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Lionheart (1)

Cole, an orphan raised for at least 18 years in an Amazon jungle tribe, is given two items found with him as a baby: a wrinkled & torn photograph of his mother & father, and a strange red small ball-like crystal. He then leaves the jungle, and comes to America, to the city of Turtle Cove. Cole searches for his family to no avail. His ability to understand animals leads him to freeing the test subjects from an illegal animal laboratory. The man & woman who run said lab are revealed to be evil creatures called Orgs. Duke Orgs, at that, named Jindrax & Toxica. Lesser, two-horned Orgs, called the Turbine Org & Plug Org, encounter a group of four Power Rangers. These Wild Force Rangers, lacking a Red Ranger, fail to defeat them. Luckily, Princess Shayla, their mentor, learns of Cole, and long story short, he's the Red Wild Force Ranger.

Darkness Awakening (2)

Cole believes that violence is not the solution to the Org threat, and seeks other ways of resolving the battle. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica locate the Nexus, the old Org temple; here the returning Master Org greets them. Shortly after, a new Org arrives on the scene, and Cole and the others rush to confront it. Cole wants to reason with this Org, but Taylor chews him out, telling him Orgs have no desire for peace. The new Org, Barbed Wire Org, is assisted by the Putrids, Master Org's soldiers. Cole appeals to Barbed Wire Org, but Barbed Wire Org tells Cole that Orgs have no desire other than to destroy.

Sensing that Barbed Wire Org has no heart, Cole and the others morph and kick some putrid butt. They then use the Jungle sword to obliterate Barbed Wire Org. Toxica arrives and performs her resurrection spell, transforming Barbed Wire Org into a giant. The Wild Zords descend, and the Red Lion tells Cole that the Zords can unite to form the Wild Force Megazord if the Rangers combine their sabers. The Rangers do so, and the Wild Force Megazord is formed, using the Megazord's Mega Roar attack, the Rangers defeat Barbed Wire Org for good. Master Org is unphased by this setback, and plots further schemes. At the Animarium, the Rangers give Cole a much-needed bath and makeover. Cole puts on a headband to maintain his jungle roots.

Click, Click, Zoom

Taylor gets made at Cole, because he says the Rangers need only 1 rule: team work, so she decides to fight the Camera Org on her own. Of course she gets zapped, and her image becomes invisible until Cole destroys the camera orgs lens. In the end the Rangers defeat the Camera Org with the Wild Force Megazord.

Never Give Up!

Max gets mad at Danny because he follows Kendall instead of coming with him to a haunted house that Max believes an org is hiding at. Max gets captured by the Bell Org until Danny frees him, and once again the Rangers use the Wild Force Megazord to destroy the bell org. Danny goes back to the flower shop to tell Kendall his true feelings about her, but instead he hides a note which she later finds. The episode ends with Kendall smiling at Danny as he fades into the distance.

Ancient Awakening

Alyssa and the Rangers discover clues that lead them to powers used by the forces of good, 3000 years ago. Namely, the Elephantzord. And they'll need it, since Princess Shayla is kidnapped by the Tire Org!

Wishes on the Water

Max investigates the local legend of the "Turtle Lake Monster" that is rumored to help people solve their problems, leading him to an encounter with the Giraffe Zord. Meanwhile, the Rangers embark on a battle with the Ship Org.

The Bear Necessities

While out jogging near her old Air Force Base, Taylor is reminded of why and how she became the Yellow Ranger in the first place. She also encounters two mysterious twins dressed in white and black, and aids the mute boys in their search for a powerful flower. The twins more than they appear and help against the Growl Phone-jamming Cell Phone Org.

Soul Searching

With the Red Lion Zord injured by the recent use of the Bear Brothers, Cole and the rest of the Rangers go on a quest to find the mythical Soul Bird, capable of healing him. Their forest search is interrupted by both the Bulldozer Org, and Master Org himself, who makes a surprising discovery about the new Red Ranger.

Soul Bird Salvation

Jindrax and Toxica join forces with Rentinax, the former bodyguard of Master Org 5000 years ago. Meanwhile, the Freezer Org attacks, and though he's defeated, in doing so he reduces the Kongazord and Growl Phones to frigid states! The Rangers must depend on no powers and their determination to protect the Earth, only the power of what lies within the soon-to-be-hatched Soul Bird egg can provide deliverance.

Curse of the Wolf

Master Org releases Org General Nayzor, who in turn releases Wolf Duke Org Zen-Aku, from the tomb he'd been imprisoned for 3000 years. The Rangers find this wicked warrior tougher than any prior Org, even losing a few Animal Crystals to him.

Battle of the Zords

The recent arrival and successful first battle of Zen-Aku creates tension among the Rangers, and between fellow Duke Orgs, Jindrax & Toxica. Alyssa heads into the woods alone, in an effort to reclaim her Elephantzord, and though she runs into Org trouble, she gets bandaged up by a most unexpected source. Soon, Zen-Aku unveils his very own Dark Wildzords, and pits the vicious beasts against those of the Wild Force Rangers.

Predazord, Awaken

Alyssa is slightly upset she has lost the Elephant Zord to the Duke Org Zen-Aku, Danny and Max try to cheer her up, the three are separated when Danny returns home to water his plants. Alyssa and Max come across a hostage situation when they arrive at the Bus stop, Trakeena and Jindrax are holding the passengers hostage and will only release them if the Giraffe Zord is handed over to them. Max throws the Giraffe Crystal out of the bus, Toxica and Jindrax jump out to pursue it, the two Rangers evacuate the passengers and then battle the two Orgs, who transform the bus into Bus Org.

The Rangers are distracted by the Bus Org, and Toxica and Jindrax escape with the crystal, the Rangers are bailed out by the arrival of Cole, Danny, and Taylor, but Zen-Aku arrives and swiftly cuts through the Rangers, Cole distracts him long enough for Taylor and Danny to pursue Toxica and Jindrax. Danny takes the Crystal back, and Toxica turns Bus Org giant after it is defeated by the Jungle Sword, the Rangers destroy Bus Org for good with the Wild Force Megazord. Zen-Aku arrives, and summons his Dark Wild Zords, they form into the Predazord, which defeats the Wild Force Megazord, Zen-Aku then takes the Giraffe Zord, adding another crystal to his collection, and another victory for Master Org.

Revenge of Zen-Aku

Taylor confronts Motorcycle Org, the first monster she ever faced when she became the Yellow Ranger. Meanwhile, Zen-Aku captures Princess Shayla, and discovers a sense of deja-vu about her.

Identity Crisis

Zen-Aku battles his inner demons concerning Princess Shayla, when the spirit of Animus reappears and enlightens the two of them about the subject of the Duke Org's past.

The Ancient Warrior (1)

Thanks to Animus creating a brief lunar eclipse, Zen-Aku reverts to his true human form, an Ancient Warrior of Animaria known as Merrick! He relates his tragic tale to the Rangers, and admits to his intimate connection to Princess Shayla. He's been merged with the mask of Zen-Aku for 3000 years, the control over him determined by the phases of the moon.

The Lone Wolf (2)

Merrick, now freed from the mask of Zen-Aku, struggles with guilt over the evil deeds he performed while under its spell. Meanwhile, Master Org turns the captured Animal Crystals into an Org monster.

Power Play

Whilst wandering, Merrick enters a local bar run by a man named Willie, who he saves from a vicious group of Bikers, Wille offers Merrick an opportunity to work in return. Meanwhile, with Toxica missing, Master Org sends Jindrax to battle the Rangers with The Putrids, but when the fight goes in the Rangers' favor, a new Org general arrives to bail Jindrax out: Necronomica. Merrick senses Necronomica's presence, and arrives to help out the Rangers, he forces Necronomica and Jindrax back, and then vanishes before the Rangers can talk to him. Princess Shayla follows him to Willie's bar, and tries to remind him of the love they shared together, but Merrick turns "Ice Lord" on her, and tells her he can only be her protector.

Jindrax returns with a new Org in tow: Karaoke Org, whose singing renders the Rangers helpless. Merrick returns and destroys Karaoke Org, he then uses the Wolfsavage Cycle to finish off Necronomica, who is revealed to be Toxica, she had used Nayzor's horn to gain her Org General powers. Toxica makes the most of her defeat, and chants a spell that resurrects and enlarges Karaoke Org, but it is soon destroyed by the Predazord. Merrick once again prepares to leave without talking to the other Rangers except this time Cole presents to him a parting gift: A Wild Force Jacket.

Secrets and Lies

Alyssa tries to help Cole find information about his parents. While at the Library they are contacted by Princess Shayla about an Org attack. Signal Org causes Cole to lose his memory. Alyssa informs the others what has happen while a farm family takes in Cole. Max and Danny find Cole and contact the others. Together they talk to Cole and on their way to the Animarium Signal Org attacks them again. During the battle Cole regains his memory. Afterwards Alyssa, Danny, Max, and Taylor have the difficult task of telling Cole that his parents are presumed dead. Cole visits the tombstones of his parents consumed with grief. His friends tell him that he was also presumed dead and that he is alive. Perhaps the same is true for his parents.

The Tornado Spin

Danny discovers that Max is a former champion Bowler when he finds a trophy he won years ago under the guidance of his tutor Don, but Maxs' destiny as a Power Ranger forced him to quit the game. Toxica and Jindrax, now enslaved to Master Org, seek to prove their worth and release a new Org spirit, who takes on the form of a Bowling Org. The Bowling Org uses a bowling ball and some deadly maneuvers to severely injure the Rangers in battle, forcing them to retreat. Max suggests to the Rangers he should learn the "Tornado Spin" technique used by his mentor Don in Bowling games to help defeat the Bowling Org, but Don refuses to help Max, furious that he quit Bowling and broke his heart.

Not to be discouraged, Max attempts to learn the Tornado Spin without Don's help, this act of selfless determination changes Don's mind and he helps Max learn the maneuver. Max uses the Tornado Spin to knock Bowling Org out of commission, the Rangers finish him off with a combined attack. Super Toxica resurrects Bowling Org and turns him giant, the Rangers engage him with the Wild Zords and the Predazord. When they both prove ineffective to the Bowling Org's powerful bowling skills, they combine all the Zords to form the Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode, and destroy him with their own version of the Tornado Spin. Later, Max is pleased to discover that Don is again teaching other Bowlers the skills he taught the Blue Ranger so many years ago.

Three's a Crowd

A new Org is kidnapping brides all over Turtle Cove, transforming them into mannequins and adding them to a sinister collection. The Rangers efforts to track him down eventually lead them to a church, where Danny runs into his first love, Kendall. Wedding Dress Org gives the Rangers the slip, and captures another bride. Dan decides to warn Kendall of Wedding Dress Org, but he finds she is now dating a wealthy blueblood by the name of Collin. Danny and Collin both try to win Kendall's affections by doing odd-jobs for her, suddenly, Wedding Dress Org attacks. Danny urges Kendall and Collin to leave, they do so, but they come back to retrieve Danny, they watch as he morphs into a Power Ranger to battle Wedding Dress Org, who retreats.

Kendall is injured during the battle, and is taken to hospital, Danny visits her, but Collin tells him in a polite way to get lost, Danny's duties as a Power Ranger will forever separate him from his love. Later, while the Rangers battle the Putrids and Wedding Dress Org, a distraught Danny is fighting like Rocky Balboa without Adrian, Kendall defies her concussion and convinces Danny to fight on. Danny does so, and takes out every Putrid, and defeats Wedding Dress Org with the Jungle Sword. Wedding Dress Org is revived, but is destroyed by the Wild Force Megazord. Merrick finds and rescues the missing brides, and restores them with the Lunar Cue. Later, Danny tells Kendall that he can't be with her, he is a Ranger, and cannot endanger her life as long as he stays at her side, he tells her Collin is better suited for her and departs with his friends.

A Father's Footsteps

Alyssa's father is coming to Turtle Cove for a visit, however, the arrival of a new Org spirit in the form of a Samurai ensures Alyssa is kept pretty busy. Both Alyssa and her father remember the times they trained at their dojo, where we find that Mr. Enrile was not at all pleased that Alyssa wanted to enroll into Turtle Cove University and abandon her training. We also learn how he changes his mind, and he soon learns he was right to make that decision when he catches his daughter battling the Samurai Org in her Ranger costume (a fighting pose by Alyssa gives her identity away to her father who is familiar with it). The Rangers defeat Samurai Org with the Jungle Sword, and when he is made giant, the Rangers defeat him with the aid of the Tiger Zord and Konga Zord. Later, Alyssa finally reunites with her father, but by this time, night has nearly fallen, and it is time for Mr. Enrile to leave Turtle Cove, before he does, he tells his daughter how proud he is of her.

Sing Song

Master Org uses the tombstone of Dr. Victor Adler to bring life to the Tombstone Org, powered by three deadly Org Spirits. He attacks the forest, the Rangers launch into battle with him, after a quick conflict, Tombstone Org is made giant by Super Toxica. The Wild Force Megazord engages Tombstone Org, but it's arm is broken off, the Rangers are bailed out by a new Wild Zord: The Deer Zord, who only aids them when the Tombstone Org attacks him. After subduing Tombstone Org, but not destroying him, the Deer Zord departs, with Merrick in pursuit. Princess Shayla explains to the Rangers that she and Merrick played to the Deer Zord long ago, but when they stopped, he fell into a depression.

In the present, Merrick tries to persuade the Deer Zord to finish the job on Tombstone Org by playing some music for it, but time runs out, and Tombstone Org finally awakens from the condition brought on his person by the Deer Zord. As the Rangers battle Tombstone Org in a wounded Wildforce Megazord, Shayla and Merrick work together and sing to the Deer Zord. Finally, it agrees to help, and helps the Rangers imprison Tombstone Org by combining with the Wild Force Megazord, forming a new arm for it, and activating the Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode. The Deer Zord will remain with the Rangers as long as Princess Shayla and Merrick provide it with music for as long as the fight against the Orgs continues

The Wings of Animaria

Master Org finds Nayzor's crown, and revives the Org General as "Super Nayzor", who defeats the Rangers with ease, they are only bailed out by the Wild Zord God Animus. Only Cole and Merrick are left standing after the assault, the remaining Rangers now lie in a coma, the four of them united and thrown into a dark dimension, tested by a white-robed boy. The shrouded child tells the Rangers to complete a puzzle before time runs out, the Rangers complete this challenge before this happens, and they unlock the powers of the red Falcon Wildzord. Cole uses the Falcon Summoner to destroy Super Nayzor, and then uses new Animarium Armor to defeat Super Toxica and Super Jindrax, the explosion restores them to their original forms, and they regain their memories. The remaining Rangers recover from their coma, and help Cole and Merrick finish off a revived and giant Super Nayzor with the new Isis Megazord, formed when the Falcon Wildzord combines with other Wild Zords, but even though the battle is won, the mysteries begin to pile up once more...

Reinforcements from the Future (1)

Taylor is trying out her new car, but she breaks the speed limit, which forces two familiar Silver Guardians (Wes and Eric) to pull her over. Later that night, three strange creatures arrive in Turtle Cove, they start to cause some trouble, Jindrax and Toxica try to recruit them in their crusade against Master Org, but only get beaten up for the effort. The creatures attack the city at day, and even beat back Wes and Eric when they morph into Time Force Rangers, the Wild Force Rangers makes the save. Whilst the two Ranger factions discuss the creatures, Taylor and Eric get into a heated spat about the ticket Eric gave her earlier.

Wes contacts the year 3001, and learns that the three creatures are renegade criminals, and that they are a hybrid race of Mutant and Org, Jen was also sent to retrieve them, but she has vanished. This news prompts Wes into further action, he demands more help, and he gets it in the form of the remaining Time Force Rangers, who also recruit their old enemy Ransik to help with the Mutorgs problem. The Mutorgs make their presence felt again, and the Wild Force Rangers, Wes, and Eric confront them, the battle is fierce, but the Mutorgs prevail, the Rangers are bailed out by Jen, and they escape. The Mutorgs are drawn to the Nexus, and ally themselves with Master Org...

Reinforcements from the Future (2)

Having retreated to the Animarium, the Wild Force Rangers are witness to an argument between Wes and Jen, Wes is furious Jen never contacted him. Circuit contacts the Rangers and informs them that the remaining Time Force Rangers are on their way, the present day Rangers rendezvous with them at the beach. The Timeship lands, and Lucas, Trip, and Kate emerge...with Nadira and Ransik in tow, Ransik wants to help the Rangers defeat the Mutorgs, Cole senses Ransik means every word and convinces Jen to allow him to assist. Ransik reveals how the Mutorgs came to be, in the future, before he assembled his criminal legions, he made a deal with three trapped Org spirits. By donating his DNA to the Spirits, he transformed them into Mutorgs, in turn, they gave Ransik the power to transform his body parts into weapons, now he wants to help repair what he has done, Jen accepts Ransik's help. The next day, Master Org orders the Mutorgs to destroy a local Power Plant, intoxicating the environment in the process.

The Ranger teams learn of this and infiltrate the Power Plant, there, they attempt secure the reactor in an exciting gun battle while Trip tries to shut it down. Eric, Wes, Cole, Nadira, and Ransik confront the Mutorgs, the three creatures try to destroy them with a combined energy blast but Ransik sacrifices his own body to safeguard his daughter and the Rangers. The explosion wipes out the mutant halves of the Mutorgs, and they retreat to the outside, Trip shuts down the power plant's reactor. With the danger passed, the Wild Force and Time Force Rangers finish off the Mutorgs in a decisive battle. The Rangers return to Ransik, who has been turned completely human due to the same explosion that took out the Mutorg's mutant halves. Back at the Animarium, tensions between old enemies and friends are finally put to rest and the two factions of the present and future celebrate their victory with a party.

The Master's Last Stand

Deep in the Nexus, Master Org resolves to destroy the Rangers himself, as all else has failed. A few days later, Cole is shocked to hear of the discovery and rescue of Dr. Victor Adler, a brilliant scientific researcher who had travelled with Cole's parents on the expedition to the Amazon, which abruptly ended in their mysterious disappearance. (They were looking for proof of Animaria's existence). Determined to find answers to where his parents may be, Cole and the Rangers visit Adler in the hospital, only to be attacked by the scientist, who reveals himself as Master Org, he captures the Rangers and takes them to a warehouse belonging to Herndon Laboratories. There, Adler taunts Cole and torments him with the truth behind his parent's fate: He had long resented the adoration that Cole's father received from his beautiful wife, and from the scientific community he should have been receiving all the honors for the Animaria project. He vowed to one day end his pain

During the expedition, Adler and the Evans stumbled upon the remains of Master Org, Adler claimed he would destroy them, but later at night, the pain of watching the Evans play with their son and revel in their happiness became too much for the scientist, and he took the seeds, becoming Master Org himself, and slayed the Evans, leaving Cole an orphan in the jungle.

Cole is devastated by this revelation, and Master Org beats him up a little. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica have made their way to a tomb to revive an ancient org imprisoned in a statue. Danny tells Cole to never give up, and the red ranger engages in battle with Adler, morphing, he uses the lion blaster and the Animarian armor to fend off Adler's attacks. Merrik arrives, and frees the other rangers, as Master Org fires a blast at Cole, which he absorbs and blasts back at the villain. The blast strips Adler of his Org powers and he is returned to human form, Cole refuses to kill Adler for his deeds, and walks away with the other Rangers. Adler makes his way to the desert in a dazed state, only to be confronted by Jindrax, Toxica, and their new commander, Mandilok, who disposes of Adler, throwing him off a cliff. Cole makes his peace with his parents, telling them he will fight for peace in their memory. Back in the desert, Victor Adler lies unconscious, as a horn grows on his forehead....

Unfinished Business

The spirit of Zen-Aku is revived and he immediately sets out to find and destroy Merrick and unify with him once more. He locates Merrick and the two engage in a fierce series of battles that causes more harm to Merrick than to the Duke Org. The Rangers offer to help, but Merrick refuses their aid, his business with Zen-Aku remains his own. The battles begin to become fiercer, and the Rangers become more concerned that this could be the death of their friend. The Lunar Wolf Zord finally decides to intervene and leads the Rangers to the beach, where Merrick has been defeated by Zen-Aku, the Rangers persuade Merrick to work with them. Working together, they are able to beat back Zen-Aku, they then battle him in the Zords when he grows. After chopping Zen-Aku's horn off, his only weakness, the Rangers finally defeat the Duke Org, and finally teach Merrick the value of teamwork.


Newly released Org General Mandilok unleashes Duke Orgs Artilla and Hellicos on the city. Meanwhile, Cole befriends an amnesiac boy who calls himself Kite, not far from the location of the memorial of the fallen Ancient Warriors.

The Flute

Flute Org forces citizens, and Rangers, to dance against their will. Shayla and Merrick must overcome the tension between them and summon the Deerzord to break the spell. Also, Animus shows up, in person, and in action!

Team Carnival

Feeling dejected, Jindrax strikes out on his own with his brother Juggelo. They follow Taylor, Max, and Kite to a carnival, and attempt to disrupt their day out.

Taming of the Zords

Jindrax & Toxica recruit Lion Tamer Org to their new Team Carnival. He turns the Rangers' Wildzords against one another, creating one big Megazord battle royale.

Monitoring Earth (1)

Mandilok, realizing Kite has incredible power, tricks the boy into believing that Orgs aren't bad, that it's the humans that have destroyed the planet with pollution and carelessness to nature. The Rangers are blindsided when it's discovered that Kite is actually the revived spirit of Animus.

The Soul of Humanity (2)

Cole returns to the Animarium to find Princess Shayla in the same coma she slept in when the Wild Zords were previously lost. Having had their Wild Zords taken by Animus, the Rangers become convinced that they are indeed not worthy of defending the Earth. Cole decides to tell Merrick of Princess Shayla's condition, he is devastated, and he rushes to the memorial statue of the ancient Wild Zords, seeking guidance. Meanwhile, Toy Org arises and begins a rampage, Alyssa attempts to convince the other Rangers that even without their Wild Zords at their side, they must never give up. Max, Danny, and eventually, Taylor finally agree to defy what Animus has done and face Toy Org. Merrick is confronted by Animus, who pleads with the Lunar Wolf Ranger to join him and the Wild Zords.

The other Rangers battle Toy Org, but several civilians are trapped because of his attack, other humans help in rescuing them, and Cole tells Toy Org (and Animus through Merrick's growl phone) that the soul of humanity will never die, and will help those in need when threatened, with or without powers. Merrick tells Animus kindly to take his offer and stick it, and races to help his friends, Animus re-awakens Princess Shayla from her sleep. Toxica makes Toy Org grow, Merrick arrives in his Preda-Zord and battles with the Org, Animus even joins in the fight, fulfilling a desire to fight side by side with his old friend, together, Merrick and Animus defeat Toy Org. The Rangers return to the memorial statue, where Animus explains that he took the Wild Zords away from the Rangers to test their resolve in defending the Earth. Now they have passed that test, and so have earned the right to use the Wild Zords, Animus presents Cole with a powerful new vehicle, The Wild Force Rider, and departs the Earth, leaving the fate of humanity in the hands of the Rangers

Forever Red

Machine Empire forces have gathered on Earth's moon on a mission to resurrect an incredible machine: Lord Zedd's zord. Serpenterra, but little do they know they are being spied on by Andros, the Red Space Ranger, sporting his signature cloak. He is spotted after making commotion, but manages to escape on his Galaxy Glider. Back on Earth, in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull are back together, and quite literally back in business with Bulk's outdoor bar, suddenly, a phone rings, upon answering it, Bulk nervously passes the call on to a mysterious stranger sitting poolside. Wild Force is approached by Carter Grayson, Red Lightspeed Ranger. He asks Cole to come with him for a special mission, Carter and Cole go to a NASADA space port, where Eric and Wes have already arrived. They are joined shortly by TJ, the Red Turbo Ranger and Blue Space Ranger, Andros, Tommy Oliver, Red Zeo Ranger who has gathered them all. He explains to them that Machine Empire forces had survived the Zordon wave in "Countdown to Destruction" and are determined to wreak revenge on those who helped end the lives of their monarchs, they are preparing his assault on the moon. When Cole asks how they are getting to the moon, Andros unveils the Astro Megaship mark 2. Just as Tommy wonders why the final Red Ranger has not arrived yet, a biker pulls up to the space port - Jason, the original Red Ranger.

With all assembled, the heroes march to the Astro Megaship and take off for the moon, on the Planet Mirinoi, another familiar figure pulls his Quasar Saber from the stone, Leo Corbett, Red Galaxy Ranger. The Rangers gather on the Megaship, they are told of the Machine Empire's history, as well as their plans to dig up Serpentera. With Serpentera dug up, and a new power source in place, Venjix and his soldiers prepare to board it, but the Red Rangers storm the place and tell Venjix where to stuff it. He sends the Cogs to attack them. With the Rangers occupied, the Machine warriors go forward to Serpentera.

Cole breaks away from the fight to stop them, but the Machines open fire. Cole is saved just in time by Leo and Aurico, who fly in on a Jet Jammer. The other Rangers come out after defeating the Cogs, they all morph, ready to kick some serious Machine butt, Cole and Jason team up to take on General Venjix, Tommy and Wes take on the mean green machine Gerrok, Aurico and Eric, fight Tezzla, Leo and TJ take on Automus, with the final pair of Andros and Carter taking on the blaster wielding Steelon.

Cole and Jason expertly dodge, and use their blasters to knock Venjix off a cliff, battered from the fight, he runs off and boards Serpentera. He takes to the skies in the gigantic Zord. Jason suggests that they head to the Megaship. Carter says there isn't time, he must be stopped before be reaches Earth. The rookie has an idea, knowing full well that the Wild Rider was the gift from a living god, Cole summons it. He takes off and flies off after Serpentera. He narrowly avoids several laser blasts from the zord. Cole bobs and weaves on his ride, avoiding the blasts. He charges right at Serpentera as it fires, and is able to take it. He continues flying into its mouth, pushing the blast back into it. Venjix screams in defeat as Serpentera explodes around him. Cole emerges triumphant from the ensuing explosion, and is congratulated by Jason, who seems glad the "rookie" has passed perhaps his greatest field test. Back on Earth, Tommy thanks them all for helping to save Earth. "May the power protect you." Cole watches in awe as Tommy leaves, commenting that he is indeed the "Greatest Ranger", the others laugh and disagree, each giving their own reasons talking of past exploits to prove they are the best as they walk off into the sunset.

The Master's Herald (1)

Duke Org Onikage convinces Toxica to cut off her own horn, so as to sneak on the Animarium to kidnap Princess Shayla. She succeeds, but following this, she is betrayed by Mandilok and is sacrificed to the Rangers, the Rangers' efforts to save the Princess are hampered further by the return of Master Org

The Master's Herald (2)

Mandilok is destroyed, when it's revealed that Onikage has been working for Master Org all along. Master Org, now fully in control of Dr. Adler's corpse, manages to get Princess Shayla back from Jindrax, who had taken her away in revenge for Toxica's death. Also, the Wild Force Rangers are sent into the Spirit World, where they face previously destroyed Orgs!

Fishing for a Friend

Toxica informs Jindrax through Nayzor's old mirror, that she can be revived. Following her instructions, he aids the Rangers against Locomotive Org, gains the power from the Jungle Blaster attack (same as destroyed her), and literally uses her cut-off horn to fish her out of the mirror, returning her to life!

Sealing the Nexus

Master Org uses Princess Shayla's enchanted necklace in his ceremony to revive the Org Heart. While doing this, he brings back his three Org Generals to guard the Nexus. Jindrax & Toxica help the Rangers rescue the Princess and, they believe, seal the Nexus for good. Little do they realize, that Master Org has consumed the Org Heart, and merely shed the human body of Dr. Adler for something far more powerful.

The End of the Power Rangers (1)

The Wild Force Rangers, thinking Master Org defeated and the Nexus sealed, begin to face the harsh reality of their lives as Rangers being over. The somber mood of parting is broken, by Master Org's surprise return. Now in a fully Org body, he beats our heroes back, grows, destroys Animus once again, and proceeds to not only slaughter every one of the Rangers' Wildzords, but send the Animarium plummeting down from the sky!

The End of the Power Rangers (2)

The Animarium reconnects to where it came from, fitting right into Turtle Lake. The Rangers, powerless, face an army of Putrids, and face down the giant Master Org. With only their intense fighting spirit, and team declaration of never giving up, the six are able to, not only summon all of their Wildzords back to life, but reveal dozens and dozens more! All together, the Rangers and Wildzords unleash a power wave against Master Org, destroying him once again. With the Org threat gone for the time being, Princess Shayla takes back the Growl Phones, Animal Crystals, and vests, and bids goodbye to the six humans. She returns to sleep, and returns the Animarium to the sky.

Cole forgives Adler for what he did, hoping he'll find peace, as he himself goes cross country helping animals. Max & Danny go on a worldwide trip. Taylor returns to the Air Force with a promotion, and a daily aerial rendezvous with the Eaglezord. Merrick wanders the globe in search of his place in the present, accompanied by Zen-Aku, also seeking redemption. And Alyssa becomes a kindergarten teacher, telling the legend of the Wild Force Rangers to future generations.