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Force from the Future (1)

In the year 3000, peace reigns thanks to an elite team of police officers known as Time Force. They've captured every evil mutant in the planet, save for one, named Ransik. He's tracked to a warehouse, where he plans to travel back in time to an era before Time Force. Alex, Time Force's own Red Ranger, busts in and stops him from escaping through the timestream. Ransik is arrested, and put on trial. He's found guilty, and sentenced to cryogenic containment, as all other mutants have been.

Overjoyed by this development, Alex gets engaged to his fellow TF officer & girlfriend, Jen. Jen, with her TF officer pals Katie, Lucas, and Trip, are given the task of taking Ransik to the cryo-prison. Along the way, Ransik's daughter, Nadira, and robotic servant Frax, ambush them and free their master. Ransik & pals head to the prison, take over (as well as save a whale-frog mutant named Gluto from chrono-freezing), and prepare to travel back in time. Alex tracks Ransik to the prison, and fights him.

His four TF officer teammates arrive just in time to witness Ransik cutting Alex down in cold blood. Jen comforts Alex as he passes away; he gives her his Chrono-Morpher and tells her to follow Ransik via Time Force's own method of time travel. Ransik & Co. take the entire sublevel of the prison with them as they pass through a Time Hole. Paramedics try to revive Alex, leaving Jen seeking vengeance. She convinces her three teammates to come with her, as they hijack the TF Time Ship, and head into the Time Vortex (located next to the TF HQ) to follow Ransik into the past.

Force from the Future (2)

Both Ransik & Company, and the four Time Force officers, land in the year 2001. The Prison "ship" arrives safely (yet ends up hidden in the forest by next episode), but the TF Time Ship crashes on the beach. It explodes, with the four TF officers barely escaping. They head into the nearby city of Silver Hills, and search for the mutants with their special DNA scanning sunglasses. They eventually find Nadira, with her gang of nut & bolt robot drones called Cyclobots, stealing jewelry & money. The four confront her, only to find that the Chrono-Morphers left on the Time Ship fail to work. Powerless, the Cyclobots manage to beat the TFs severely.

Jen is in danger, until a strange motorcyclist saves her. He fights well, and when he takes off his helmet, he appears to be a blonde lookalike of Alex! The man, named Wes Collins, is thanked by Jen (who overcomes her shock at his appearance), and departs. Soon, the TFs realize that each Chrono-Morpher reads a DNA lock on the wearer. Thus, Alex's Red Morpher needs someone with similar DNA to reactivate it. Only when his is reactivated, can the other four be activated. Jen, against her better judgment, meets Alex's possible descendant, Wes, at his mansion.

Turns out Wes' father is a billionaire. Wes uses Jen as an excuse to his father to get out of a board meeting. Jen tells him her story, but he thinks she's nuts and refuses to help. The four TFs try to face Ransik and his gang of mutants in the city unmorphed. Luckily, Wes reconsiders, and shows up just in time. The five heroes use their Chrono-Morphers, and transform into Time Force Power Rangers. They take on the Cyclobots successfully, and bring a halt to Nadira's crime spree for the moment. Once the mutants flee, Jen forcibly takes Wes' Morpher back. She's angered by the fact that Wes is nothing like Alex, more carefree and immature. Wes leaves, despite the other TFs having objections.

Something to Fight For

The four Time Force officers return to the beach, and attempt the salvage the remains of the Time Ship. They find the hologram viewing screen, which transmits a message to and from the future. Captain Logan, who had relieved them of duty before and was quite angry when they swiped the ship, is on duty. He tells them that without the Time Ship, they can't send human help, but will offer Time Force's weaponry to aid their recapturing of Ransik & company. In Silver Hills, Wes ditches another board meeting to fight a gang of Cyclobots in a bank. The Rangers save him before Nadira can chop his head off. Jen then chews his head off, scolding him for playing around and acting like this is all a game. Wes goes home, and struggles through another forced meeting with businessmen for his father. He then spots Trip in the backyard, and uses this as an excuse to sneak off.

Trip believes Wes is a good person, thanks to his mind-reading powers. He tells Wes, via a flashback, about Alex and what he meant to Jen & the team. Wes understands, and soon tells Jen that while he'll never be the man Alex was, he now has something to fight for. Namely, the honor of his possible descendant’s memory. Jen believes him, gives him back his Chrono-Morpher, and he joins them in battle. Ransik has Frax activate the Reanimator machines in the Prison Ship. He places a chrono-frozen mutant inside it, causing it to regrow back to normal size. The first mutant monster is named Jetara. He's some kind of rocket powered robotic turtle. The Rangers confront him, and when he removes a patch on his body, his mutant DNA becomes exposed. He grows to gigantic heights, prompting Circuit to summon the five Time Flyers from the future. They form together into the Time Force Megazord, with two configurations, Red Mode & Blue Mode. After a lengthy fight, Jetara is defeated, re-shrunk, and recaptured by our heroes. The TF officers all accept Wes as a member of their team at last.

Ransik Lives

The four time-lost Time Force Officers remain at the Time Ship ruins on the beach. They're at a loss for money and living quarters. Wes drops by and has a solution to at least one of their worries. He brings them to a very old Clock Tower in Silver Hills, which is owned by his rich father. Seems nobody has lived in it for a long time, and it is in a state of disrepair. The TFs are at first repulsed by the place, namely due to the lack of an elevator, but Jen discovers it can serve as a strategic lookout point for the whole city. They decide to stay, and begin to clean the Clock Tower up. Meanwhile, Nadira gets a manicure by the Cyclobots.

Her mindless staring into the TV set inspires Ransik to announce his arrival in the present via television. Soon, Wes & Jen go off to buy some food for their teammates, but fail to get out of the Clock Tower before they meet a strange businessman. His name's Ivan, and according to the front office of the Clock Tower, it used to be a place called "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs". Desperate for money, Jen & Wes agree to help Ivan out. They end up painting the hallway of a television studio. Wes gets captured by some Cyclobots, and is drug off to face Ransik, who is broadcasting his demands in the studio. His mutant of the day, a strange white creature named Fearog, blows up some buildings to highlight the seriousness of Ransik's threat. Wes is held before Ransik, who informs the Red Ranger of his origin: It seems that in the year 3000, genetics have advanced to the point that all children have perfect DNA.

One of the many embryo tubes containing the DNA ended up breaking and spilling into the sewer. Its instinct to survive caused it to become a human amid the waste. That mutant was Ransik, who wandered alleyways as an outcast due to his mutilated face. He finally decided to make humanity pay for their shunning of him, and he organized an army of fellow mutants to start a crime spree. The other Rangers then break Wes out, and the team fight Fearog. The mutant grows, but is soon re-Chrono Shrunk by the Time Force Megazord, as usual. Later, Ivan gives the teens money for their successful paintjob. They use it to buy pizza. Wes mentions Ransik's origin to Jen, who denies the sob story, saying that people did try to help him, but he refused. She appears to be hiding something, though.

A Blue Streak

The four Time Force Officers begin to settle into the Clock Tower, and have moved on to cleaning the outside of the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office. Wes pulls up in his BMW, which Lucas admires. Wes treats him like a primitive when it comes to cars of the 21st Century, and is shocked to learn that Lucas is a champion race car driver in 3000. He knows how to drive, alright, but fails to understand traffic laws of the present. Lucas gets a ticket for numerous violations, and is ordered to get a Driver's License. While doing so, he notices the Nadira, along with a mutant named Mantamobile (a blue manta ray type who can control and alter cars).

They've robbed an armored truck, as well as a bank, in their own sleek Mutant Mobiles. Lucas gives chase, scaring the wits out of his instructor, Mr. Picketts. Unable to catch them, Lucas tells his teammates. Trip opens up one of the cases that came with the Time Ship, and reveals the Vector Cycles. They use these five new specially designed battle bikes to end Nadira's stealing spree. Mantamobile proves too tough, so the combined weapon known as the Vortex Blaster is introduced. Lucas ends up having to retake his Driving Exam, which sends the injured Mr. Picketts fleeing.

A Parting of Ways

Nadira schemes for yet more money, this time using Tentaclaw, a mutant who kidnapped the mayor back in 3000. Tentaclaw (who can detach his smaller, purple, alien-headed body from his neck) hijacks a school bus. The kids on it are held for a ransom of 10 Million Dollars. The Time Force Rangers attempt to save them, but their Vector Cycles are unable to keep up with the bus. Red Time Force Ranger Wesley decides to ask his rich father, Mr. Collins, for help in getting the money. He refuses, so Wes takes it without permission.

The Rangers are able to get the kids to safety, defeat Tentaclaw, and regain the ransom. Wes returns home with it, but tricks his father into a press conference, where it's announced he'll donate the money to charity. Wes heeds his wise butler's advice, and plans to follow his heart, by striking out on his own. Mr. Collins is quite upset, as he had plans for Wes to take over for him at the Bio Synth Lab, but understands. Wes moves into the Clock Tower with the other Rangers.


Nadira turns her sights on Circuit, the Rangers' robotic owl pal with the ability to contact the future and summon the Megazord. Trip, Circuit's apparent creator, has trouble of his own, when his Xybrian mind-reading powers annoy Lucas one last time. Lucas places a bandage over Trip's forehead gem, grounding his powers for one day. Trip sulks in the city, and winds up bumping into Nadira, who tricks him into believing she's fled her father. She uses this distraction to kidnap Circuit, and take him to a train yard to have the mutant of the day, Medicon, operate on him. Circuit's circuitry is sabotaged, causing him to speak gibberish. Medicon attacks the city, and the Rangers are unable to get the Megazord due to the lack of the owl's assistance. Lucas reminds Trip that he should use his powers when something is incredibly important. Trip uses his gem, finds Circuit, fights Nadira, repairs the birdbot, and the day is saved.

Jen's Revenge

Wes tries warming up to Jen, only to find she's still as cold to him as ever. At the Prison Ship, a mutant aptly named Fatcatfish is reanimated. He's a bounty hunter, so Ransik hires him with some cash. Nadira becomes drawn to this love for money, and charms him enough to get a free shopping spree from him. Fatty shoots down some Cyclobots with his gatling arm for no real reason, angering Frax. Seems Frax has dreams of his fellow robots claiming superiority over all other forms of life.

Fatcatfish faces the Rangers in the city, and starts taunting Jen about her dead boyfriend. Seems she & Alex fought him back in the year 3000, and barely were able to bring him in. This sparks bad memories of Alex's demise, to the point that she tries to destroy the mutant. Her teammates can hardly calm her down, and keep her from violating the Time Force code of bringing the mutants in alive. Later, Frax replicates Fatcatfish's image & voice, and plants an invite on Jen. She follows it, thinking Fatty is cutting a deal and going to give her Ransik. Instead, it turns out to be an ambush. Jen comes prepared with two Chrono-Blasters, but is unable fight Ransik herself.

His painfully increasing mutation saves her from being sliced in half. The other Rangers find her bruised body, and get her to safety. The next day, she wakes up to find Wes by her side. She's moved by his compassion for her well being, but sneaks out again, and tracks down Fatcatfish. She's ready to eliminate him mercilessly, when the other Rangers show up, and Wes asks her what Alex would do. Jen realizes he would do everything by the book. Fatcatfish is instead taken out via the Megazord, and chrono-frozen once again. Jen later admits to Wes that she doesn't want him to be like Alex, and likes him just the way he is. She denies it in front of the others, though.

The Time Shadow

The company owned by Wes' father, Bio-Lab, unveils a top secret project 20 years in the making. The Raimei is a drill-tank, with intent of protecting Silver Hills from monster attacks. Izout, a purple eye-less mercenary, suddenly breaks into the building with some Cyclobots. They then steal a bucket of golden dust from Bio-Lab, known as Zirium powder. Izout gives it to Frax, and then fights the Rangers. The mutant's shotgun weapon and grenades are too powerful for the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue, actually crippling it in the middle of battle. The Time Jet luckily blasts Izout's own weapons, and causes him to shrink into Chrono-Froze mode before he can attack the defenseless city. The five Time Flyers return to the future, and the Rangers get the news from Captain Logan that they're too badly damaged to be sent anytime soon.

In the present, Frax works behind Ransik's back to turn the Zirium powder into a powerful fuel source known as the Trizirium crystal. He uses it to power his own robotic monster creation, named Tronicon. The large robot attacks the city, and the Rangers are helpless to stop it. Bio-Lab sends the Raimei, and while its cannons work well at first, Tronicon proves too tough. The Raimei is destroyed within minutes. In the year 3000, a mysterious man with dark hair, a white leather suit, black gloves, and silver rimmed sunglasses spies on Time Force HQ. In a secret lab, he runs a training test for a new Megazord. The Mystery Man, also monitoring the present, sends this strange weapon, called the Time Shadow Megazord, to aid the Rangers. It creates an eclipse in the sky, and exits through a time portal within it. It flies around in Shadow Winger mode, using its laser cannons and stealth mode, before transforming into humanoid shaped Megazord. The Rangers watch as Time Shadow takes down Tronicon easily with its bladed arms and rapid movements, before returning to the future. They thank Captain Logan for sending it, only to find out that Time Force knows nothing about it! The Mystery Man, with Time Shadow at his command, waits for his next move.

Future Unknown

At the Prison Ship, Frax is severely scolded by Ransik for his use of a robot in the previous episode. Ransik's pro-mutant mania leads to him blasting Frax, causing his henchbot to fall under the center console. There, Frax discovers a hidden key. He takes it in secret, and uses it to open a hidden chamber, known as the X Vault. It was thought only to be a rumor, where the worst of the worst were kept. Meanwhile at the Clock Tower, Katie spends time missing the family she left behind in the future.


While searching for other weapons resources in the present, Circuit discovers that the Raimei tank from last episode never existed! This leads to a discussion about how their actions in the present are effecting the course of history. Katie becomes fearful that this will mean her family might no longer exist. Soon, Frax releases a mutant from the X Vault, a red & white mantis-looking creature named Vexicon.

He goes into Silver Hills, tossing colorful explosives and blowing up buildings with his staff. The Rangers confront him, and wind up losing to his might. Katie suddenly has seconds thoughts about fighting, as she's lost the one thing driving her to defeat the mutants. After some deep soul searching, and a bit of advice from Wes, Katie realizes that the only way to ensure she has a future and family to go back to, is to never give up. She rejoins the fight, and helps take Vexicon down.

When the mutant grows, the Time Flyers are called in to form the Megazord. The Saber is broken by Vexicon, and the Time Shadow is also taken down by him. Circuit informs them they can create a new configuration, the combined Shadow Force Megazord. They do so, and are able to defeat the mutant. Frax returns home, and is commended by Ransik for using a mutant this time, despite the failure. Later, Katie toasts to her teammates, gladly reminding them they're her family and that is her home, for now.

Uniquely Trip

At the Clock Tower, Trip shows his newest invention to a disinterested Wes. Soon, the team is out fighting a new mutant, Redeye, a purple colored female creature. While the others do smooth battle moves against the Cyclobots & the criminal, Trip fumbles miserably. Spurned by this, Trip also discovers four kids in the park playing Rangers, with none of them picking Green. He goes on a crash course of exercising, trying to bulk up and be stronger. He doesn't succeed, merely amusing his teammates. Trip next sees Lucas picking up a woman on the street with a few cool pick-up lines. He tries to copy him, right down to the same outfit, but winds up knocking the woman he's hitting on into a water fountain. Frax sends a mutant into the city, Electropede, who drains electricity. Trip stays behind as the others confront him, and get beaten severely, their Chrono-Blasters, Vector Weapons, and even their Ranger suits being drained of power. He decides to take action in the only way he knows how, by finishing his newest invention. He brings it to the battle, and gives it to Wes. The Electro Booster attached to his Chrono-Saber, and turns the blade into a blaster. This eliminates surrounding Cyclobots, and gives Electropede a power surge which drains him of his power. The mutant grows, the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue defeats him, and shrinks him back to Chrono-Froze mode. Trip's Xybrian powers detect the four kids from earlier in trouble. He saves them from being blown up, and becomes their new hero. The other Rangers celebrate Trip's successful save, by all wearing green wigs to match his hair.

Worlds Apart

At the Clock Tower, Jen attempts to give the team a pep talk on their poor fighting performance in the last battle. But they grow bored with it. Soon, Nick Of Time Odd Jobs is given the task of picking up garbage. As they do so, Wes' father, Mister Collins, passes by in his limo. He's disgusted to see that his son left home to pick up other people's trash. Just around the corner, Nadira and her Cyclobots finish another stealing spree.

They're stopped by a troop of blue uniformed men with Blasters, known as the Silver Guardians. They're able to destroy most of the Cyclobots, sending Nadira into a retreat. The five TFs witness this in shock. One Silver Guardian, a black haired teenager named Eric Myers, greets Wes. Seems Eric & Wes went to Prep School together, and were somewhat pals. Later, our heroes see a press conference on television, revealing that the Silver Guardians are owned by Mr. Collins. They protect property for a price. Wes is outraged that his dad is up to his old tricks again, only out for the money.

Eric, meanwhile, remembers back on his days with Wes, and how much he resented him. While he was a great fighter, he never had enough money to fit in. Soon, Frax sends another X Vault villain into the city, named Univolt, a brown mantis type with a rifle. The Rangers and Silver Guardians face him. Red Ranger takes a fatal blast from Univolt's gun aimed for Eric & Commander Porter. His helmet visor is shattered, revealing his eyes to Eric, who immediately recognizes him. Mister Collins is also there, and is stunned to find his son is a Ranger. They exchange words, with Wes firmly stating that he doesn't want to be like his father, and is making a difference. Eric grows even more resentful that Wes has gotten another break in life without having earned it. Wes heads back into battle, and the Rangers defeat the mutant with simply their Vortex Blaster. The next day, Mr. Collins tries convincing his son to join the Silver Guardians. He refuses. Collins accepts his wishes, though he doesn't understand his son, but is secretly proud of him.

The Quantum Quest

At the Silver Hills Historical Society dinosaur dig site, a strange find is made. A small, silver, red, & yellow energy box, buried near a cave drawing of a strange massive silver Tyrannosaurus Rex. A news report shows the box to the public, claiming it was found in soil dating back to the Jurassic period, some 150 Million Years ago. Ransik recognizes the box & cave drawing, as belonging to Time Force. The mutant named Brickneck is sent to retrieve this item, known as the Quantum Controller. He & the Cyclobots attack the archeologists, but the Silver Guardians ambush them. The humans are no match for the bots alone, and soon, the Time Force Rangers appear.

During the fight, Wes is badly injured again, and loses the Quantum Controller. Eric, his former sorta-pal from Prep School and current Silver Guardian, snatches it up and hides it at a Storage Depot. He attempts to ask Mr. Collins for a promotion to the Commander of the SGs, but is refused. This inspires him to return to the site, where he takes on an army of Cyclobots by himself. The Rangers learn from Circuit that the Quantum Controller Box was the control device for the Quantasaurus Red Megazord (the cave wall drawing). Circa 3000, when Time Force first began testing time travel, they sent the Q-Rex through the vortex. The box & it got separated, and both lost in time. Our heroes get an alert that Brickneck has traced the QCB to the Storage Depot.

Wes, still injured, follows along after them. While the main four face the mutant, he encounters Eric. They fight side by side against the Cyclobots, but Wes succumbs to his injuries, and watches helplessly as Eric slips the QCB onto his arm, activating the Quantum Morpher. He morphs into the Quantum Ranger explosively. The Quantum Ranger, a darker red & black version of the Red Time Force Ranger, single handedly trashes all of the Cyclobots, and with help from his Quantum Defender blaster/saber, and his Morphers vocal instructions, Eric re-Chrono Freezes Brickneck. The other Rangers are grateful for the Quantum Ranger's help, but wonder what the power-hungry Eric will do with these new powers.

Clash for Control (1)

The Rangers attempt to reason with Eric, asking him quite nicely to return the Quantum Morpher to them. He refuses, enjoying the power it gives him. Having failed to get the Quantum Ranger Powers themselves, the evil mutants scheme to go back in time to retrieve the missing Quantasaurus Red Megazord. Ransik sends Commandocon, a heavily armored creature, off to open a Time Hole in the sky. He hops into it, but not before gaining the attention of the 6 Rangers nearby. Eric morphs into the Quantum Ranger, and summons his own personal flight vehicle, the TF Eagle. He plans to get the Q-Rex before anyone else, but Wes manages to tag along, hanging on the wing of the one-seater jet as it takes off. The TF Eagle passes through the Time Hole safely, nearly blowing the Red Time Force Ranger off inside the vortex. It lands at the opposite end of the portal, in a prehistoric jungle. Wes awakens, and admires the various species of dinosaur roaming through the bushes. Eric figures they went back about roughly 150 Million Years. He pushes Wes around, scolding him for following along. Their fight gets interrupted by an angry mother Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose nest of eggs Wes nearly fell on. Eric & Wes aid each other in running through the jungle, trying to escape the hungry beast.

Wes eventually gets tail-swiped off the side of a cliff by the T-Rex, leaving Eric to hide inside of a small cave nearby. The T-Rex, unable to reach either of them, gives up and leaves. Eric stumbles around the cave, discovering it to be the same one archeologists dug up in the previous episode. He reads the cave wall drawings, and deciphers that the Quantasaurus Rex is in the active volcano in the distance. Meanwhile, Wes has managed to survive the fall somehow, and injured wanders toward the volcano. He nearly gets stomped by the giant robotic Q-Rex, as it heads to the volcano as well, apparently living in a huge cave there. Commandocon beats the weary Red Ranger down, and gets into the cave first.

He implants a controlling device on the Q-Rex's head, and orders it to follow him. Outside, Wes tries to stop the mutant, only to end up fighting Eric again. The Quantum Ranger, foolishly believing the Red Ranger is lying about the mutant, attacks him, and quickly gains the upper hand. Before Eric can use his Quantum Defender pointblank on Wes, he notices the Time Hole reopening. Quantum Ranger leaves the Red Ranger behind, hops into the TF Eagle, just as Commandocon & the Q-Rex escape through the portal. The nearby volcano starts to erupt violently, trapping Wes amid a cave-in of the entire area below his feet. Red Ranger falls into the lava flow, but is rescued by Quantum Ranger on the TF Eagle, claiming they're now even for the earlier saves. The two fly up into the Time Hole, just before it closes, and return to the present. In 2001, Quantasaurus Rex tears through the city, destroying buildings under Commandocon's control.

Wes thanks Eric for the save, but gets dumped off the TF Eagle harshly by the annoyed Quantum Ranger. Red Ranger falls a steep distance for a third time this episode. His four teammates join him, and helplessly watch the Q-Rex's rampage. Quantum Ranger tries to use his Morpher to stop the Zord, but the signal is blocked! Ransik & his fellow mutants teleport atop a roof, and witness the beginning of his reign of terror...

Clash for Control (2)

Commandocon continues controlling the Quantasaurus Rex. The Time Force Rangers call in the TF & Time Shadow Megazords to halt its rampage. They fight hard, with the TS injuring the Q-Rex's shoulder, causing it to retreat. The TFs realize the only way to control the Q-Rex is to regain the Quantum Morpher, with which Trip can attempt to bypass the blocking device. Eric, meanwhile, vies for the role of the Silver Guardians' Commander, revealing to Mr. Collins that he's the Quantum Ranger. Collins will only give him the promotion if he can regain the Q-Rex. As Wes meets with Eric, in an attempt to peacefully get the Quantum Morpher back, Mr. Collins visits the Clock Tower, and offers to hire the four Time Force Officers from the future. Red TF Ranger & the Quantum Ranger do battle, leading to a stand-still when the Quantasaurus Rex repairs itself and is lead back to the city by Commandocon.

Eric believes the four TFs will be working for him, but when they arrive, he's a bit stunned to learn they turned Collins' offer down, choosing to stand behind Wes. The Shadow Force Megazord combats Q-Rex, Commandocon grows large, and Quantum Ranger tries once more to regain control. He fires his Quantum Defender at Q-Rex's head, striking the signal blocker. Eric now has voice control, through his Morpher, of the Q-Rex. Under prompting of the internal computer, Quantum Ranger has it transform into Quantasaurus Rex Megazord Mode. The upright standing metal beast uses its Max Blizzard attack, and Chrono-Freezes Commandocon back to shrunken form. Later, Eric is promoted to Commander by Mr. Collins, as promised. Wes is overwhelmed by the fact his teammates turned down his rich father's proposal, which could have benefitted their war with Ransik. Jen jokingly "reconsiders," surprising everyone, given her usually serious nature.

Bodyguard in Blue

Mr. Collins announces at a press conference that the Quantum Ranger now leads the Silver Guardians. He introduces Doctor Michael Zaskin, a scientist from Bio-Lab in charge of analyzing the Quantum Powers and creating duplicate weapons for the rest of the Guardians. Wes is quite unhappy with news of his father ever-expanding his influence to the Ranger market. Zaskin is later kidnapped by the latest mutant, Klawlox, a yellow ant-like headed creature with claws.

Zaskin's young daughter, Holly, watches him being kidnapped by Klawlox, Nadira, and some Cyclobots. The drones try to capture her, but she gets away. While wandering around, she discovers Lucas, offering Nick Of Time Odd Jobs' services to a lady in distress. Holly hires Lucas to be her bodyguard, and he reluctantly accepts, until he learns exactly who she is from his teammates. Klawlox attacks Lucas as he drives Holly into the mountains. The other Rangers track down Zaskin, who's being tortured by Nadira & the Cyclobots, in an attempt to learn everything he's discovered about the Quantum Powers.

Eric informs Mister Collins of Dr. Zaskin's kidnapping, and all he's worried about is if he spills the information or not. The Silver Guardians arrive just as the Rangers have freed Zaskin and are facing Nadira. Zaskin thanks the Rangers, though Eric later claims to Collins that the Guardians saved him single-handedly. Lucas protects Holly, but is unable to save her teddy bear Theo. He's forced to Morph in front of her. Klawlox eventually grows, and proves so tough that the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord has to help the Shadow Force Megazord out, whether the Rangers like it or not. Once the mutant is refrozen, Holly is brought home safe and sound. She promises to keep Lucas' identity a secret, and he gives her a replacement stuffed bear. Dr. Zaskin is quite grateful. Lucas denies his teammate's playful claims of him being a big old softie at heart.

The Legend of the Clock Tower

The Time Force Officers try in vain to fix the run-down and ancient Clock Tower. Katie learns of its history, and how a previous owner of the building, Walter Brown, is said to haunt the attic, still lovelorn for a girl he never fought for. Katie wanders up there, bumps into his restless spirit, and accidentally falls into a random Time Hole. She emerges in Silver Hills, a colonial village, circa the early 1800s. Soon, Katie meets Walter Brown in person, and learns he's a gentle poet in love with a girl named Gwen.

Only problem is, her boyfriend Drake is a bully who loves to push poor Walter around. Katie helps Walter get up enough confidence to confront Drake, and manages to win Gwen's heart by punching Drake in the groin. The entire tale appears to be a dream, when Katie wakes up in the Clock Tower at the present day with no memory of returning. After heading off to battle with Cyclobots, and capturing the mutant of the day with the rest of the Rangers, Katie informs them of her adventure. Wes, having told her Walter Brown's story the night before, is quite confused, since the story he remembers telling Katie had Walter & Gwen living happily ever after. Katie discovers history has changed for the better, and that it was no dream... though the Clock Tower remains a little spooky.

Trust and Triumph

Trust is in question, after Wes fails to follow through on a plan to capture Nadira during a bank robbery. Later, Turtlecon traps the Time Force Rangers in a yellow-atmosphere beach dimension, where they face their evil morphed doubles! Wes & Jen manage to escape, but leave their three teammates behind. In order to free them, the two have to learn mutual trust in one another. Thus, Jen opens up to Wes on how she came to know Alex, and how she became such a confident leader. Wes & Jen work together to shatter Turtlecon's dimension, and later, the whole team works together to recapture him

Trip Takes a Stand

Ransik sends out a mutant named Notacon, who doesn't want to be evil. Frax's device forces him to do bad, but Trip discovers his true nature and sets out to protect him from not only the fugitives, but from the Silver Guardian Eric!

Quantum Secrets

Eric's Quantum Morpher is swiped by Conwing, who uses a mouthpiece to mimic Eric's vocal pattern and take control of the Quantasaurus Rex. It takes some mysterious help from the future to do what Bio-Lab in the present can't, namely unlock some more of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal. Plus, will Jen's attempt to gain the loner Quantum Ranger's friendship lead to revealing to him that she and her teammates are from the future?

Lovestruck Rangers

Wes, Trip, and Lucas fall for a mysterious girl named Angelique unaware that she is a mutant in disguise who makes her victims fall in love with her.

The Last Race

Mutant racing expert Dash is released to act as Nadira's getaway driver during her latest spree of crimes. Lucas knows this mutant all too well, since circa the year 3000, they were best friends, until the Blue Ranger put Dash away by testifying against him! Lucas must reach his old pal inside the bitter convict, or at the very least, outrace him. Can he do this without getting another speeding ticket?

Full Exposure

An ambitious photographer named Mitch discovers the true identities of the Rangers. Katie begs him not to hand in the pictures for publishing, but it takes a near death experience during a mutant attack for Mitch to have a change of heart and give Katie the pictures.

Movie Madness (1)

Famous stunt-actor Frankie Chang is in Silver Hills, filming his latest movie! The Time Force team excitedly visit the set, with Wes ending up getting a job as a stunt double. But as the stunts grow more and more dangerous, our heroes begin to realize that all is not what it seems, and that the director is actually the mutant Cinecon, who's really filming "The End of the Power Rangers!"

Movie Madness (2)

The Rangers are trapped in Cinecon's movie dimensions: Wes & Trip in a western, Lucas in a samurai flick, Katie in a musical, Jen in a kung-fu film, and Eric in a jungle picture. To escape from those, and through multiple others while being chased by Ransik and his Cyclobots, our heroes will have to literally take the script into their own hands!

Time Force Traitor

Steelix, Jen's old Time Force partner, seeks revenge on Jen for getting him locked up. He steals her morpher, fights her on her own, then turns her evil. Wes breaks Jen out of the spell, and all of the Rangers defeat Steelix.

Frax's Fury

Frax releases Venomark, who infects the city and four Rangers with the same poisonous bite he gave Ransik many years ago. By snagging one of Ransik's vials, Wes is able to get the serum reproduced by Bio-Lab, saving his friends and the city.

Dawn of Destiny (1)

Ransik and a search party hunt for Frax in the woods, but the renegade scientist is able to elude them. Jen tells Wes that the Venomark serum can help change the future, and Wes decides to return to Bio-Lab and retrieve it, he is stopped by his father and Eric. Ransik learns that the serum is held at Bio-Lab, he unleashes a devastating attack, led by a mutant called Severax. Frax finds a new lair and begins work on a robot to use on the city. With Bio-Lab under siege, Ransik takes the serum for himself, Mr. Collins confronts him, only to be struck down by an energy blast from Ransik. The Rangers finally come to the aid of Bio-lab, and defeat the Cyclobots, Severax is made giant, but is defeated by the Shadow Force Megazord. Mr. Collins is rushed to the local hospital, whilst the Rangers finally come face to face with the Mystery Man who has been supplying them with help from the future: ALEX

Fight Against Fate (2)

Alex tells the Rangers that time has shifted, and they must act quickly to repair the damage, he is very sincere about this mission and expects no screw-ups, he also tells Wes that he must now step down as Red Ranger, as he will inherit his father's company in 24 hours, when Mr. Collins dies from the injuries inflicted by Ransik. Eric finds himself being reduced to a lap-dog role, without Mr. Collins around, he doesn't have a say in how the company should function. Alex leads the Rangers against Frax and his new creation Dragontron, in the Shadow Force Megazord at the beach, Alex tells the Rangers to aim at Dragontron's weak spots, but Frax is able to counter the strategy.

Eric hears of the Ranger's plight, and arrives in The Q-Rex, which takes a bite out of Dragontron's arm. To the surprise of the Rangers, Dragontron's arm regenerates; Frax flees with his machine to assess the damage. Back at the Clock Tower, Alex berates the Rangers for their incompetence, whilst Wes counts down the hours to his father's death...

Destiny Defeated (3)

Frax completes work on his new weapon: an energy siphon he will use against the Rangers when they next face Dragontron. Meanwhile, Eric is leaving town, he leaves his precious birds in the care of his little girl neighbor. Frax activates the Dragontron and uses the siphon to drain the Ranger's Zords of power, leaving them as sitting ducks for Dragontron, the Rangers are forced to abandon ship. Alex seems more determined to take the energy siphon than arrest Frax for his breach of the peace, this results in Frax blasting down the Rangers. Frustrated, the Rangers confront Alex and tell him there tired of his pressuring them, they demand he step down.

Meanwhile, Wes, on the eve of becoming the new owner of Bio-Corp, is told by Dr. Zaskin that Mr. Collins was proud that he chose his own destiny, Wes decides to make that choice once again and rushes to the Ranger's aid. When he successfully destroys the energy siphon, Jen tells Alex to give Wes his Chrono-Morpher, Alex finally agrees to do so, and the team are reunited with Wes. They summon the Zords once more and battle Dragontron, Eric, who is leaving town, sees the battle and gets out of his cab. Eric and the Rangers finally destroy Dragontron with a combined attack from the Time Force Megazord and the Q-Rex. Alex journeys to the hospital and uses a mysterious healing orb to bring Mr. Collins back from near-death. Wes is overjoyed to see his father alive and well, Mr. Collins tells Wes to continue his own path. At the beach, the Rangers say farewell to Alex, he apologizes for pushing them too hard, and departs for the future, leaving Jen and the others to further defend the past

Undercover Rangers

The Rangers go undercover at a gym to discover that Frax is using it as a front to turn its customers into robots. With help from Eric, the team defeats the mutant running the gym, and rescues the customers.

Beware the Knight

In the distant past, a White Knight and Black Knight fight for possession of a mysterious box, the Black Knight is victorious, and he takes the box. In the present, Trip is on a mission; to deliver Pizza back to the other Rangers at The Clock Tower, but his journey is interrupted by the arrival of the Black Knight, Trip manages to escape. When he returns to the Clock Tower, the other Rangers refuse to believe him. The Black Knight takes the box to a cave outside of Silver Hills, he is furious that the box can only be opened by the pure of heart, and summons a dragon to guard it. Whilst returning from a movie, the Rangers soon discover that Trip was telling the truth when they come face to face with The Knight, they morph and battle him, but are beaten back.

The next day, Wes waits in the woods for the Black Knight until sunset, when the Knight heads back into Silver Hills; Wes contacts the other Rangers and tells them to keep the Knight busy whilst he backtracks the path of the Knight. The path leads Wes to the cave, and he battles the Dragon, after defeating it, Wes picks up the box, being pure of heart, he is able to open it, the voice of the White Knight tells the Red Ranger he has earned the right to use the mystic power of the Battle Fire. Meanwhile, the other Rangers battle it out with the Black Knight, and are struggling, but Wes arrives in time, armed with the Battle Fire, Wes summons new Battle Warrior armor, and destroys the Knight. Back at the cave, Wes seals the entrance to the structure by placing a sword in the stone.

Time for Lightspeed

The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers when the Lightspeed Rangers' old nemesis Vypra returns to seek a powerful crystal that she believes to have the power to destroy the power rangers.

Reflections of Evil

Nadira and the Mutant Miracon plot to destroy the Rangers by trapping them in a terrifying Mirror Dimension. Meanwhile, Lucas' vanity is beginning to put several of the Rangers' missions at risk, and he gets chewed out for his self-affection. This costs the Rangers dearly when they pursue the attacking Miracon into a building, and into a chamber full of mirrors. The Rangers are sucked into the Mirror dimensions, where they face old and new Mutant enemies, the Rangers battle each of them, destroying them all guarantees liberty from their mirror prisons.

Eric arrives at the building, after initial efforts to shatter the Mirrors from outside fail, he morphs and joins the Rangers in the Mirror world. There, he helps Wes take out Miracon, freeing every Ranger from the Mirror dimension. Miracon escapes the Mirror world as well, and grows, he is destroyed by The Time Shadow, the Q-Rex, and the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue. Katie fools around with Lucas' vanity problems and offers him a new mirror to replace one she broke earlier, Lucas tries hopelessly to reject it. Meanwhile, Ransik prepares to hunt down Frax and make him pay for betraying him...

Nadira's Dream Date

Nadira is desperate for a love life, and nothing will please her other than a handsome date. To cheer herself up, Nadira attacks Silver Hills with the Mutant Chameliacon, they are confronted by The Rangers. After a short battle, Chameliacon retreats, and Lucas sends Nadira flying into a bush. After the Rangers depart, Nadira finds something dropped by Lucas, his poetry book. After reading some of it's contents, she becomes convinced that Lucas has feelings for her (though Lucas was really writing about his CAR.) She returns to Ransik and swoons over he new "Love", Ransik locates Lucas and tells him to give his daughter a perfect date or he will suffer heavily.

Lucas goes through with the date, which is spoiled when Chameliacon attacks again, Ransik arrives to prevent Lucas from battling Chameliacon. Lucas returns to the Clock Tower, and thinks of a strategy with the other Rangers, the next time he dates Nadira, he acts like a disgusting, immature, greedy, filthy individual which turns Nadira away. Ransik is infuriated and sends Chameliacon to destroy Lucas, after a decisive battle, Lucas is able to defeat the Mutant. The Mutant grows, but the Zords are deployed and he is captured. Nadira is left once again, with a heart longing for love, when she receives a note from a secret admirer, she briefly cheers up...and then frowns once more when the "Admirer" turns out to be Gluto.

Circuit Unsure

Circuit's memory banks are hacked into by Alex to prevent Circuit from revealing anything to the other Rangers about their future. Meanwhile, with only two Mutant canisters left, Ransik unleashes the Serpicon monster, who takes control of the Silver Hills Space center, he sets the base to self-destruct. Trip and Circuit (who were nearby), reach the Space Centre and try to de-activate the self-destruct themselves, but Circuit, feeling as if his memory bank malfunction was of his own making, loses confidence in himself and he refuses to help. Trip screws up, and the Centre now only has two minutes before it destructs. Eric and the Silver Guardians arrive, but can't do much in two minutes, so the other Rangers bust into the place, The Silver Guardians are confronted by Cyclobots and can't help.

Thanks to Katie keeping one of the doors from closing, the self-destruct is delayed due to a breach in the safety protocols but it is not stopped. Serpicon confronts Eric, and the two battle to a standstill, Alex contacts Circuit from the future and tells him it was he who was responsible for the deletion of the future files. With his confidence restored, Circuit halts the self-destruct.

Wes and Eric finish off Serpicon, but he grows, and when Circuit is blasted, the Rangers find themselves unable to call the Zords from the future. Climbing aboard their Time Jets, the Rangers distract Serpicon long enough for Eric to finish him with the Q-Rex. Whilst the Rangers are relieved that Circuit regains conscience back at the Clock Tower, a storm has gathered, Frax has completed his latest creation using Trixyrium crystals, and mysterious vortexes are beginning to open over the city...

A Calm Before the Storm

Ransik is out of Mutants, and must come to the realization that he now faces inevitable capture. Meanwhile, the Rangers become upset as they face a return to the year 3000, Wes comforts a frustrated Jen on the situation. Bio-Lab's scientists develop a way of creating Trixyrium crystals, which can supply great power, but knowing what this means for the future, Eric informs the Rangers of the development, Wes talks to his father and is able to persuade him into stopping production of Trixyrium crystals. Frax unleashes his new cyborg Mad Axe, but after a lengthy battle with the Rangers and their Zords, it is destroyed. Gluto is ordered by Ransik to find Frax's lab quickly, whilst the Rangers are informed by Alex that they do save the future, but they will die making the effort...

The End of Time (1)

Wes, concerned for his friends as Alex reveals they will die saving the future, acts on instinct to save his friends. Meanwhile, Gluto succeeds in locating Frax's lair, where the insane machine is creating the Doomtron robot, Ransik arrives at the warehouse and captures him. At the mall, Nadira and Trip do battle when the TF officer confronts her on a looting spree...er...I mean shopping spree. Trip persuades Nadira into helping a female deliver her baby when she suddenly goes into labor, the experience changes Nadira, and she wonders if humans really ARE that evil after all.

She confronts Frax about it, and he tells her that the cycle of hatred can never be broken, Nadira tells Dr. Ferricks she is sorry for his condition, sensing there is hope for her, Frax tells Nadira she might be able to break the cycle. Ransik eliminates all trace of Dr. Ferricks from Frax's body, transforming him into a puppet, he orders Frax to pilot Doomtron into Silver Hills. As an army of Cyclobots lay waste to Silver Hills, and the Time holes continue to generate as Doomtron uses the unstable Trixyrium crystals as a power source, Wes and the TF Rangers race to the Time Ship sent by Alex to retrieve them from the year 2001. Wes succeeds in trapping his friends on board, reluctantly, he says farewell, assuring them they will be safe in the future, whilst he confronts Ransik himself...

The End of Time (2)

Wes takes on the army of Cyclobots by himself, and enlists Eric's help, the battle eventually spreads across a full day, destroying the Clocktower, and severely injuring Eric, Wes takes his Quantum Defender and takes the battle to the next stage, not fearing the outcome. Back in the future and facing memory acclimation, Jen and the others decide to take a page from Wes' book and take control of destiny, they refuse to forget their experiences with Wes and Jen dumps Alex for good, he responds by allowing them to depart and assist Wes

The End of Time (3)

When the four TF Officers return from the future to assist Wes, Doomtron is defeated, destroying the brainwashed Frax along with it. Ransik ignores Nadira's pleas, and takes on the Time Force Rangers personally. During his rage against them, he accidentally strikes out against his daughter, and a baby she saved. This snaps Ransik out of his vengeance-filled state of mind, and he willingly gives up to Time Force. With all the mutants now captured, Jen and the gang return to the year 3000. She and Wes reluctantly part ways, their relationship coming to a premature end. In the end, Wes agrees to his father's wishes of his becoming co-commander of the Silver Guardians (alongside Eric, of course), though for nonprofit work only.