and faults to fully view themselves as a team. If the can pull their team back together, they'll finally wield the power of SWAT. Meanwhile, Shadow and Omega Rangers find the armored foes of Stench & Thresher to be more than powerful adversaries. Also, Piggy finds his allegiances pulled in various directions.


Bridge has a nocturnal premonition, where the Rangers' Megazord falls prey to three giant robots at once. Gruumm orders Morgana to draw up some new monsters, and though each of the three are defeated, the toll is taken on the B-Squad in the form of exhaustion. Unbeknownst to them, Broodwing is waiting for this opportunity, and has three of his criminal associates prepared to strike the tired and weary Rangers!


Broodwing's associate known as Professor Cerebros alters the trajectory of a meteor, aiming it right for Newtech City. Between this, Jack & Sky's competitiveness over who gets to risk their life to save the world, and another Dragoul, the SPD Rangers are kept endangered and busy.


Given a promotion by Commander Birdy, Dr. Kat Manx chooses to depart Earth to accept the post at SPD HQ. But with the inept Boom now in charge of the Rangers' technology, and Broodwing recruiting the robot-making skills of her former classmate, Professor Mooney, Kat will have to take on yet another role, as Power Ranger, to bring everything back to normal.


The karate-master alien criminal called Bork comes to Earth, aligned with the Gruumm-usurping Broodwing. He captures Bridge in a rapidly constraining cell, with a broken Morpher. Cruger  sends Jack to look for Bridge while Sky leads B Squad to find Bork. Bridge is able to fix his communication systems in his morpher and is able to communicate to Jack. The Rangers continue to fight the criminal as Jack  races to Bridge's location. The walls begin to close in on Bridge and Grumm sends an army of Organgeheads and Krybots to prevent Bridge from being rescued. Jack uses the Swat truck to get through his enemies and gets to Bridge just in time. The Rangers join forces to form the Swat Megazord. They destroy the robot and capture Bork and  Cruger congratulates the team on a job will done as Gruumm talks to a mysterious force. He knows there is a traitor in his mists, and he is preparing for the final assault against SPD.


Summoned from the year 2005 into the future via an evil plot, Conner, Kira, and Ethan, the original three DinoThunder Rangers, quickly encounter 2025's resident team, the SPD Rangers. But with between Broodwing's giant monster Dragoul, and rival Emperor Gruumm's own Troobian assault on Earth occurring at the same time, SPD will need a little help in the form of their historical guests.

Badge (1)

Icthior, Doggie's rival from his days at the SPD Academy, comes to Earth, working for Broodwing. He attacks the Rangers, taking an SPD badge from each one as a souvenir. Meanwhile, Morgana may get her ultimate wish if she can help Emperor Gruumm get the last component for his mysterious "Magnificence".

Insomnia (2)

After a misunderstanding from hearing Doggie lamenting about the loss of A-Squad, the Rangers are upset to the point they're unable to get any sleep. They recall past adventures in an effort to boost their morale, and in the process make a starting observation. Meanwhile, Mora faces down the secret being inside Gruumm's Chamber of Magnificence.


Jack slacks off on duty when he begins a romance, which quickly gets him in hot water with Commander Cruger. Soon, the Rangers are sent to Gamma Orion, following a distress signal that'll lead them to the missing A-Squad Rangers, if they can survive the experience. Meanwhile, Broodwing continues his scheme to take over the Earth with the human-life force-battery operated criminal Delex, and the Magnificently brainwashed Mora bids goodbye to Cindy Sunshine.

Endings (1)

The B-Squad SPD Rangers face the evil and far more experienced A-Squad SPD Rangers. To make things even worse, Broodwing, his three Generals, and an army of Krybots swarm the Delta Base, taking over! Meanwhile, now captive of Emperor Gruumm, Doggie Cruger encounters a familiar face from his past.

Endings (2)

Captured by Emperor Gruumm, the Rangers get unexpected help from the person responsible for their imprisonment. Doggie faces Gruumm in a final showdown for the life of Isinia. Omni's Magnificence is finally created, and attacks Newtech City. Kat, Boom, Omega Ranger and the rest of the non-Ranger SPD cadets are all that stands in the way against a Krybot invasion of the Delta Base.


Emperor Gruumm utilizes a wormhole to pass into the past by 20 years, to 2004, in an attempt to conquer Earth without SPD interference. The Rangers must follow after him, and team-up with the year's resident team, the DinoThunder Rangers, to put a stop to him and his reluctant ally Zeltrax.