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Shift into Turbo (1)

Adam, Tanya, and Kat are graduating from Angel Grove High and bringing Rocky up to speed on their adventure on Muranthius, whilst Tommy, having picked up his diploma early, has taken to the race track to try out his new desire to drive fast cars. Meanwhile Divatox is back and she's out for revenge on the rangers for ruining her wedding plans with Maligore, she sends Elgar to the Angel Grove Power Plant to plant one of her devastating detonators. Elgar transforms Bulk and Skull into chimps when the two doofuses confront him, and he soon runs into Justin, but Divatox's nephew summons an army of Piranatrons to take out the seemingly alone and outmatched Blue Turbo Ranger...

Shift into Turbo (2)

Whilst Justin fights on his own against an army of Piranatrons at the Power Plant, Divatox attacks Adam, Tanya, and Katherine who are on their way to their Graduation Ceremony. The teens foil the sneak attack and send the Piranatrons packing, reuniting with Tommy and Justin, they save the Power Plant by using the Turbo R.A.M (Mark I) to carry the detonator out of harms' way as it activates. Meanwhile, Divatox discovers a wormhole has opened up in Space...a wormhole that leads directly to Eltar

Shift Into Turbo (3)

With the current Power Ranger team fully capable of defending Earth without their guidance, Zordon and Alpha 5 are headed home to the planet Eltar at last. Divatox is going to do everything she can to keep the pair from having a safe trip, by first sending Elgar and his fleet of monstrous tanks to flank the Rangers in their Turbozords to keep them from saying goodbye to their mentors, and then by having the Amphibitor monster guard a device made to close the wormhole to Eltar with the travelers inside it! But who are the mysterious pair left behind to run the Power Chamber? Also, as the elder Ranger Teens finally graduate high school, Justin finds himself entering it early!

Shadow Rangers

Divatox sends the evil Chromite monster to Angel Grove with a detonator. When the rangers try to stop him, he steals their morphing powers to create Shadow Rangers. Tommy is forced to find a way to stop Chromite and track down his missing friends by himself.

Transmission Impossible

Arriving from the Planet Inquiris to deliver a message of great importance to Dimitira, the alien Visceron is brought down by Divatox, when he refuses to talk, she meddles with his mind and turns him against the Turbo Rangers

Rally Ranger

Justin faces a cruel bully in a soapbox-car derby. Porto, feeling dejected, strikes out on his own.

Built for Speed

Members of Adam's 1950s stunt show take their characters too seriously, and prepare to have a drag race. The Rangers face the Demon Racer monster.

Bicycle Built for the Blues

Justin's birthday has arrived, but as excited as he is, his friends seem to have forgotten (when in actuality, they are preparing him a surprise party!). Justin leaves the garage where he was helping him repair a car and notices a bike left for him. Glad someone remembered his birthday, Justin gets on--and realizes that the bike has a mind of its own. It won't let him control it, won't let him get off it, and worse, there's a detonator attached to it! The rangers follow after Justin, but are halted by Divatox's newest monster. Tommy is able to save Justin with the miniature version of the Red Lightning zord, and Justin morphs to help destroy the Big Burpa monster. And, of course, the surprise party is revealed.

The Whole Lie

Struck by a ray, Justin is forced to always lie. And with each lie, another Pirahantron appears nearby! He must find a way to say the truth to break the spell, in time to aid his teammates against the Mouth Piece monster.

Glyph Hanger

Divatox's former fiancé, Pharaoh, comes to town. His magical staff falls into Adam's hands, when he believes it to be a prop at his Egyptian stunt-show. It begins turning every sign nearby into hieroglyphics!

Weight and See

Kat becomes self-conscious about her weight when trying out for a ballet. The Numbor monster uses his gravity-distorting powers to make her weightless! It'll take an acceptance of herself to get her feet back on the ground to aid her teammates in defeating him.

Alarmed and Dangerous

Justin finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place when he squeals on two bullies who pull a fire alarm falsely, and their targeting of him nearly leads to his using his powers in front of them! Meanwhile, Divatox plots another detonator on a fire engine.

The Millennium Message

Blue Senturion, an intergalactic law enforcement robot from another galaxy, comes to Angel Grove with a message from the future. Divatox learns what's on the message, that she, Rita & Zedd, and the Machine Empire will one day team-up to attack Earth, only to be foiled by a group of heroes. She manages to turn Blue Senturion against the Rangers temporarily, before he joins forces with them. The message is corrupted, so the Rangers are unable to view just who the heroes are. Without a way to get off the planet, Blue Senturion remains in town with his Robo Racer zord.

A Drive to Win

Adam is coaching the Angel Grove High School soccer team. His star player doesn't like to use team work ( his name is Carlos). Adam tries to tell Carlos to pass the ball more.  Carlos makes friends with a cheerleader named Ashley. Divatox sends her Piranatrons to attack Adam. Suspiciously they also attack Carlos and Ashley as well. They seem to handle themselves well. Ashley eventually gets fed up with Carlos' selfishness. Divatox secretly places a detonator in the scoreboard. When a certain amount of goals are scored it will go off. The Rangers are able to disable the detonator and destroy Divatox's latest monster. Carlos learns the value of teamwork and uses it to help his team win. Carlos and Ashley make up.

Cars Attacks

Jenny Hunter, Lt. Stone's niece, comes to town with a chip on her shoulder. She competes with Kat for a spot in a London Dance Academy. Oh, and Wolfgang von Griller orchestrates vehicles all over Angel Grove to fly around and attack the Rangers.

Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (1)

The Shrinkasect monster bugs our heroes, specifically sending Blue Senturion on rampage when he gets inside his head. Eventually, the Rangers, sans Justin, are shrunk to the size of bugs, and brought to Divatox's subcraft.

Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (2)

The Rangers escape Divatox and flee into the ducts of the Subcraft, desperately trying to find a way to reverse the effects of their mutations before they transform into insects completely. Tommy hits on the idea of using Divatox's growth missiles, but can the Rangers find them before they are caught and crushed either on purpose or by accident by the giants that wander the sub-craft?

Passing the Torch (1)


Visited by her mother Mama D, Divatox is inspired to take down the Turbo Rangers by removing their leader. While heading to the outskirts of Angel Grove to go camping with Adam, Justin, and Tanya, Tommy & Kat are ambushed by Pirahantron. A pair of young teens on a bus in the midst of moving to the area, T.J. (a wannabe professional baseball batter) and Cassie (a wannabe singing star), spot the disturbance and come to the Rangers' aid. But will they be too late to save Tommy? Meanwhile, the other three Ranger Teens must contend with both a Putrapod and the Flamite monster at their campsite.

Passing the Torch (2)

Tommy's a captive of Divatox, and dangling over the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, with only a rat-eaten rope keeping him hanging on to life. The only ones to have even a clue as to where he is are TJ & Cassie, but are they brave and strong enough to face the forces of evil? Flamite, after ruining the teens' camping trip, turns his sights on the city, heating the situation up by growing. Can Ashley & Carlos keep a group of children out of harm's way while the Rangers put out the giant fire? And on top of all of that, time is running out for the four eldest Rangers, who must pass on their powers to worthy successors by the end of the day, or place the world in permanent peril.

Stitch Witchery

Ashley is excited when she gets a job working with a fashion designer unaware that the designer, Delisha Enevil, is a monster of Divatox's, who has put something in her designed clothes which makes anyone or anything that wears them to become greedy. That includes Blue Senturion and Robo Racer!

The Wheel of Fate

Divatox sets her sights on two legendary living cars, having her Dreadfeather monster free them from their eons-long hiding space in an asteroid belt. The vehicles, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, take off to Earth, where they encounter TJ & Justin, becoming fast friends with the pair. But Divatox and company aren't about to give up on these powerful machines, and the chase is on! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take the job of trying to slow and stop cars near a construction site. Add not-yet-dried cement to the mix, and you've got a hilarious situation.

Trouble by the Slice

Divatox gets amnesia, and goes to work at a pizza parlor. The Mad Mike monster bakes the Rangers into a giant pizza.

The Phantom Phenomenon

The Phantom Ranger comes to Earth, and despite his invisibility powers, gets noticed by not just the Turbo Rangers, but Divatox as well. His identity is a mystery to all, though he fights for the side of good.

Vanishing Act

Divatox's latest monster recruit, Translucitor, goes around shifting Angel Grove onto a parallel plane of reality, thus making all buildings and items invisible to the Ranger Teens, including the Power Chamber! The city is vulnerable to looting by the Evil Space Pirates, unless the Rangers, with help from their new friend the Phantom Ranger, can make Translucitor fade away for good. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are interviewed by a shady character for a job they can't refuse... costumed birthday greeting singers at a singing telegram company. First as bunnies, then masked wrestlers, both at the Juice Bar!

When Time Freezes Over

The Turbo Rangers foil Divatox's plan to freeze the sub. So she uses the Clockster monster to rewind a day, to try the deed again. But when Clockster touches the Freeze Key, time itself stops cold. It's up to the Phantom Ranger, who's somehow immune to the time manipulation, to save the day.

The Darkest Day (1)

Divatox has a visitor: her brother, the charming, yet dangerously cunning Cyborg General Havoc, has come to present a gift to his Sister: The Metallsaurus, a kangaroo-type robot that will be the ideal weapon to use against the Turbo Rangers. Divatox makes preparations to launch the Sub-Craft under the cloak of night, and dock with Havok's orbiting Space Base, later, the Rangers become puzzled as to the whereabouts of the Space Pirate when she fails to show up on their scanners. Havoc attacks Angel Grove with the Mettalsaurus, and the Turbo Rangers engage his footsoldiers, the Chromites, in battle before attempting to take down the Metallsaurus in the Turbo Megazord.

Unfortunately, the Metallsaurus proves to be made of stronger fortitude and soon defeats the Turbo Megazord, Havoc's Chromites take advantage of the weakened Megazord and infiltrate it, ejecting the Rangers from their cockpits and sending them hurtling to the ground below. The Rangers are forced to watch in dismay as the Metallsaurus hauls away the Turbo Megazord into space, to be tampered with and used by Divatox at her leisure.
Later that evening, the stunned, solemn Turbo Rangers ponder what to do next, and are given nothing but a cryptic promise from the Phantom Ranger...


One Last Hope (2)

With the Turbo Megazord in her possession, Divatox decides to celebrate by targeting Angel Grove with a devastating Energy weapon, she begins raining destruction all over the city from the Space Base. General Havoc attempts to learn everything he can about the Phantom Ranger, and Porto uses the Turbo Megazord's database to find his Achilles heel: or rather his Achilles Ruby, located on his chest, capture the ruby, and the Phantom Ranger's powers will be under the control of any who wields it.

The Turbo Rangers pull together and vow to safeguard the City whenever they have a Megazord or not, they have their hands full with Piranatrons upon arriving in the City and Divatox attempts to gun them down, the Phantom Ranger however comes to their assistance again and leads them to a secret tunnel containing his gift to the Rangers: The RescueZords. Using the RescueZords, the Rangers battle Metallsaurus in a second duel, and this time are able to destroy it, but the Turbo Megazord remains with Divatox, and the Phantom Ranger has become more vulnerable than ever before now that Havoc knows of his secret...

The Fall of the Phantom (1)

Cassie is capture by Havok. Divatox's uses  her as a decoy to lure the Rangers into coming after her. She ransoms the Phantom's ruby for Cassie. Rygog turns Cassie to stone. The phantom uses the ruby on Cassie hoping to restore her. It ends up being a fake Cassie ( Havok in disguise).  Havok takes the  ruby. The Rangers leave empty handed. Later the Phantom is able to save the real Cassie. But he is captured in her place. The Rangers use their new rescue zords against the upgraded Metalasuarus. The rangers are able to free the phantom and destroy the Metalasuarus with their new Rescue Megazord. The Phantom crawls in the sewers knowing he will die without his ruby. Havok leaves to rebuild his zord, vowing to return one day.

Clash of the Megazords (2)

The Rangers try to find a way to retrieve the Phantoms ruby in order to save him. They try to us  a gravity ray. The gravity ray almost succeeds but the plan ultimately fails. Divatox sends the Turbo Megazord (which is in the control of a monster named Cross Patch and a group of Chromites). The Phantom's ruby powers the zord. The rangers use the Rescue Megazord to fight their former Megazord. TJ courageously breaks into the cockpit of the Turbo Megazord and evicts its occupants. He then takes control of the Turbo Megazord. Cross Patch grows to gigantic size. The Rangers defeat the monster and get the ruby back to the Phantom in time. The Phantom thanks the Rangers and says it is time for him to leave. He says the Earth is in good hands. He gives Cassie nod to his affection for her as he leaves.

The Robot Ranger

Justin begins to notice something strange going on with his teammates. Ashley's got wires in his wrist, Carlos' face can come off... He thinks they've been replaced by robots! But soon, he discovers the truth when faced with another Justin, that even he himself is a robot, made by Zordon and Alpha 5 on Eltar to help out there.

Beware the Third Wish (1)

Justin wishes nothing more than to see his father again, even using a coin his father gave him in a water fountain to make this wish come true. Divatox's Wicked Wisher monster turns that coin, and two others, magical. She uses one to make the Blue Senturion turn evil, Elgar uses another to wish for a head of hair, and the third coin ends up in the hands of Bulk and Skull, unaware of just what they have....

The Gardener of Evil (2)

Evil Blue Senturion, Wild Weeder, and his Diva-Drones, seek all over Angel Grove for the third coin. Bulk & Skull discover the power within their coin, when both the forces of evil and the Rangers hunt them down. Justin, wanting to see his father again, must put aside his desires to wish Blue Senturion to be good once more. Everything works out, as Justin's father suddenly returns, having found a job in Angel Grove, at last.

Fire in Your Tank

The Rangers test out a new superfuel. Divatox is running a monster boot-camp, looking for new talent. One of them, Torch Tiger, ends up getting ahold of the fuel, which allows him to create a forest fire. The Rescuezords save the day!

The Turn of the Wretched Wrench

Ashley has trouble in auto-shop at school, wanting to prove she can do anything a boy can. Her "lucky" wrench, given to her by her teammates, gets turned into the evil Wretched Wrench by the Maniac Mechanic monster.

Spirit of the Woods

TJ crosses paths with a mysterious boy, who calls himself Erutan. The child, sensitive to the trashing-attacks of Lord Litter, seems to have intense power. TJ eventually discovers, as does Divatox, that he's none other than Nature itself.

The Song of Confusion

Cassie and her pal Vicki want to start a rock band. They hold an audition, and join up with a group of guys known as Crash & the Creeps. Their hit song, "Confusion", gets into the heads of everyone in Angel Grove. Of course, it's all a hypnotism plot by Divatox, as Crash and his Creeps are actually a band of monsters!

The Accident

Carlos accidentally injures a fellow teen while playing soccer. He takes this mistake to heart, especially when he's accused of having done it on purpose. When the Terrorzord is unleashed on the city, can Carlos overcome his self-doubts and aid the Rangers against it?

Cassie's Best Friend

Cassie's dog Jetson is transformed into a human following a misfire by Divatox's latest monster, Mr. Goorific. In human form, Jetson helps Cassie cope with her loss and tries to cheer her up, but with the monster and Elgar's repaired Terrorzord on the horizon, that happiness could be short lived...

The Curve Ball

TJ is stumped by a new kid, Heath, who has a curve ball no one on the baseball team can hit. Divatox's Strikeout monster, similarly, has such an unhittable toss. After saving Heath, he drops his jerk attitude and reveals to TJ how to hit the pitch, leading to his applying the info against the monster.

Carlos and the Count

Count Nocturn, a lunar bat monster, bites Carlos, turning him slowly into a vampire. Meanwhile, three new Evil Zords are unveiled on the moon, and the first of which, the Catzord, is piloted by Rygog against the Rangers.

Little Strong Man

Justin has trouble trying out for sports, as he's too small and young to compete with the other teens. When a mutated ant bites him, he discovers he has super strength! This makes him a hit with athletics, but the side effect is he's unable to morph. He's forced to choose between a life as a Ranger or a life as a dumb jock. Meanwhile, the aptly named Sharkzord, is piloted by Porto in battle against our heroes.

The Rival Rangers

Ashley falls for a new guy, Bobby. Cassie, though, has the same feelings, and saw him first. The two gals get rather down and dirty in competing for him. Meanwhile, Divatox uses her very own bird-based Divazord!

Parts and Parcel

Bulk and Skull are blamed for the thefts of several mechanical parts from the delivery service they've begun working for. T.J. attempts to help prove their innocence, since the parts are actually being stolen by Piranatrons to aid in the repairing of the Evil Zords. Speaking of which, all three of them are brought down to Earth to battle against the Rescue Megazord, Turbo Megazord, and Robo Racer, for one last big battle!

Chase into Space (1)

Divatox recruits a powerful monster named Gargoyle to destroy the Rangers once for all. Justin's dad gets a job offer that will take him and Justin out of town. But he decides to turn it down since Justin is happy in Angel Grove. The Rangers get  a distress call from Eltar.  In the distress call Zordon informs the Rangers that Eltar is under attack. He orders them to remain on earth to keep the planet safe before the transmission is cut off.  The rangers race to face Gargoyle. The Turbo Megazord is damaged permanently in the battle. The Rangers try self-destructing the Rescue Megazord in an attempt to destroy Gargoyle. But even that fails. TJ uses Red  Lighting Cruiser to send the Turbo Ram into the monster's mouth ( after setting it to self-destruct). This finally does the monster in. Elgar and Rygog find out the location of the Power Chamber. Dimitria and The Blue Centrion leave to aid Zordon on Eltar. The Rangers face Divatox's whole army as it closes in on the Power Chamber. They race to meet them out side of the outpost.

Chase into Space (2)

The Red Lighting Cruiser and Mountain Blaster are captured by Divatox's forces. The Rangers are forced to retreat back into the Power Chamber. Divatox's forces find their way in the base and a big battle ensues inside the Ranger's base. Elgar destroys Dimitria tube and sets a detonator in the Power Chamber. The detonator goes off and the Power Chamber is gone. Divatox thinks the Rangers are done for good ( not knowing they survived the blast). The Rangers lose all power. A messenger from Dark Spector (the grand master of evil) arrives, ordering Divatox to report to the Cimmerian planet. He says that Zordon has been captured and Dark Spector has big plans. Divatox leaves immediately but vows to return to rule the Earth one day. Alpha 6 recovers a black box from the Power Chamber's wreckage. The Rangers break into NASDA (to try to gain use of a space shuttle so they can get to Eltar). Justin convinces the commander that the Power Rangers need the special shuttle. The Rangers and Alpha 6 lift off without Justin. He chooses to stay behind so he can be with his dad. He wants his dad to take the new job so he will be happy. He says good bye to his friends and wishes them well on their new adventure.