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A Zeo Beginning (1)

After the destruction of the Command Center, Tommy, Tanya, Billy, Adam, Kat, and Rocky think their lives as Power Rangers are over until they learn that the Zeo Crystal has survived the explosion, dropped by Rito and Goldar on their way out. The crystal soon guides the teens into an underground set of tunnels which leads them to the fate of Zordon and Alpha. Meanwhile Rita and Zedd are celebrating the fact that the Power Rangers are out of the picture until they learn that they've got more problems to worry about...King Mondo, Queen Machina, and the Machine Empire, who attack and successfully exile the villains from the Lunar Palace, and then make plans to conquer Earth.

A Zeo Beginning (2)

The Rangers discover Zordon is alive and well, he tells the Rangers of the threat of The Machine Empire. Lord Zedd and Rita flee The Moon in Serpenterra, with Zedd vowing to return, King Mondo immediately decides to launch his attack by testing the Earth's defenses, he sends a small group of Cogs. As The Rangers ask Zordon how they can battle The Machine Empire, Zordon tells them the time has come to use the Zeo Crystal's powers, and the Rangers are infused with new morphers and abilities. Billy decides to relinquish his Zeo Crystal to Tanya and continue to act as the technical advisor and weapons developer for the Rangers. Now with the power of the Zeo Crystal at their disposal, the Rangers battle the Cogs deployed by King Mondo and defeat them

The Shooting Star

Tanya's new boyfriend, Shawn, has to pass his exams, or else he won't be captain of the baseball team anymore, but she's shocked when she finds out that he plans to cheat! Meanwhile, Mondo plans to sabotage the new zords Billy and Alpha are constructing, so that his new monster-machine, the Staroid, can demolish the city!

Target Rangers

Rocky has a crush on his partner in science class, but she's all about work. When their computer game project gets stolen to be used to program King Mondo's Silo monster, he'll have to deal with both his wrath and hers! Meanwhile, the Zeo Megazord uses its various Battle Helmets in battle, and it'll need them, when Silo drags the Megazord, with the Zeo Rangers inside, into the outer space, planning to toss them into the sun!

For Cryin' Out Loud

As a school project, Tommy and Kat must pretend to be married. And to make the exercise even more realistic, Kat brings along Joey, whom she's offered to baby-sit for the duration of the experiment. Joey's crying is driving the teens nuts, but when King Mondo sends Boohoo the Clown to amplify the baby's wail, the effects are devastating. If the Rangers can't get the child to stop crying, he'll lay waste to Angel Grove!

Rangers in the Outfield

Tanya's boyfriend Shawn is the star player of Angel Grove High's baseball team. His ego takes a tumble when she discovers she's a natural at pitching, so good that all of the attention he normally gets turns on her! King Mondo, inspired by this episode's baseball theme, unleashes the People Pitcher monster.

Every Dog Has His Day

Kat trains a police dog, Smokey, for a class, and her training ends up saving her own life when she gets trapped by the Machine Empire. Smokey aids the ankle-sprained and Morpher-less Kat in escaping from the Digster monster's lava-releasing rampage.

The Puppet Blaster

The Zeo Rangers must free the children of Angel Grove from their favorite entertainer, a machine known as the Puppet Master, who has been taken over by King Mondo and is brainwashing the children.

Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

Adam and Rocky's stunt-work on the set of the b-movie/sci-fi flick, "The Invasion Of Blueface", leads to Prince Sprocket wanting to shoot a movie of his own, "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers." He traps the Zeo Rangers inside a movie dimension where anything the director says, goes! They'll have to fight against the script, and a gang-full of monsters, to change the movie as it occurs around them.

Graduation Blues

Billy, by way of having too many credits, graduates a year early. He's stunned by this, but plans for his future are put on hold when Cestro (the Blue Alien Ranger) returns from Aquitar, in need of Billy's expertise in devising a way to stop the Hydro Contaminators from polluting his watery homeworld. One of the Hydro Contaminators comes to Earth, joins forces with the Machine Empire, and just might prevent Billy and Cestro from returning to Aquitar to fulfill this mission.

A Few Bad Seeds

Rocky's strange botany experiment, a plant that eats metal, gets turned into a pair of Plant Monsters by the Machine Empire. One of which, the Pollinator, sprays its creator with a pollen that causes Rocky to turn into a living vegetable!

Instrument of Destruction

There's a mysterious piano player at Angel Grove High, playing expertly after school. King Mondo desires to capture this person, as a gift for Queen Machina's birthday. Meanwhile, Adam, who gets stuck with Skull in music class, also takes an interest in the mystery of the piano player, attempting to both discover his identity, and keep the forces of evil from kidnapping him. The school's piano is turned into the Fortissimodo monster, making Adam's tasks even tougher.

Mean Screen

The Machine Empire, by way of the Mean Screen monster, plans to unleash a virus on the computer systems of Angel Grove. It'll take help from the High School's computer wiz Raymond to disinfect this dastardly plot!

Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

Billy's on his way back to Earth from Aquitar. But the Machine Empire wants to make sure he doesn't survive the trip through space. The Zeo Rangers will have to pull out all the stops to get him safely home, and take on the Mechanizer monster.

There's No Business Like Snow Business (1)

Tommy receives a "Dear John" letter from Kimberly from Florida, informing him that she's fallen in love with another guy. Kat decides to take him to the snowy mountains to cheer him up with some snowboarding, where they and Billy meet snowboarding champ Heather Thompson. Of course, some Cogs come along to endanger Heather and just plain ruin their fun! Meanwhile, Mondo creates Robocupid, and causes humans all over Angel Grove to fall in love with machines!

There's No Business Like Snow Business (2)

Tommy's budding romance with Heather gets rudely interrupted when he and Kat are called back to Angel Grove to deal with Robocupid. Once she's taken care of, it's back to the mountains! But the Machine Empire's next creation, Defoliator, is on the scene, turning up the heat in Angel Grove, making it unbearably hot in the middle of winter. Can Tommy juggle a possible love-rebound and save the world at the same time?

There's No Business Like Snow Business (3)

Defoliator proves to be a tough creature to keep down, and repeatedly interrupts Tommy's attempts to get to know Heather. Kat even sets up a date for the pair at the Youth Center, but Ranger-duty cuts into their time together. He loses out on the snowboarding champ, but might just have something going right under his nose with a certain Pink Ranger...

Inner Spirit (1)

Tommy's having strange dreams, reminding him of his encounter with True Of Heart during the Zeo Quest. This restlessness for answers to his riddles becomes a central issue, for when the Zeo Megazord is crippled in battle with an energy-leeching Main Drain monster, Tommy must put his emotions in order to successfully pilot the new Red Battlezord. But will an oddly familiar Indian man named Sam Trueheart hold the key to Tommy's inner calmness, by directing him to a secret from his past?

Challenges (2)

Tommy goes on a vision quest, seeking out the other half of the arrowhead he was given in "Sowing The Seas Of Evil." It's interrupted by the Punchabunch monster, who goes toe-to-toe with Adam, capturing the budding-boxer and forcing Red Zeo Ranger to face the monster in the ring to save his teammate. It all works out, as Tommy finds the solution to his spiritual unrest when he meets a man who claims to be his brother!

Found and Lost (3)

David Trueheart, Tommy's long lost brother, immediately hits it off with his sibling, but his bro's friends less-so. The Machine Empire becomes aware of the power within Tommy and David's merged arrowhead-halves, and kidnaps David as ransom to gain the artifact. If that wasn't bad enough, the Mace Face monster attacks!

Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead? (4)

King Mondo prepares to use the combined arrowheads, but intervention by the Zeo Rangers halts the full usage of the powerful item. David is rescued from an ancient evil spirit known as Autochthon, who, along with Mace Face, is defeated by the Zeo MegaBattlezord combination. A decision is made to split the arrowheads again between the two brothers, who also vow to remain in contact.

Trust in Me

A blind karate expert catches the eye of Rocky. The Defector monster, created from parts of previous destroyed robots, pretends to want to leave the Machine Empire to join the side of good. The Zeo Rangers buy it, and are in for a deadly surprise!

It Came from Angel Grove

Adam pulls a long night at Angel Grove High studying, and when the movie "The Bride Of Hackensack" comes on TV, he falls asleep. He dreams of his teammates and friends in various classic monster movie roles.

Bulk Fiction

Bulk falls for Connie Crandall, the daughter of the Police Chief. He repeatedly changes his image, trying to impress her, but instead leads to his, Skull, and Lt. Stone's firing as members of the Junior Police Patrol! Meanwhile, Prince Sprocket unleashes his Toy Robot monster.

Song Sung Yellow

Tanya films a music video with the help of Adam and Rocky. Her impressive singing catches the ear of a music executive, who wants to make her a star. Will she choose life as Ranger (including a fight with the Wrecking Ball monster) over a big time career as a singer? Meanwhile, Lt. Stone becomes a Private Detective, opening the "Private Eyes Have It" detective agency, with Bulk and Skull as his partners.

Game of Honor

Adam's competing in a karate tournament against Shawn, Tanya's ex-boyfriend (last seen in 'Rangers in the Outfield'), who's got a new gal in the form of snobby Veronica (from MMPR's "Stop The Hate Master"). Shawn discovers an invisibility device left over from the Machine Empire's latest scheme, and plans to use it to cheat against Adam in the battle. Meanwhile, the Rangers face Admiral Abominator, who's preparing a fleet of battleships in Angel Grove forest.

The Power of Gold

The Rangers face Mondo's Wolfbane monster. The monster proves more than a challenge. A mysterious new Gold Ranger shows up to damage the Wolfbane monster. The Rangers and Mondo wonder who this new Ranger is. Scans at the Power Chamber show the Gold Ranger is using power similar to the Zeo powers. The gold ranger aids the Rangers in defeating Wolfbane for good but won't reveal his identity. The Rangers have a carrier zord named Pyramidas.

A Small Problem

Tommy and Kat, while searching for creatures for their terrarium, get shrunk down by Prince Sprocket. They not only have to deal with a normal-sized (but giant to them) tarantula, but the evil Tarantabot monster.

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

Leaky Faucet is brought back (last seen in "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"), and pollutes the waters around Angel Grove with toxic Cog oil! It just so happens, Kat, Tommy, and David are participating in a surfing contest, and are smack dab in the middle of a wave o' oil!

Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are losing sleep thanks to the constant attacks by King Mondo. Mondo, taking advantage of the sleep-weary rangers, attacks them with Somnibot, a monster that can put anything to sleep using sleep powder. Nearly falling asleep while studying, the Rangers get called away by Zordon to deal with the monster. While doing battle Somnibot nearly defeats the rangers with her sleep powder and lullaby’s, that is until the Gold Ranger comes in and snaps the others out of the sleep spell and they continue fighting, leading to Somnibot's destruction by the Zeo Ultrazord.

Do I Know You?

The mysteries surrounding the identity of the Gold Ranger intensify when a member of the bounty hunter race known as the Vorax arrives on Earth targeting the Ranger's new ally with savage intent. King Mondo sees great promise in an alliance with the Vorax, and offers to help him defeat and ensnare the Gold Ranger. They lay a trap, which is successfully sprung.

Gold Ranger is terribly weakened in the battle with the Vorax and his back-up Cogs ,and is only bailed out by the timely intervention of the Zeo Rangers, who drive back the Vorax and cogs whilst Gold Ranger is teleported to the Power Chamber, there Zordon and Alpha are able to heal his injury’s completely.

Klank and Orbus make the Vorax hunter grow, but he is no match for the Zeo Megazord. The Gold Ranger recovers and thanks Zordon and Alpha for their help, he addresses the two by name before departing, clearly this Ranger knew of Zordon and Alpha beforehand, could he be someone close to the Teens?

Revelations of Gold (1)

A whole squadron of Barax Bounty Hunters chase the Gold Ranger in Space. Pyramidas crash lands on Aquitar where the Gold Ranger demorphs. The Alien Rangers send the Gold Ranger back to earth. The mysterious Ranger introduces himself as Trey ( from the planet Triforia). He is from a world where everyone has three forms. Trey explains that to use his power he has to have all three forms in sync. But his sync was destroyed when he was attacked. He now must transfer the Gold Power to someone new till he can restore the sync. Mondo immediately tries to capture Trey. The Rangers get Trey to the Power Chamber safely.  The Rangers fight Mondo's latest monster as Trey passes his power on to Billy. The Rangers defeat Mondo's monster but soon learn that Billy can't have the Gold Ranger powers (because of a power surge he absorbed during the Command Center's destruction). Tommy has another idea on who could replace the Gold Ranger.

A Golden Homecoming (2)

Tommy rushes out of a non teleportation zone with his choice to receive the Gold Ranger powers. Mondo sends all his forces after the two. Tommy and his friends battle their way to a teleportation safe zone. They are brought to the Power Chamber. Tommy reveals his choice as Jason, the original Red  Ranger. Rito and Goldar make contact with Rita and Zedd in their dreams ( they get their memories back). Meanwhile Mondo coats his machines with a special armor. The Rangers go to fight one of Mondo's new enhanced monsters. Jason receives the Gold Ranger powers and goes to help his friends. Mondo’s monster grows to giant size. Billy says the Zeo Zords won't be able to fight  the monster. Trey gives the Rangers the Super Zeo Zords. Mondo sends down four other monsters. The Rangers each use their Super Zeo Zords to defeat Mondo's super monsters. Trey returns to Triforia and tells Jason he will be back to reclaim the gold powers one day. Rita and Goldar rejoin Lord Zed and Rita (who are plotting to overthrow the Machine Empire). Jason is glad to be back and tells Tommy he won't try to replace him as leader.

Mondo's Last Stand

Rocky feels like Jason has "replaced" him as the other Rangers train with and talk with their returning team mate. Meanwhile, King Mondo decides to make a practical deal with the devil and finish the Rangers off himself by taking possession of the Damocles Sword, which once drove him mad, and to destruction. Alerted to Mondo's plot, Zordon instructs Rocky to spy on the Machine King, but when Mondo unleashes the Sword and makes himself grow using it's power, Rocky sees this as his chance to prove himself and fights Mondo on his own in Super Zeo Zord III.

He fails to stop Mondo, and retreats, Mondo makes his way to Angel Grove, but is soon stopped and destroyed by the Zeo Rangers in their newly formed Super Zeo Megazord. Queen Machina promises the grieving Prince Sprocket that Mondo will return better than ever. With Mondo gone, and Rocky learning that his friends will never abandon him, the Rangers resume their lives, unaware that Rita and Zedd now have the perfect opportunity to strike back...

Bomber in the Summer

Rita and Zedd send Louie Kaboom, a remote-controlled robotic monster, to fill in the gap in the leadership of the Machine Empire. But when the remote is lost by Rito and Goldar, Louie strikes out on his own, taking King Mondo's place for his own goals. Meanwhile, Ernie opens a new beach club cafe, which gains the ire of a group of biker punks, claiming it's their turf. Jason befriends the main bully's girlfriend, Emily, whose necklace gets turned into the Tough Tusks monster!

Scent of a Weasel

Famed French perfume master, Senor Stenchy, is holding a modeling show at the Youth Center. Skull is assigned to protect the top model, and accidentally makes things worse for her. The Machine Empire creates the Stenchy monster, a robotic skunk who aims to make the Zeo Rangers stink so bad that they can't stand one another. Also, Trey sends Warrior Wheel, a powerful new Zord-ish weapon, for Jason to use until Pyramidas can be dredged up from Aquitar.

The Lore of Auric

Aisha sends Tanya a vital clue to locating her parents, as well as the key to an ancient artifact that can unleash the power of an incredible warrior known as Auric. Prince Sprocket seizes the opportunity to take control of the Key's power and convince Auric, a naive but powerful do-gooder, to fight for the Machine Empire, by claiming the Zeo Rangers are evil. The Rangers manage to convince Auric, after a decisive battle, that they are the good guys, but in another part of the world, the lives of Tanya's parents hang in the balance on Mysterio Island...

The Ranger Who Came In from the Gold

While searching for gold items for Kat and Tanya's ballet about King Midas, Bulk and Skull discover the Midas Hound, a device of the Machine Empire with the ability to turn anything... and eventually everything... into gold! This includes Jason, who becomes the literal 24-karat gold Ranger! Midas Hound grows into a monster, and it'll take the return of Pyramidas to assist in putting this dog down.

The Joke's on Blue

Prince Gasket, the eldest son of King Mondo, and his love Archerina, return to the Machine Empire after an estranged absence, they are disgusted that Louie Kaboom has taken control of the Empire's throne and punishes him by putting him under a love spell using Archerina's arrows. Meanwhile, Angel Grove High comes under attack from a mysterious practical joker, and it falls to Bulk and Skull to sniff out the culprit

Where in the World Is Zeo Ranger 5?

Determined to prove to himself that he can take control of the Machine Empire in his father's place, Prince Gasket captures Tommy as he is out on his wave-rider. Following this, Gasket then unleashes the Cruel Chrome to keep the Rangers busy, the Rangers, even without a leader, are able to rally against this monster and defeat him. Back at the Power Chamber, Zordon manages to locate Tommy's brain wave patterns, but they are being altered by some mysterious force, in an unknown location, Tommy fights for his very sanity...

King for a Day (1)

Inside the Power Chamber, Tommy is visited by an army of Cogs and the taunting figure of the White Ranger, this turns out to be a battle within Tommy's mind, struggling to free itself from Prince Gasket's "Brain Drain", which will bend all of Tommy's thoughts to his will. Back in Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull brag on having seen a vision of Zeo Ranger Five at the Angel Grove Lake, the crowd don't believe them, but the Rangers, who are searching for Tommy, are intrigued, and check things out. Meanwhile, the amnesia-struck Tommy finds himself inside a giant Machine arena, where Prince Gasket tells him that he is the leader of the Machine Empire, scourge of all that is evil, and shows him "evidence" of how evil the Power Rangers are, Tommy, completely blinded to the truth, agrees that the Rangers must be wiped out.

Jason and Katherine investigate the strange vision at the lake, but Jason is suddenly pulled into the vision, which is revealed to be a portal, and he is soon inside the Machine arena, it is not long before Bulk and Skull find themselves in the same situation when they return to investigate what they saw earlier further. Jason takes on a Machine monster that has copied all of Tommy's ability’s, and wins, but Tommy then decides to take on Jason himself. With no Ranger to help him, Jason finds himself facing off against his old friend in what could be a deadly conflict...

King for a Day (2)

Tommy, under the control of the Machine Empire, takes the fight to a reluctant Jason, convinced he is evil, Jason's attempts to snap Tommy from the mind control requires all the Rangers to appeal to his human spirit, eventually, their efforts pay off when they unmorph in front of him one by one. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull team with an alien prisoner to escape their cell and overtake the Machine forces, unfortunately, their heroism goes unrewarded and met with laughter when they return to Earth, the Teens, feeling sorry for them, tell the two that they believe them,

A Brief Mystery of Time

Tommy begins to revisit past events of his day in a continuous loop (thanks to his recent brain-tampering), and with each cycle he becomes more aware of a plot by The Machine Empire using a device called Chronosapios, guarded by Protectron, to give them enough time to mass a fleet of Quadrafighters against the city.

A Mystery to Me

The Ranger teens are embroiled in a who-dun-it mystery of Det. Stone's, which turns all too real when the Machine Empire begins to imprison the Rangers out of the way while Archerina duels with Kat! Also appearing are the Nuklifier, and good old Auric.

Another Song and Dance

Tommy undergoes singing lessons with Tanya, but interference from the Machine Empire results in the two Rangers being infected with a condition which prevents them from saying anything without bursting into a singing voice. As Tommy and Tanya learn to deal with this disturbing, yet comical, situation, Gasket assembles an attack on Angel Grove with the Mechaterpillar monster, and the Zeo Rangers are kept even more busy when the Zeo Zord Hanging Bay is compromised...

Rangers of Two Worlds (1)

The Rangers face a time crisis when the consequences of Billy's use of his age accelerator finally catches up with him, turning him into an old man, aging with every hour. The Aquitian Rangers from Planet Aquitar are brought in to help with techniques on which to help Billy, but none succeed. Meanwhile, Katherine's rather crude looking custom made purse is accidently transformed into the Impursonator monster after a misfire from Rita's staff by Rito.

Ironically, Impursonator ends up becoming one of the Ranger's greatest adversaries, able to absorb every piece of firepower thrown at it, even from the Zeo Ultrazord, the Rangers are forced to retreat. King Mondo, jealous of Rita and Zedd's monster, send it to a far-off planet, Mondo then reveals that his Cog-Changer monster was able to place inside the Zeo Megazord, a special cog wheel that will grant him control of the Megazord. Mondo chooses to use the Zeo Megazord against the Rangers at the same time Billy enters the Zord to repair some minor damage to it, the Rangers are helpless as the Zeo Megazord goes haywire and exits the Power Chamber, taking Billy with it...

Rangers of Two Worlds (2)

The Zeo Rangers pursue the maverick Zeo Megazord in the Super Zeo Megazord. Meanwhile, Finster is able to locate the Impursonator and sends it back to Earth, where it immediately infiltrates and takes control of the Super Zeo Megazord. Cog Changer, in the cockpit of the Zeo Megazord, soon comes to blows with Impursonator, and the two Zords do battle, threating all of Angel Grove. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull prepare for a special exam that will officially give them full-fledged Detective licenses, believing the current monster alert to be a "test of their nerves" they ignore the alarm and concentrate on the exam, and it's because of this "act of bravery" alone that they receive extra points to become Detectives.

Katherine comes up with a strategy to take back both Megazords, Tommy, Adam, and Rocky lure Impursonator out of the Super Zeo Megazord, and Katherine and Tanya take out the cog controlling the Zeo Megazord, they then oust Cog-Changer from the Megazord cockpit. Rita pulls Impursonator out of battle and berates her for not putting a dent in the Rangers. With both Zords back under their control, the Rangers turn back to the problem of Billy's aging, only water from the eternal falls of Planet Aquitar can save him now, an old girlfriend of his, Cestria, arrives with some of this water, but it is not enough.

Billy is forced to depart for Aquitar to receive more treatment whilst the Rangers face off against Cog Changer and the Impursonator (sent back by a forgiving Rita) as well as a Cog army, back in Angel Grove. However, this time the Rangers have the Aquitian Rangers on their side, and they defeat the Cog army. Lord Zedd, Rita, and Mondo make their monsters grow, Impursonator and Cog-Changer then fuse together to create a new threat, but they/it are destroyed thanks to a handy Power Ranger-style game of catch and toss involving the Zeo Megazord, the Red Battlezord, the Super Zeo Megazord, and the Warrior Wheel. The Zeo Rangers thank the Aquitian Rangers, and back at the Power Chamber, the Rangers bid a tearful goodbye to Billy as he communicates with them from Aquitar, having chosen to remain with Cestria

Hawaii Zeo

Tommy and Kat prepare to double-date with Jason and Emily at a Hawaiian luau at Ernie's Beach Club, only to have it interrupted by Cogs. And if that wasn't bad enough, Prince Gasket and Archerina make themselves big to crush Angel Grove. The Rangers defeat Gasket and Archerina with the Super Zeo Ultrazord and force them to flee, when King Mondo arrives to personally deal with Gasket, he and Archerina depart the Earth.

Good as Gold

Jason begins to lose control of the Gold Ranger Powers. At the beginning of the episode Jason is fighting Cogs and Tengas when he demorphs then remorphs again, the other rangers are in the Juice Bar when Jason runs in and then collapses to the floor. The Rangers race to his side and Ernie offers to call an ambulance. The Rangers take Jason to the Power Chamber where they find out Jason is losing his Powers as well as his life force. They have to contact Trey fast and get the Powers transferred or Jason will die. This leads to a battle between Giant Zeo Rangers, and giant King Mondo with equally huge Cogs! At the end Jason gives the Powers back to Trey and walks off into the sunset with Emily. Also, Bulk and Skull are offered a mission as secret agents in France, which doesn't sit too well with Det. Stone, whose detective agency is dangerously low on business. And rounding things up, the Machine Empire vs. Rita, Zedd and their gang rivalry heads up to an explosive conclusion!

A Season to Remember

An elderly Tommy tells his grandson of a time when the Machine Empire created a means of causing the Rangers to become intolerant of each other's religious preference for the season of giving...